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A Course in Time Travel

Excerpts from "A Handbook for Multidimensional Consciousness"
by Curtis Jackson, D.D., D.M.


Our goal is God consciousness. It is comprised of all other consciousness in perfect balance. But, what does this mean? What exactly is God consciousness?


  • Omniscience - All knowing.
  • Omnipresence - Being everywhere all at once.
  • Omnipotence - all powerful.

Within God consciousness is something called Christ consciousness. It is the quality of God consciousness as an ever increasing capacity for universal love, which is ecstasy in motion and the interaction between two or more Beings. There exists a law of Order as regards attaining God consciousness. These are listed below.


  1. The establishment of Cosmic consciousness in the current incarnation.
  2. Conscious contact with our Time Traveling "Oversoul" (TTO) from outside of linear 3d time.
  3. The birth of Christ consciousness within the safe and protected environment of Cosmic
  4. And finally, to begin to realize and manifest God consciousness here in the third dimension.

As we progress through these Excerpts we will examine each of the components of God consciousness in the belief that enlightenment through correct knowledge will bring our goal more quickly into being.

In this Excerpt we are going to look much deeper into the three dimensions that comprise the third dimension, but first a little spiritual stretching exercise is in order.


Have you ever wondered about how existence began? If things are in existence, did they come from something? Where did that something come from? We are told that it all sprang into existence from nothingness. What is nothingness, where did it come from, and how did something come from it? We are told that it all came from a pinpoint of super condensed matter in the form of a "big bang". Where did the pin point of super condensed matter come from? We are told that the universe is somewhere between ten and thirty billion years old, less than a microsecond in relation to infinity. Why, in all of infinite time did the universe come into creation now? We are told that Man is not meant to know the answers to these riddles, and therefore cannot fathom the Universe with his limited mind. Where did that limitation in thinking come from? Who are we? What are we?? Where is it all going???

Just a scant three hundred years ago, you might have been branded as a heretic for just asking such questions, let alone trying to answer them. What is wrong with trying to answer these kinds of questions? Why does it seem ridiculously impossible for us to even try? Is it that our minds are so limited that we cannot try, or is it that our minds are actually unlimited, and that artificial limitations have, somehow, been placed upon them? If artificial limitations have been placed upon our minds, what is the nature of the limitations, and who or what placed them there and how can they be removed or modified? What is our true potential and how can we access it now?

(In the following text, the term Primordial or Primordial Universe, pertains to the earliest part of the cycle within the Creative Field, before the Stellar component of the Universe was formed.)

In our quest for an understanding of the multi-dimensional universe we live in, perhaps a logical place to start would be at the beginning of the current creative cycle. In order to begin to understand the concepts of creation, we need to ask two basic questions. The first question is, "How can something come from nothing?" The second question is "What is nothing?" We can begin to examine the idea of nothing by first defining it. Nothing is the absence of something. Let us use the void of outer space as an example. We will, for simplicities sake, remove all matter from it, (including molecular, atomic, and subatomic structures) which leaves us with the blackness of "infinite" space. We now have an instance of what could be defined as nothingness.


However, far from being nothing, what we have defined is actually an unmeasurable example of something! To understand what I mean by this, let us redefine nothingness from a little different approach. If we can acknowledge that three-dimensional space is a place with a purpose in which things can (and do) happen, and by that definition, "exists" as part of the universal plan of things, then the void, or empty space, could be considered a thing, rather than nothing. If three-dimensional space is something, then a true void, or actual nothingness, would exclude three-dimensional space, and preclude any kind of manifestation whatsoever. This means that "space", as we know it, must exist in such a way as to displace or circumvent actual nothingness. In other words, "space" or the infinite "void", is actually a place filled with an invisible something that cannot be measured. Considering that without it, all that we know as our universe could not exist, is testimony enough for its existence, whether we can measure it or not!


The reason for the foregoing, is the reestablishment of a universal medium that is absolutely fundamental to Metaphysics. It has had many names in the past, but for the sake of simplicity, lets call it the "Ether". This is a familiar term that is found in your dictionary. Below is a partial definition out of The American Heritage Electronic Dictionary. "Ether. An all-pervading, infinitely elastic, massless medium formerly postulated as the medium of propagation of electromagnetic waves".

Notice the words, formerly postulated. This means the Scientists of this time period discounted the Ether as being unmeasurable, and therefore nonexistent. (In other words, "if I can't bite it and make it holler, it doesn't exist!")


We exist in what is known as the Third Dimension, but how would our Cosmic Conscious Being view this? We know that the third dimension has height, breadth and width. This means we have access to, up and down, (height) forwards and backwards, (breadth) and side to side. (width) It is the combination of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd dimensions, that make up the Third Dimension. By the same token, we can assume that the Second Dimension is made up of a combination of the 1st and 2nd dimensions.

