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Culture and Time

You’re just in time to explore one of the most interesting, yet possibly one of the most underestimated topics of all time: time itself. There is, in fact, a wealth of concepts to be explored when it comes to this subject. Although we may not always realize it, time is constantly a part of our everyday lives. We are all time travelers, forever moving on to the next minute of our lives—drifting steadily into the future from one present moment to the next.

Before visiting this site, you may have never seriously considered time beyond the simple measurement of its passing via a clock or wristwatch. The goal of this site is to open the reader’s eyes and mind to new possibilities that time studies can contribute to their edification. How does time appear through the eyes of an artist or a philosopher? How is time viewed by different cultures? What is Einstein’s theory of relativity? How can I manage my time well? What do the most unusual timepieces look like and how do they keep track of time? What is jet-lag? These, and countless other intriguing questions that you may have pondered, will be answered in the articles contained within this site.

The simple set-up of three major topic divisions presented here allows the reader to explore time in a simple and efficient way. These three groups, with their corresponding sub-sections, cover every square inch, angle, and corner of the topic of time. First, one can learn about the basics of time and time measurement. From there, the reader is introduced to various professional views on time. The last section of this site focuses on the cultural aspects of time: how time is seen by different people all over the world.

So, without any further ado, we invite you to embark on a unique journey through the topic of time as you view our site. We are confident that after your visit is over, you will not only have experienced some quality leisure time, but quality learning time as well.