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A Course in Time Travel

Excerpts from "A Handbook for Multidimensional Consciousness"
by Curtis Jackson, D.D., D.M.

Excerpt 4 - PARADOX


You are entering into what is called "in process". This means you will change a little everyday for the better. The changes are almost imperceptible at first, but become more noticeable as you progress. This is the beginning of what you have hoped and waited for on some level of your being, since the beginning of your sojourn into physical manifestation! It is a spectacular event, probably far beyond your present comprehension, but it needs time to mature!
When you first created your "present time" on this time track you were unable to study the material on this website because it did not exist then! The material contained here was written by You, for you, from outside of time as you presently understand it. What is happening to you is utterly different than what happened to you originally. You have already begun to change the past! It is by no means easy. You will need all of the help and encouragement you can get! This is the beginning for us. We are the pioneers that people a thousand years from now will be grateful to for having paved the way.


Tremendous Karma in the form of magnetic force will try to pry you away from these studies in order to bring you back into the original time loop. These forces are neither good or evil. They are simply a built in maintenance system that mindlessly repairs and keeps your illusions in tact. We are in a Cosmic play pen spiraling around and around in the illusion of time. We have been doing this for a very long time, and without intervention, we will probably continue to do it for a very long time, possibly FOREVER! What we, as Time Travelers, are doing has nothing to do with what was happening in this present time frame. As you begin to look at this time from ??? years or eons in the future, you will understand its quaintness.

Lets continue our investigation of the Third Dimension. We need to delve into our 3d world a little more deeply so we can compare it with the Fourth Dimension.

In review, we established that the Third Dimension is outward facing or six directions of out from a common center. (Six directions of out are actually four directions of side to side, with the additional dimension of time as forward motion, which brings into being the concept of future/past, or breadth)

Contrary to beliefs held in this time period, going in the direction of higher vibrations still belong to the realm of the Third Dimension and not the Fourth! This is because vibration as motion starts from the void in the First Dimension and accumulatively processes upward in vibration until the sum total of all vibration is accrued. (For those of you who are students of Astrology, this outward motion was understood by the "Ancients" as the fundamental nature of "Aries", color red, which represents the Third Dimension as forward or outward motion.) What we now think of as "forward time" is also the property of the Third Dimension, (contrary to popular scientific opinion) and not to the Fourth Dimension which is backward or inward motion, "backward time"!

It is important that we establish the difference between the Third and Fourth Dimensions, because this was a major point of confusion for spiritual students during this time period. We can start by stating that the Fourth Dimension is equal and opposite to the Third Dimension. It is a mirror image in the purest sense. Every equal aspect is inside out, upside down, and backwards from one another. They perfectly counter balance each other. They are the two opposite halves of one thing. They are the same place from opposite view points. A good example of this in our everyday world, is male and female! Another good example of interaction with this principle, in Human Beings, is the right and left lobes of the brain.

A little time spent comparing elements of the Third and Fourth dimensions is in order at this point. These distinctions have to be absolutely CLEAR before we can venture on to the Fifth Dimension!

We have established that the Third Dimension has six directions of out. This would mean that the Fourth Dimension would have to have six directions of IN! If we tunnel into the Earth, that would certainly seem to be going a direction of in, but as soon as we pass the center of the Earth, our direction becomes out once again. The direction of in is really a direction of "through", which is actually another direction of out. Another way of looking art this, using the Earth example, would be to imagine the Earth disappearing while tunneling into it. It then becomes obvious that you were really moving in a forward motion, which is another direction of out. We simply do not have the ability in our Three Dimensional reality, to move in a "true" inward direction!

The Three Dimensional view point is from a single point to all directions of out. In order to simulate a 4-D view point, we would have to establish a view point coming from everywhere, converging upon a single point! To help you do this, imagine yourself as coming from everywhere in space, looking inward toward a single point of white light at your very center. As you converge in upon this point from all directions, you are moving in a direction of "IN".

This concludes our exercises for now. Next time we will progress a little further in our understanding of the Dimensions.

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