Looking through the eyes of a Cosmic conscious Being, what would the universe look like, and how different would it be from the way we perceive it? A Cosmic Conscious Being might view the universe in terms of multiple dimensions, which is utterly different than the way we view it. If this is true, then he would be able to "see" into the various super dimensions and inner space as easily as we see into the 3d. Not only could he "see" the separate dimensions, but he would be able to experience them as separate independent places as well, in the much same way we experience our three dimensions. Let us travel with him instantaneously in his mind to a time before this creative cycle, to view primordial energy in its most basic form. Remember that he has access to many more dimensions then we do, at least six, and possibly as many as twelve. Let us travel with our hypothetical Cosmic conscious time traveler as he travels back billions of years into the past, and watch through his eyes, and understand through his mind, as he examines the primordial universe in its earliest moments in this creative cycle. He would see the "First dimension", as the birth place of all other dimensions. He would know that here, energy "exists" as an infinite, or immeasurable point of nothingness. He would also know that there is another place called the "Second dimension" that is a universe of white light. Here we see an infinite or immeasurable point of white light. He knows that the positive and negative poles exist in the same one dimensional space, but at alternating times! By our standards, this would be equivalent to something coming from nothing, but from the view point of a Cosmic Conscious Being, nothingness would simply appear as pure energy stored in the First dimension, from which all that we know and experience in our 3d universe, periodically springs. To him, the First dimension has always existed in a state of perpetual present timeless-ness. (Whether or not the First dimension was "created by "something else" is beyond the scope of the present text.)


A simpler way of stating this is, there exists polarized energy that alternates between the positive and negative poles of existence. When it is realized as the positive pole, it is in a state of maximum excitation. When it is realized as the negative pole, it is in a vibration-less state. Technically each of these states individually are one dimensional. It is only when we expand our view point to include both polar opposites at the same time, do we perceive the Second Dimension.
To visualize something as alien as an infinite point, is most likely very difficult for the average three dimensional mind. So, at this time, it is sufficient to say that it is a point, and that it is infinite. There is nowhere in the First Dimension that it is not, and yet, it has no three-dimensional or measurable space to it. It is therefore eternal or exists without beginning or end. Although it is a point, it gives the illusion of infinite three dimensional space. The First Dimension "holds" or creates space within actual nothingness that "exists" (does not exist) outside of space. The point of energy and space contained in the negative pole is all of the "energy" and "space" available to us in our universe. (Whether or not this point of energy is merely one of an infinite number of points will be reserved for a later discussion.) This same energy in its excited state, in the positive pole of the Second dimension, is all of the "matter" available to us in our universe. Following the viewpoint of our Cosmic Conscious Being, we next see the creation of the Primordial Third dimension. If we examine the two states of being in the Second dimension, we see, that there is energy, either vibrating at a maximum rate, or not vibrating at all. After all, it is the same energy in the same space. The mechanics of vibration oscillate back and forth between black and white. It takes time to do this. Although it appears instantaneous in the Second dimension, there is, what an Electronic Engineer might refer to as a propagation delay. In other words, even instantaneous takes time to happen. It is within this instant that the field of creation, comes into being.


The mechanics of the time delay between white and black, when viewed by our Cosmic Conscious guide, show white light disassembling into the components of the spectrum. Each vibrationally separate component can be experienced as a separate two dimensional universe, occupying the same space at separate times. As we have seen, there are three distinct phases concerning the Primordial Universe. The three phases are summed up below:


The Primordial First Dimension

The minimum phase is energy at rest. It is the absolute negative pole of existence, and is part of the vibrational sequence, even though it is absent of vibration. It is a place of never ending experienceless-ness. It is a universe of blackness, it is called the Primordial First dimension, and is the birth place of the sun sign SAGITTARIUS. In our three dimensional world, we know it as space. Each dimension has its own kind of time. The Primordial First dimension is the PRIMORDIAL PAST. (Time before time).

The Primordial Second Dimension

The maximum phase, is energy at its maximum state of vibration. It is the sum of all vibratory states. It is a universe of white light. It is, by its self, a one dimensional universe, but, because of its polarization with the negative pole, exists in two dimensional space. This is the Primordial Second dimension, it is the primary universal center and is the birth place of the Sun Sign LEO. (The Primordial Second dimension is the stellar prototype, or Universal Sun.) The Second dimension, in our three dimensional world, represents all that is in existence, that resides within the void. In other words, all created matter in any form, within space. The Primordial Second dimension is the PRIMORDIAL PRESENT. (Time of forever now), in that it can never experience anything other than itself, in present time, and it can never cease to exist. Remember this, because it is one of the keys to immortality...

The Primordial Third Dimension

The transitory phase is also the sum of all vibratory states, but divided into separate components. Although the sum of its components is white light, and the absence of its components is blackness, white and black are not available within the transitory phase. The "3rd" dimension, (that is the singular 3rd dimension, as distinguished from the composite Third dimension, which is made up from the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Dimensions, represents all that moves or has outward motion. It is a universe of rainbows, and is the birth place of the Sun Sign ARIES. The primordial third dimension, because of its forward motion, is the PRIMORDIAL FUTURE. (Time of cycles).


Let us see if we can simplify this a little. When we view our three dimensional universe, we see that the starry world and the planets are suspended in space, and that they have motion. We can say that the space belongs to the 1st dimension. (This includes all space, even the space between the atoms within your body). Next we can say that everything else belongs to the 2nd dimension as centers of matter, and because of the lack of motion, is timeless. And finally, we can say that everything that moves belongs to the 3rd dimension. Because everything that belongs to the 2nd dimension also has the potential of motion, means that the contents of the 2nd and 3rd dimensions are exactly the same, except that the Third dimension places the added dimension of actualized "motion", and the resultant three dimensional "time". This is an important difference between the "Time Travelers" philosophy concerning "time", and current models of the universe where the Fourth dimension provides "time".

This concludes this Excerpt. In the next one we will continue with the exploration of the various "dimensions" and how they relate to consciousness.

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