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A Course in Time Travel

Excerpts from "A Handbook for Multidimensional Consciousness"
by Curtis Jackson, D.D., D.M.


In this Excerpt we are going to learn how to open up the next pair of Centers, but first, we are going to look at some charts showing the basic differences between men and women. Although men and women have the same number of chakras located in the same areas of the body, the chart below shows the preferences between male and female. This, in part, explains some of the more obvious differences between us.

I know there is a lot of information contained on this chart, but for now just note the basic differences between a man and woman. Don't worry about learning everything on the chart at this point in your studies. We will get into a detailed study of the various Centers and colors, and what they mean, in a later lesson.

Male and Female Chakras

The chart below is a little different representation of the basic differences between a man and a woman This is in the purest most abstract sense, and is not meant as an actual representation of the human aura. Keep in mind that both men and women have the identical number of chakras, but prefer the combinations shown here. (The actual size shape and colors radiating in the human aura depends upon many factors, and may change from moment to moment depending upon the emotional/mental content).

Representation of the Human Aura


In this meditation technique, we are going to open two more balanced chakras, the Mouth-center (Indigo) and the lower half of the solar plexus (Bright yellow)


FIRST - In each of these exercises try to generate energy at your finger tips. Always begin by warming up the Heart-center. (This can be done by rubbing in a circular motion. Also by picturing a green flower opening up) Next, activate the Throat-center by tapping it and visualizing it opening up like a blue flower. You can also use the energy of your dominant hand (fingers together pointing in towards the throat) by slowly opening this center with an opening motion of the fingers (fingers together pointing towards the Throat-center, slowly spread the finger tips away from each other in a widening circle) Feel the energy in your finger tips open this center.

SECOND - Open the "Upper Solar Plexus-center" using the same process (visualize a pink or dark yellow flower, which ever feels best for you) Feel the upper solar plexus as an empty vessel waiting to be filled by the energy from the Throat-center. Both the throat and upper solar plexus may begin to feel warm with varying degrees of elation. If you still feel nothing, don't be discouraged. The exercises will help you whether you feel immediate results or not. This help will come in the form of improved relationships and circumstances in your everyday world.

THIRD - Use the same process to open the "Mouth-center" (Indigo, a very dark blue purple), and the "Lower Solar Plexus center", (Bright yellow). Tap your lips lightly to wake up this center, then using the opening motion with your finger tips, slowly open your mouth at the same time. Once done, switch hands, and use the opening motion on the lower solar plexus, (located just below the navel). If this center is slow to respond, use the circular rubbing motion outlined for the Heart-center. Feel and visualize this center relaxing and slowly opening. This may cause a feeling of warmth from your throat, extending all the way down to the lower solar plexus.

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