How to Get WhiteSmoke Free Trial?

WhiteSmoke is a renowned grammar checker tool for writers. It is a professional service aimed at users from all walks of life. You can utilize their services to get the best premium results. Users will find the WhiteSmoke services to be quite helpful in enhancing their content online. It is the perfect tool for Research papers, online content writing, assignments, mailers, and much more. Find grammatical and spelling errors in seconds with this online service. The online service helps you improve in English through its many tutorials. We recommend this website to all of our readers who have to write up.

Steps to Get WhiteSmoke Free Trial:

Whitesmoke is a premium online service that has limited users. The site has no mention of a free trial on their platform. Young writers can be quite difficult to invest in service without solid proof. Unlike other grammar checkers, there is no lite version of the application. Users can only try the service if they pay for the premium subscription plans. The site is, however, kind enough to offer its users a seven-day money-back guarantee. It is an added net of safety for your online purchase. Let’s have a look at how you can sign up for the WhiteSmoke subscription online. Here are the steps –

  • On your computer devices, start your favorite browser. Visit the following link to open up the official web page. Here you can find all the vital information about your grammar checker needs. The site is proficient in covering all the necessary queries you might have as a user.
  • The online service offers users a desktop application, chrome extension, and much more. Click on the get it now button to get started with your online subscription for Whitesmoke. It can be found right on the homepage of their official website.
  • Users are required to enter their details to start watching content online. You need to enter your email ID and create a password for your Whitesmoke account. It is a must to use the services of the grammar checker.
  • Select a plan that you want to invest in for the services. There are two options offered by the service providers. The Essential and Premium ideas are useful for all types of users out there.
  • You can decide the billing period according to your requirements. The site offers users Monthly, Yearly, and 3-Year plans.
  • Users can pay for their premium plans with a credit card. The site doesn’t offer users any other form of payment option currently. Make the online payment, and you are good to go.

Once you are done with the payment, users can start using the online version of the Whitesmoke services. Depending on your plan, you will receive an email with your online activation code for the Desktop app. Remember to cancel your subscription within seven days of the payment to get your money back. The amount will be reverted to your original mode of payment.

How to use the Whitesmoke Desktop app?

WhiteSmoke provides its users with a premium Desktop application. It is available for download to people who purchase their online subscriptions. The premium subscription costs a little bit more than the essential plan. Here is our guide to downloading the Desktop app for your Windows/Mac devices. Follow the steps to start working on it today.

  • The WhiteSmoke website is home to all of your requirements. You will find the official WhiteSmoke desktop app for downloads from this link – Click on the get now button to purchase your version.
  • The WhiteSmoke Desktop client link will be sent to your mail. Users can click the download link to get the software on their PCs. Users will be given both Windows and macOS links for their computers. Click on the link which is suitable for your use—PC link –
  • Install the Whitesmoke application on your computer once the download is completed. Users can easily have the software running on their PCs with the installer. It will take a few minutes, depending on the speed of your computer.
  • Once the installation is complete, users need to activate the Whitesmoke software with the code provided. The activation code can be found in your email account. Enter the code in the downloaded software suite.
  • Now you can effortlessly start correcting your grammatical errors with the Whitesmoke application. The desktop version comes with a lot of unique features that can be beneficial for your use. There are many different editing modes available on the platform, along with correction measures.

How to use the WhiteSmoke Web version?

The WhiteSmoke premium service also offers its users a web editor. The web editor is quite convenient for people who write a lot of content online. It is perfect for google docs users. You can copy-paste content on the site to instantly correct your mistakes. The grammar checker also provides you with online help for suggestions on the write-ups. You can fix your vocabulary and grammar effectively with the tool. Here are the steps to visit the Web editor offered by WhiteSmoke.

  • On your computer, start the browser to start the online editor. A simple link will take you to the official WhiteSmoke editor site. It works flawlessly on all machines. Visit the following link to go to the web version of the software.
  • The link will redirect you to the latest version of the online editor. WhiteSmoke V8 will be at your service once you log in using your sign-up details. Enter your email ID and Password here to log in.
  • After the login, you can quickly start using their online service. We recommend that you try the multiple features offered by the platform. There are many templates for you to try. The site also comes with a tutorial section. Discover your writing style with the editor.

WhiteSmoke Live chat:

The WhiteSmoke live chat is always there to help you out. The live chat assistant provided us with an activated account when we requested a premium free trial. WhiteSmoke doesn’t generally provide users with free trials. The review was made possible with the help of their support. They are always on their toes to help out customers. We recommend you try their services for excellent customer service.


WhiteSmoke is an online grammar checker tool for your online needs. It is always a good idea to try a service before investing in it. This guide aims to provide you with the best methods to try their services. You can also follow in our footsteps to get a free trial. We hope the guide can clear all of your doubts regarding the software. Go ahead and make your write-ups even better with this application.

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