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About the Anderson Institute


Time-warped Field Generator 
The Anderson Institute is a premier high technology research institution, delivering scientific and engineering solutions for the most crucial and complex problems in spacetime physics. Our primary mission is the development of time-warped field theory, its application and ensuring the ongoing development of time reactor system design concepts and capabilities.

The Anderson Institute emphasizes global community responsibility, effective operational safeguards and security, and environmental leadership, while outstanding innovation remains the foundation of the Institute.

In addition to supporting the Institute's core mission, our work advances research and development in the medical, computer science, bioscience, space exploration and physics disciplines. 


The Institute plays a leading role worldwide in basic and applied time control research and technology. Whether it's conducting crucial experiments in our laboratories, networking and integrating time control technologies from around the world, or supporting educational initiatives for students, schools and universities, the team at the Anderson Institute helps lead the way.

Global community responsibility is a guiding principle of the Institute and we support many professional and educational initiatives. Through lectures and seminars we support the creation of learning opportunities for students, schools and universities throughout the world. Selected educational projects are also supported under the auspices of the United Nations Educational, Science and Cultural Organization through its partnership with the World Genesis Foundation.

The Institute also supports and manages the Time Research Association and the online World Encyclopedia of Time. These initiatives network information with students and professionals worldwide who are interested in the understanding of time and the development of time control capabilities. Both of these services are offered free in an effort to support the creation of new educational opportunities and to accelerate the progress of research and development in any and all related areas.