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A Course in Time Travel

Excerpts from "A Handbook for Multidimensional Consciousness"
by Curtis Jackson, D.D., D.M.

Excerpt 1 - Introduction to Time Travel

 What if Time Travel is a Universal process of unfoldment that is taking place even now, all around us, without our knowledge? Wouldn't its presence be easily recognized by the necessarily profound metamorphic resultant changes in our neighbors? Or are we blind to these super-human visitors due to (protective?) limitations in our three-dimensional awareness? Are there human beings in our midst as advanced to us as we are to the ape?


If this is indeed true, (and I am stating from first hand knowledge, and many years as a time traveler, that it is), what can you do to be a part of this amazing phenomenon? What follows is not for the faint hearted, and cannot be mastered in a few minutes. It is a gradual and continuous balanced expansion of consciousness and understanding that guides you, step by step, from your very safe, (very busy?), everyday existence and transforms you into a "super" version of yourself. A state of being that has just been waiting, lifetime after lifetime, for you to realize and acquire. A state of being that is most likely far beyond your wildest dreams.

It has long been held that just outside of our scope of understanding, we are “all knowing.” If this is true, wouldn't it behoove us to seek knowledge and help from this “omniscient” part of ourselves in order to facilitate our efforts to "Time Travel"? Better yet, wouldn’t it be amazing if this part of us that knows how to time travel could be here with us all of the time so we could learn this and other wonderful things from it? To this end, the material provided for you on this web site has given you a proven step by step procedure on how to open a “time portal” from within your own consciousness. This precious information has been painstakingly imported from the far future, and is not currently available anywhere else in the world.


The many years (and countless lifetimes) of 3d existence, so heavily ingrained in all of us, that normally prevent us from exposure to our inherent multi-dimensional reality, needs somehow to be left behind as new understanding takes its place. Rather than wallowing in the “old” ways and “old” problems, with antiquated solutions that rarely worked, we at Time Travelers stress merely leaving the old behind and incorporating the “new”, like shedding an old skin. This means rather than trying to accomplish something, we simply accept that it is already done. I know this sounds overly simplistic and easy, but once you have had success in doing it this way, it will seem miraculous. You will wonder why you have been working so hard spiritually NOT to achieve success, when success was already yours? It always was.

Let me hasten to add that persistent work in the form of study and practice of the techniques taught in "A Course in Time Travel", (the free course that you are now reading), is vitally important and necessary if you are to succeed. "Gods works without effort is dead."


In our "course" we have included all of the necessary exercises, that have worked for us and are working for many people from all over the world. These exercises are designed to help reeducate the stubborn 3d mind and help pry lose its frantic grasp of prevailing earth bound concepts. If you do these exercises on a daily basis for a few minutes a day, your results can be phenomenal. We suggest making a set time each day for your studies and exercises. It is better to be consistent and to digest the material slowly, settling in for the long haul and your rewards will be spectacular.

When we normally speak of the Third Dimension we are talking about a collection of the First, Second and Third Dimensions. Each of these places is a composite part of what we consider our three-dimensional Universe. Each separate dimension has its own special set of rules and kind of time. Each has its counter part (polar opposite) in the fourth dimension. We need to learn a little about these component dimensions, so we can fully appreciate the Third and Fourth Dimensions as a single functioning dimension called the “Fifth Dimension”.


"A Course in Time Travel" is laid out in two major sections. The first section consists of greatly enhanced knowledge imported from the future. This knowledge explains, in easy to learn steps, the secrets of time travel and multi-dimensional consciousness. Discussed in detail are subjects such as the "Twelve chakra system", and the "Twelve bodies" that comprise your inner being". (Neither of these amazing revelations were previously known or taught in this time period.)

The second section consists of all the "techniques" needed to access multi-dimensional consciousness and the ability to time travel. This is the "how to" section. These techniques are thoughtfully laid out and explained in easy to understand layman terms.


  1. The “Illusion” of time.
  2. Automatic self maintenance of the past.
  3. How “illusion of time” is created by the Soul.
  4. What are some of the problems for the Oversoul trying to communicate with the residual consciousness residing in the remote past.
  5. “Time loop” a trap from which there is no natural escape.
  6. What we can do to break free from the illusion of time.
  7. The Souls revelation in the remote future concerning “time” and its “re-manifestation” into the past.
  8. Why our techniques for manifesting multi-dimensional consciousness here in the third dimension work, and why all other systems contained in this time period do not.
  9. Why we could never have found the necessary tools for manifestation in our present time frame without help from our "Future Self".
  10. How to avoid all the multi-dimensional traps. (This information alone is worth its weight in gold.)

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