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A Course in Time Travel

Excerpts from "A Handbook for Multidimensional Consciousness"
by Curtis Jackson, D.D., D.M.


So many people have asked me to give a clear and simple instruction on how to do "Remote Viewing", using "Time Travel" Techniques. The following is as simple and clear as I can make it.....

Time travel is usually associated with physically traveling into the past or the future, with all of its attendant problems, such as meeting yourself or what would happen to you if you killed your grandfather? However these are the product of three dimensional thinking. Time travel, as I understand it and have experienced it, is possible because of the nature of time and the fact that we are everywhere at the same time. We could say that there is only one universal consciousness manifesting in everyone, and the way we experience time allows us to experience ourselves as separate individuals touching momentarily on the physical level.


The ability to penetrate the illusion of time, allows one to be able to experience time as a single simultaneous event. The consequence of non-linear time enables a person to be able to experience any time frame he chooses, whether past, present or future. (The future, because every event that ever will happen has already happened in non-linear time). It also enables one to experience any person, whether living or dead. To be able to do this kind of Remote Viewing takes some practice to become confident.

It is important to know when you are actually Remote Viewing, and not simply day dreaming. We use our ordinary senses brought together to form a sharp point that is able to pierce the three dimensional protective sheath. A great deal of what is used (after that) is focused visualization, which is in the realm of creative imagination.


Remote Viewing, or previously known as "Clairvoyance", is certainly not new. Many students of metaphysics, and advanced mystics, could "see" at a distance. One such method is by erecting what is called an "Astral Tube." While in OEM, (see Open Eye Meditation)


I visualize a whirlpool, about a foot across. (My whirlpool is usually clockwise.) Next, I try to see down the tube to a predetermined place, person or object. Sometimes I get strange images. For example, if I feel someone thinking about me in a kind way, I usually feel a nice tingling sensation around my head. Sometimes I know who the person is, but at other times I don't. If I am curious about the person, I will erect a whirlpool.

Just the other day, I felt the vibrations of someone whom I hadn't felt before. I sat in Open Eye Meditation, and erected a whirlpool. After a while, I began to see something very colorful. At first I couldn't make it out, but then I saw it very clearly. It was a woven rag throw rug of many colors. I moved the whirlpool around the room. I saw a woman seated in OEM. I recognized her as one of my students. She was sending me a "blessing". I responded by returning the blessing. The next time I saw her, I asked her if she had a very colorful rag throw rug. She was very surprised, and said that she had made it her self.


Sometimes remote viewing can be rather invasive. By this I mean that you might see more than you were meant to. I always make an effort not to invade a persons privacy.

Another time comes to mind, about something that happened to me about 40 years ago. I was heading up a small metaphysical group in Palm Springs California. One of the persons there was a gifted Hatha Yoga teacher. She seemed not to like me for some reason, and was instantly in competition with me.

I had experienced this kind of thing before, and was able to keep her quiet long enough to finish our meeting. About an hour after the meeting broke up, I began to feel ill. It came upon me so rapidly that I thought it was something I ate. Then I became aware that someone was trying to make me sick using occult methods.


I had studied this very method, only I used it for healing rather than trying to harm someone. I sat down and began to meditate. I erected a whirlpool to see if I could track down whoever was doing this to me. At first I couldn't see anything but black. But then, suddenly, I saw the Hatha Yoga teacher sitting in a lotus position. My view was from above and behind her, but I immediately recognized her.
Her intensity was strong and destructive, and it all was aimed at me! I had been teaching my students about a psychic defense technique, utilizing the mental construction of a mirror.


The point of the lesson was to erect a mirror in front of you when you felt that you were being attacked. I erected the mirror, and the attack stopped instantly. I found out that the poor woman had to go to bed for several days. In the next meeting where she was attending, she followed me around like a puppy. It is an old occult maxim that "An ounce of defense is worth a pound of offence.


One must be aware of the distinction between time travel, and astral projection. Astral projection, or its cousin, etheric projection, are about traveling in your astral or etheric bodies, to experience or examine the Astral Planes, or the Etheric Planes. These bodies, (the lower and upper etheric), are part of the physical complex, interpenetrating the physical body, which allows you to be able to experience our physical earthly existence.

Remote Viewing, using Time travel techniques, utilizes some of the techniques that are used to facilitate Astral and etheric projection, however, the similarities end there. Time travel has its own set of rules, which need to be known before attempting to experience a time traveling event. Although the rules are simple, the disregarding of them will most likely prevent you from achieving non-linear time, where true time travel is possible. Once having achieved non-linear time, what follows is relatively safe and easy. I have listed the three most important rules below;


  1. Fear: Fear is the greatest deterrent to time travel, and facing the unknown is one of the main reasons for fear. The reason for the detailed examination of the unknown in the A Course in Time Travel, is the thought that if one is well informed about the unknown, then the unknown becomes known, and is no longer fear producing. The bottom line is, if you are afraid, then your chances of time traveling are very slim. If you find that you are afraid when attempting to access non-linear time, I would suggest studying the material that is available here on the Time Travelers web site, until you feel that, through a greater understanding of the unknown, you are no longer afraid.
  2. Permission: This may sound strange that you need permission, but it is very important to ask permission of your Inner Being. The heart of "Time Travelers" is to make available vital information about your TTO, (Time Traveling Oversoul), so that you might facilitate the necessary link up with it. Since your TTO already has access to non-linear time, it makes sense that you should avail yourself to it in order to learn. Believe me when I say that nothing in life is more important than gaining attention from your TTO!
  3. Persistence: Without persistence and a great deal of patience, you are probably not yet spiritually mature enough to convince your TTO to bother with you. When you are ready to make a commitment, instead of just pursuing a fun ride, then your TTO will be more than willing to help you. It is, after all, you from the remote future, and uniting with you is very important for its personal evolution.


