Top 11 College Rankings In the World (Updated 2022)

Want to study at one of the top 11 colleges in the world and wondering which institute made a place on college rankings? We’ve got you covered!

Top 11 College Rankings In The World - Anderson-Institute

Millions of people have cherished the dream of studying at the best universities in the world. Even though getting into our dream colleges is incredibly difficult, it is certainly not impossible.

In this article, we have listed the top 11 colleges in the world and discussed why these colleges are amongst the highest-ranking global institutes out there.

Top 11 Colleges in the World in 2022

According to QS TopUniversities, Here is a complete rundown of the top 11 colleges in the world in 2022, along with their current rankings.

1Massachusetts Institute of Technology(MIT)Cambridge, UnitedStates
2University of CambridgeCambridge, UnitedKingdom
3Stanford UniversityStanford, United States
4University of OxfordOxford, UnitedKingdom
5Harvard UniversityCambridge, United States
6California Institute of TechnologyPasadena, United States
7Imperial College LondonLondon, United Kingdom
8University College London(UCL)London, United Kingdom
9ETH ZurichZürich, Switzerland
10University of ChicagoChicago, United States
11National University of Singapore (NUS)Singapore, Singapore
Top 11 Colleges

College Rankings 2022: Top Colleges in The World! 

Now that you know the names of the top colleges that made their way into college rankings in 2022, let us take a look at what makes them so unique! 

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology, founded in 1861, is based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.MIT is known for its engineering school, but it also contains schools for architecture and planning; humanities, arts, and social sciences; management; and science schools. 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

MIT provides many opportunities for both graduate and undergraduate students to gain research experience at their labs and centers. MIT is also home to one of the largest university reactors at the MIT Nuclear Research Laboratory. Over 90% of undergraduate students at MIT take part in the Research Opportunites Program run by the school. It is one of the most sought-after colleges for these reasons and makes it to the top of our list.

2. University of Cambridge

Founded in 1209, the University of Cambridge is the fourth oldest and one of the most esteemed universities in the world. The university’s 800-year history makes it the second oldest English-speaking university in the world. Cambridge offers high-quality programs for social sciences, arts, humanities, sciences, and engineering. 

University of Cambridge
University of Cambridge

The university boasts over a hundred libraries, nine museums, and a botanical garden. This prestigious university is challenging to get into, and its rich history, diversity, and quality education make it #2 on the list.

3. Stanford University

Established in 1885, Stanford University is a research university based in Stanford, USA. Stanford University has one of the lowest acceptance rates in the world. Stanford has consistently ranked among the top universities in the world. Stanford has produced several notable Congressmen, Nobel laureates, astronauts, and entrepreneurs. 

Stanford University
Stanford University

The university contains over forty departments among the four professional and three academic schools. Stanford’s glorious alumni list consists of the first American woman to go to space, Sally Ride, and the 31st American president Herbert Hoover. With one of the largest campuses in the USA, Stanford University ranks third on the list.

4. University of Oxford

Based in Oxford, UK, the University of Oxford are the oldest English-speaking university and the second longest-running university in the world. The University contains about forty-four semi-autonomous colleges and halls and the most extensive library system in the UK. The university has a glorious alumni network, with over 100 Olympians, 30 modern world leaders, and more than 25 Nobel laurels. The University of Oxford is a research-driven university with one of the best programs for sciences, especially medicine. This is why the university has been a constant amongst the top colleges in the world.

University of Oxford
University of Oxford

5. Harvard University

Harvard University, founded in 1636, is the oldest university in the USA. It is named after John Harvard, who left half of his estate and library to the institution after his death. Harvard University is a private Ivy League university. They offer medical sciences, social sciences, history, law, mathematics, and technology majors. 

Harvard University
Harvard University

Not only Harvard’s alumni but their faculty have also won Nobel prizes. Harvard has a meager acceptance rate. You need a firm profile to get into this university. Harvard is also home to the largest academic library in the world.

6. California Institute of Technology

The California Institute of Technology, also known as Caltech, is a well-known science and engineering research-driven university based in Pasadena, California. Caltech consists of six academic divisions which focus mainly on science and technology. Caltech has a cutthroat admissions process, and only a select few talented students get in. 

California Institute of Technology
California Institute of Technology

The university provides high-quality education and facilities, resulting in high research output. The alumni and faculty members of the university have been conferred various awards, including thirty-nine Nobel prizes, six Turing Awards, and seventy-one United States National Medal of Science or Technology.

7. Imperial College London

Founded in 1907, Imperial College London is a research university based in London. The university consists of nine schools. It focuses mainly on science, technology, business, and medicine. The university offers several extracurricular opportunities along with meticulous academic programs. Furthermore, Imperial College London is one of the top research colleges in the world and landed 8th position on the list. ICL shares the sixth position with Caltech on the list.

Imperial College London

8. University College London(UCL)

The University College London or UCL was established in 1826 in the heart of London.

University College London(UCL)
University College London(UCL)

Since then, UCL has grown into a world-leading research university. UCL offers more than 500-degree programs across all streams. It also has a very diverse faculty and student body. Lastly, UCL provides a very culturally rich experience along with high research output.

9. ETH Zurich

ETH Zurich was founded in 1855 as the Federal Polytechnic School and is now well known as ETH Zurich and is one of the most respected universities in the world. The institute’s alumni network includes over twenty Noble Laureates and the father of modern physics, Albert Einstein. 

ETH Zurich
ETH Zurich

Additionally, the university has made a remarkable contribution to science and technology. They have 16 departments covering architecture, biology, chemistry, and physics. ETH Zurich, which is also known as the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Zurich, has a very open-minded approach to education and embraces the entrepreneurial spirit.

10. University of Chicago

The University of Chicago was established in 1890 by John D. Rockefeller. The private research university is based in Chicago and is ranked 10th on the list. The university embodies America’s spirit of freedom and has become the hub for social reform. They have many global programs that give students a lot of opportunities to serve the community. The university also emphasizes student and faculty interaction.

University of Chicago
University of Chicago

11. National University of Singapore (NUS)

The National University of Singapore(NUS) is Singapore’s flagship university. The university offers an international approach to research and education and a focus on Asian expertise simultaneously. NUS offers students high-impact programs that empower them with a vast range of problem-solving skills that will elevate their value in the workplace and the community.NUS’s innovative interdisciplinary programs and approach to education make them land them on the 11th position on the list.

National University of Singapore (NUS)
National University of Singapore (NUS)

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Final Thoughts

Studying in one of the top 11 colleges in the world is something a lot of people dream of. However, the competitive admissions process and low acceptance rate make it seem impossible. But don’t lose heart. Work hard and be determined to get into your dream college!

We hope the above article helped you get to know about the top 11 colleges in the world. What is the best college according to you? Let us know in the comments below.


What college is ranked #1 in the world?

MIT has been consistently at the #1 rank amongst the top colleges in the world for several years.

What college has the lowest acceptance rate in the world?

Curtis Institute of Music, based in Philadelphia, has the lowest acceptance rate with a rate of 4.2%. They are closely followed by Stanford University, with an acceptance rate of just 4.8%. These institutes are hard to get into, and only a few gifted students make the cut.

Which region dominates the list of top colleges in the world? 

The United States of America has the most number of colleges on the list of top colleges in the world. In our list, five out of eleven colleges are based in the USA.

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