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A Course in Time Travel

Excerpts from "A Handbook for Multidimensional Consciousness"
by Curtis Jackson, D.D., D.M.


This excerpt will be devoted to the beginning level of Meditation techniques. Let is take a break from our studies, and begin learning how to open up various energy centers, (chakras). We will start by concentrating on "opening" and warming up the "Heart center" located in the middle of the chest at the sternum, and not the actual area where the physical heart is located. (Feel for the indentation located between the breasts).
We need to learn and practice these beginning techniques on a daily basis to prepare us for the Fifth Dimensional Meditations later on, which are absolutely necessary to progress in this course. (It shouldn't take more than five minutes a day to soon become proficient).

Our next step after opening the heart center, is exchanging energies between the throat and solar plexus. Attention must be paid to the order in which the steps are taken:


FIRST - A centering process has to take place to bring you into the heart center. This can be accomplished through stimulation of the heart center by rubbing it in a circular motion with the finger tips of one of your hands. (I use a counterclockwise motion, but you might find clockwise better for you?) Do this until you can feel some heat begin to generate there. It might also help to visualize a middle,to light green flower that is opening. (With practice it can feel quite warm if not hot! If you do not feel warmth right away, this is OK. It will come with time.)

SECOND - Place the finger tips of your dominant hand (right hand if you are right handed, and left hand if you are left handed) on top of the upper portion of your solar plexus. (About two inches above the navel) Visualize it relaxing and becoming receptive. Feel it slowly opening like a dark yellow or golden flower if you are a male. If you are female, visualize it as a bright pink flower. (It helps me to make a slow opening motion with my finger tips) When you have done this, go to the next step.

THIRD - Switch hands so the finger tips of your non-dominant hand are on the upper portion of your solar plexus. This helps to secure the progress made there. With your dominant hand place your finger tips at your throat center, just below the Adam apple, so the fingers are together and pointing towards the throat. Now begin to slowly open your fingers as you visualize your throat chakra begin to open. See this center as a mid range blue flower blooming. As it opens, you may feel a warm rush of energy in the solar plexus. If you do do not, this is OK. It helps if you can generate energy at your finger tips. Do this by visualizing and feeling energy charging up at your finger tips. (For visualization, it looks bluish white.)

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