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A Course in Time Travel

Excerpts from "A Handbook for Multidimensional Consciousness"
by Curtis Jackson, D.D., D.M.


At the very beginning of this creative cycle, at the moment of Creation, all that came into being was created perfectly. Creation has no other choice than to be perfect! The puzzle is created by the pieces, and the pieces are each created by the puzzle. (Perfection is an amazingly dynamic, ever changing state, rather than the static unchanging state of being that is usually ascribed to it.) The problem is, although creation happened instantaneously, there is a relative time factor, inherent within that instant. The instant of time it took for creation to achieve a state of perfection, has become all of time as we normally perceive it! That instant, relative to infinite time, can be virtually any length, depending upon the viewpoint of the observer!


In order to understand the dynamics of time, we need to have, at least, a minimal understanding of the multidimensional universe we live in. We as human beings, are at present, concerned with (at least) five separate dimensions. We may think that we are not aware of some of them, but we actually work within them all of the time! (or reflections of them) We are most aware of the Third Dimension because it is our physical universe we see all around us. This makes us, basically, three dimensional beings. However, we are aware of the Fourth Dimension also, because it is reflected through our emotions! A reflection of the Fifth Dimension is experienced with our minds!

Each dimension has its own time. We are most familiar with three dimensional time, because we conduct our affairs by it. We are aware of the Now, the Future and the Past. (As was stated in Excerpt 3), present time reality, as a continuous Now, becomes the past as it moves into the future, and assumes a new position for us, in the present. This is three dimensional time. Notice that it only goes in the direction of the future, but is always the Now! In three dimensional time, we have no means of reclaiming the past, nor do we ever actually experience the future. Time for us, is always the Present, in forward motion!

The Fourth Dimension is an emotional and spiritual labyrinth for us, and is in every way, equal and opposite to the Third Dimension. One of those opposites, is time. Where the Third Dimension moves into the future, the Fourth Dimension retreats into the past!


Contrary to popular millenarianism beliefs, (people who believe in the impending return of Jesus, and a thousand years of enlightenment, known as the "Millennium", or "Golden Age"), the Age we are about to begin, is Avatar-less (Leaderless) in that the return of the Christ is in mass! (And as such, is a lesson that must be learned individually! This is the reason that no man can predict the exact time of His return, because it is different for each individual. And is also the reason so many people believe that they are Jesus.) It is available to everyone who can master the lesson of this Age, which will last two thousand years, at which time the "YELLOW Age" will begin, which will last for two thousand years. The Avatar for that Age will also be a Christ Conscious Being, whose life will portray lessons of "Abstract Mentality".

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