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A Course in Time Travel

Excerpts from "A Handbook for Multidimensional Consciousness"
by Curtis Jackson, D.D., D.M.


What Are Our Goals?

SHORT TERM - Our short term goal is to merge our conscious view points from the Third and Fourth dimensions to fully realize the Fifth dimension.

INTERIM TERM - Our interim term goals are to realize Cosmic consciousness in the Sixth dimension, and to prepare a "time portal" within our consciousness for the arrival of our "TTO" (Time Traveling Oversoul)

LONG TERM - Our long term goal of attaining God Consciousness, and manifesting it here in the third dimension, is an ongoing process. There are virtually an infinite number of levels in God Consciousness. However, there is a minimal level that can be called God Consciousness. Levels below this are not concerned with God Consciousness, and are but sub-levels. (Interestingly, when all is said and done in regards to obtaining God Consciousness, the focus is here in the third dimension as Three Dimensional Beings, rather than as Two Dimensional or One Dimensional Beings.)


It is my belief, and the crux of "TT" (Time Travelers) philosophy, that the intent and desire of the "Creative Will", is to manifest "God consciousness" here in the Third dimension! From the dimensions outside of the Third dimension there is a lack of detail, like extreme near sightedness. Abstraction without specifics. The 3d lends the necessary corrective lenses needed to complete our ability to see!

I am convince that the Third dimension is the "Creators" crowning achievement. I have glimpsed it in, what I call, its perfected state, where we are all "One" and yet separate, where we are so filled with loving wonder that it almost hurts, where each moment is delicious beyond comprehension, and yet, so familiar, so expected!

In this next section we will begin to examine the various kinds of consciousness. This is necessary in order to help you begin to understand how you are constructed, in the belief that knowledge is power and the road to enlightenment.....

Direction of ConsciousnessNotice that the flow of experience is locked into a circle or spiral. Ascending vibrational energy (Female) is represented by Buddhic consciousness, while descending vibrational energy (Male) is represented by Krishnic consciousness. The traveling center of consciousness (considered as the "Self" or "Personality") is about the size of a ping-pong ball, and travels with great difficulty through the successive vibrational centers (chakras). (This effort is usually reserved for dedicated monks or "mystics", and is rarely observed in the average person.) There is no real love involved with either Buddhic or Krishnic consciousness, as found in Christ Consciousness, except on a personal possessive level. (It is interesting to note that the word "love" has crept into the language of some western Buddhist's writings.) The key elements are personal power, wisdom, temporary states of bliss, and detached compassion. The misconception is that "Nirvana" (used here to mean existing in a "white-light state of exultation" is reached and maintained by ascending in vibration to the "Third Eye", (a center of consciousness found just above and between the physical eyes). That this much sought after state can be reached and experienced as "white light" is certainly true, and one of the fundamental tenets of "TT" philosophy, but that it can be maintained on a permanent basis in this manner, is absolutely false!

Due to the inevitable "flywheel" effect, this state cannot be maintained and results in a state of consciousness called "Buddhas of compassion", which unbeknown to the student is the beginning of Krishnic consciousness.

Krishnic consciousness is one of giving of ones self absolutely without regard for personal consequences. It almost always results in martyrdom in extreme cases. The student never realizes what is wrong. (God why hast thou forsaken me?) Christ consciousness, on the other hand, is the result of the student realizing that traveling around in circles or spirals will never get anywhere. (This usually takes a considerable number of life-times!) The mergence and transcendence of both Buddhic and Krishnic consciousness results in a centering. A move from the outside of consciousness, to the internalized being-ness of it. This is the first level of two levels of Christ consciousness.

Christ ConsciousnessHowever, the first level of Christ Consciousness presents many dangers including death for the unsuspecting student. This consciousness is associated with unprepared neophytes that rush in where fools fear to tread. Being a pure positive force, it drives the environment negative. This is the path of the Saints most of whom were martyred. Jesus was executed at 33. (The lessons he laid down as a world teacher, and Avatar for the Age, made it possible for us to avoid most of the pitfalls associated with this level.)

Many Time Travelers are and will be returning from the future to manifest in previous incarnations. The Time Traveling Oversoul (TTO) actually exists temporarily outside of Three dimensional linear time, in something called in "non-linear time". If it approaches a previous incarnation which is not sufficiently prepared, the approach can drive the incarnation into an out of balance condition called the Messiah complex, whereby the past incarnation believes that he or she is the Christ. This would be wonderful if it were actually true, but unfortunately, this is a manifestation of the what is being called the "False Christ", which is an extremely out of balance condition in consciousness. This will most likely reach epidemic proportions, without intervention! Avoidance of this undesirable condition can be had if certain steps are taken. (Which are carefully explained in this Course)

Cosmic consciousness is the apex of what could be called the "AntiChrist". It is everything that the Christ is not, and nothing, of what, is the Christ. It is equal and opposite to the Christ in every way. Perfect mirror images. Cosmic consciousness brings with it perfect knowledge of the Universal, whereas the Christ brings with it perfect knowledge of the perfect self. In Cosmic consciousness the student has overcome all of the Satanic and Demonic forces that compose this consciousness. Although temporary states of ecstasy and personal power are part of the natural emotional/spiritual makeup of Cosmic consciousness, they should be avoided, as it can become a powerful and unnecessary distraction. The major role for Cosmic consciousness, once it is attained, is providing a safe and balanced platform for the newly forming Christ consciousness. There are many continuous progressive levels of inward expansion (or relaxation) of Cosmic consciousness (poly-morphic), whereas Christ consciousness is a continuous outward expansion. (Uni-morphic) Their homogenized and balanced mergence is the beginning of actual "God Consciousness".
There are many levels of God Consciousness below the level mentioned above, while still called God Consciousness, these levels, although incomplete, are indications of the particular path the student has taken. It is important to denote this distinction because there is a great difference between actual God Consciousness, and those lesser states by the same name.


 As was stated above, manifesting Christ Consciousness is a two part process. The problem with manifesting Christ Consciousness is that it is extremely dangerous! Not only from a physical aspect, (Jesus only lasted three years!), but can be disastrous on the spiritual level as well. This is not for spiritual babies to play around with. We are unleashing the unlimited side of our nature, and without safeguards there can be problems.

It takes a perfectly balanced combination of Cosmic consciousness and Christ consciousness to realize God Consciousness. To simply manifest Christ Consciousness without the protection and balance of Cosmic Consciousness, is far too dangerous for us to consider. The Souls who are foolish enough to attempt it are immediately caught up in a kind of divine paranoia that is very hard to break out of. (i.e., the many Messiahs that are beginning to show up)

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