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A Course in Time Travel

Excerpts from "A Handbook for Multidimensional Consciousness"
by Curtis Jackson, D.D., D.M.


 We can assume there is a basic difference between the “Third” and “Fourth” Dimensions, but exactly what are these differences and how do they affect us? One way to look at this question is by thinking of the Fourth Dimension as being equal and opposite to the Third Dimension. A mirror image in the purest sense. Every equal aspect is inside-out, upside-down, and backwards from one another. This line of thinking would place the two dimensions in perfect counter-balance to each other. They would be two opposite halves of one thing, the same place from opposite viewpoints.

We can think of the Third Dimension as outward-facing or six directions of “out”, (up, down, left, right, forwards and backwards). This would mean (from the above definitions) that the Fourth Dimension, being EXACTLY equal and opposite, would have to have six directions of “in”! In the Third Dimension it seems as though we have access to the direction of in, but is this a fact in reality, or is it just an illusion? When examined more closely, the direction of in is really a direction of through, (as into an apple), which is actually just another direction of “out”.

We have established that our three-dimensional viewpoint is from a single point to all directions of out. To simulate a 4-D viewpoint, we would have to establish a viewpoint coming from everywhere, converging upon a single point! To help you imagine yourself as coming from everywhere in space, look inward towards a single point. As you converge upon this point from all directions, you are moving in a direction of “in”.

INTUITIVE FLASH - As you might imagine, time travel cannot be achieved by intellectual means alone. It has been said, “To understand a thing is not the same as being that thing!” This especially applies here, for there is a fine line between accomplishment on these subtle planes of existence, and simply day dreaming! It is thought that our innermost self, on its own level, processes information in very general terms, or abstractions. This means you need to gather specific and detailed information through your physical mind, in order to process it and formulate new abstract concepts.

Sometimes we have what is called an “intuitive flash”, an instantaneous flood of understanding. It sometimes takes years to fully comprehend the massive amounts of new material that becomes available with even a single intuitive flash. The average person is lucky to have one event like this in an entire lifetime, and when it does occur, it changes that individual's viewpoint dramatically! A high-grade “genius” can learn to force intuitive flash through a process of force-feeding the mind with all aspects of a question until a flash occurs.

Is it possible that a fully functioning “Time Traveler” has learned to receive intuitive flashes directly from the innermost Self as the most efficient form of communication? This would endow the traveler with seemingly astounding powers of perception and an unbelievable amount of quality knowledge. Without preparation, this form of communication might wreak havoc upon the fragile and unsuspecting personality. With practice, the time might eventually come when the Time Traveler experiences and accepts a state of continuous intuitive flash as a normal state of being!

PERFECTION - It is believed by many that we, as human beings, have within us the guaranteed possibility of existing in a most fantastic way, as compared with what we consider "normal" existence! Wouldn't it follow that this fantastic state might require the accumulation of all possible realities to make up its' composite structure? Perhaps each of these subtly gradient "sub-realities", in which we seem to exist, are merely fragments of a "super-reality" just beyond our realization! If this is true, then remove even a single one of these sub-realities, no matter how insignificant, and the super-reality, by definition, would cease exist! This would certainly justify some of the bizarre circumstances and experiences of life and living, as being necessary sub-components born by each of us as part an immense group karma, spanning countless eons of time!

Here is a simple example is this idea: if we observe a person from the moment of conception until the moment of death, we can see the many changes in reality that had to take place during a lifetime. We can see the whole transformation as a single event, or we can see it happening from second to second, in imperceptibly subtle changes. It would be an impossible task to point out which actual moment within that person's life was the REAL moment! This is because each moment is just as important and real as all other moments to the fabric of time. We cannot exclude even one single moment, because it takes the aggregation of every single moment to make up the complete lifetime!

It could be said that creation happened “instantaneously” in relation to “infinite” time. That instant, compared with infinite time, can be stretched or shrunken to any apparent length depending upon the viewpoint of the observer! In other words, in addition to our normal 3D time, there also exists within us another natural state of being that is outside of time. What we think of as everyday time is relative, while the other kind of time is universal. This “duality” of time causes a split in our consciousness between the “inner” and “outer” selves. It is upon the universal desire to unite this diametrically opposed consciousness, and the acquisition and application of the knowledge to do so, that we will focus our attention.

BASIC DYNAMICS OF TIME - To understand the dynamics of time, we need to have, at least, a minimal understanding of the multidimensional universe in which we live. We, as human beings, are currently concerned with at least five separate dimensions. We may think that we are not aware of some of them, but we work within them all of the time (or within reflections of them)! We are most aware of the Third Dimension because it is our physical universe we see all around us. This makes us three-dimensional beings. However, we are aware of the Fourth Dimension also, because we reflect it through our emotions! We experience a reflection of the Fifth Dimension with the “thinking” part of our minds!

Each dimension has its own kind of time. We are most familiar with three-dimensional time because we conduct our affairs by it. We are aware of the "Now", the "Future" and the "Past". "Present time reality", as a continuous Now, constantly disengages from what was the present. What was our present becomes the past while our subjective consciousness continues moving into the future, constantly assuming a new position in the present. This is three-dimensional time. Notice that it only goes in the direction of the future, but is always the Now! In three-dimensional time we have no means of reclaiming the past, nor do we ever actually experience the future. Time for us is always the Present, in forward motion!


Earth Cycles have been going on since the beginning of our Solar System. Ever since we first stood erect and looked with beatific wonder at the sun, the moon and the stars, we have desired to master our environment. With a more complete knowledge (that is now available) of our metaphysical environment, we can begin to reshape our destiny, first from within us as a changing belief system, and secondly, externally in our environment as we begin to master time!

We no longer need to be human flotsam drifting in benign ignorance upon the river of life and death. We, as potential time travelers, are in the process of discovering our immortality! We are on our way out of the stagnancy and on to dry land where fresh water and ideas abound.

This all may seem rather complex and in violation of the letting-go principle of realizing what already is. . . but there comes a time when an exertion of will is necessary to bring about any kind of three-dimensional change. This is simply the nature of the 3D! We have not reached the point that we can just daydream reality into being, ("God's works without action is dead!") We need to do the footwork as well, whether it be pen to paper or shovel to earth.

Although the future already exists for us, the inertia of the past has to be overcome. This entails the exertion of the Collective Will. Because you are part of this will, the Collective effort becomes part of what is called "Soul intent", or "Creative intent". In other words, a part of you must take creative action at a given time to bring about the necessary change.

Using the caterpillar-to-butterfly example, even though the caterpillar is already the butterfly in the purest sense, there comes a time of intense effort to bring about the change as the butterfly painfully emerges from its cocoon. Or, although within the seed there is the fruit bearing plant, there is a need for it to be planted and nurtured, whether it be by nature or man . . . . .

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