Here is a simple exercise you can use to begin Remote Viewing. While seated comfortably, think about the room in which you are seated. In your mind, see the room as clearly as you can. Let's say that you are in your front room, visualize the larger objects, like a table or a chair. Visualize yourself moving over to the table. Look at the items on the table top. Try to remember exactly what was placed there. If you can't remember, get up and look at the items on the table top, and then try the exercise again. Visualize yourself moving over to the table. If there is a picture in the room, look at it closely, and visualize who is in the picture. Next, move over to a piece of furniture. Imagine that you are running your hand over it. How does it feel? Is it rough or smooth? While imagining this, look at your hands. Try to imagine how your hands look. Next, move to where your body is located. Imagine that you can see yourself. Watch yourself breath. Do you look peaceful?

Practice the above technique until you feel that you can actually begin to see what you are imagining. Once you have a little experience doing this, you might try the next exercise. Although some of you will recognize this as "Etheric Projection", I offer it as a way to gain confidence. As you begin to master one technique, other techniques will intrigue you.


Find a comfortable spot to sit where you won't be disturbed. It is better if you sit rather than lie down because the latter tends to produce sleep and dreams rather than actual time travel. Relax your mind and body as much as is possible without going to sleep. Begin by thanking your Inner Being for helping and guiding you. (This method seems to work better than simply asking for help.) Think about the place or person you wish to explore. See and feel yourself traveling easily to that time and place. Visualize the details of what you are seeing. Are there buildings or streets. See if you can read any signs, such as a street sign. Look at your hands, see if you can see them. Listen for any sounds, such as people talking. What are they saying? Begin to feel yourself there in the place. What form have you taken? Are you in a physical body? Is it male or female? Or are you sort of floating above the scene? Look for a newspaper. Look at the date. If it is tomorrows paper, try to remember what the headlines said. See if you can find a street sign. What is your sense of "when" it is? How are people dressed? Ask them questions. Listen for answers. See if you can locate and remember the winning lotto number, (lol).

It is very important to gain confidence that you are actually time traveling. If you are having difficulty achieving this technique, perhaps it is because you are trying too hard. Relax and just become an observer watching a movie. Have fun with it! Remember that others are doing it, and so can you...


If you want to experience being a particular person, you need to focus upon that person until you can see and feel what that person was seeing and feeling. It is helpful to gather as much information about that person as possible. Sometimes while visiting a time or place, you may find yourself experiencing someone you are not familiar with. This person is probably a karmic self of yours. (Even though we are each everyone, there are some incarnations that are more directly tied to us than others.) I would recommend, at first, to pick someone famous. Find out all that you can about the person, and then meditate upon the time and place where you want to have your experience. This is so much more informative than reading a book about the person.


At first it may seem difficult to see anything, but with practice things will begin to easily come into focus. Have fun with it. See if you can find out something that can be verified in present time. The main difference between time traveling and day dreaming is that a time traveling event has a life of its own. By this I mean that you are more of an observer rather than a creator. In a day dream you can change things around to suit you. When time traveling, one usually cannot.


I have refined the method I use, over quite a few years, but it wasn't until these last few years that I have paid attention to exactly HOW I do it. I find that sitting in a recliner, with my eyes open or closed, (for me it doesn't seem to matter), and concentrate upon what I wish to see, seems to work well for me. I have been re-examining the earliest period of the creative cycle, so I will use that as an example;


I relax my body and mind as much as I am able. This step is important for me to do, so I would suggest that you spend some time relaxing also. This is easy for me because I have been doing this kind of meditation for a long time.

In my minds eye, I imagine a glimmer of a black speck that is without dimension. I "know" that I am observing the exact beginning moment in the creative cycle. This part of time travel seems to be automatic. (This is why, in "Remote Viewing", a person can go unerringly to a place, simply by being given a series of numbers, the meaning of which is unknown to the person, which is a code for that particular place!) Although it is devoid of light, I can see it clearly. I hold this sight in my mind for as long as it takes to find out exactly how the creative cycle unfolds from this state of existence, to the next. Sometimes I will get a flash of understanding, which is then automatically verbalize into words. I believe that each object I study has its own built-in detailed description, available to anyone able to access it.

As I watch intently, I see this black speck beginning to change states. It seems to "crack", or fragment into an evenly divided matrix of innumerable seemingly identical crystalline parts. As I watch, I begin to understand what is happening. Each crystalline piece looks identical to every other piece, however, I "know" that each crystal is as different as snow flakes, where no two crystals are identical. I "Know" that what I am observing is the creation of space and multiple dimensions. I watch it just as though I were watching a video on T.V.. Sometimes I have watched a certain process for hundreds of times before I was finally able to understand what it was and how it worked.

Many nights I will, as soon as I get into bed, close my eyes, and immediately concentrate upon whatever I wish to see. Another favorite time for me to Time Travel is when I first awaken in the morning. (The method I most commonly use at present, is to visualize, as I write or type, translating what I am viewing into sound, [my voice], and then into the written word.)


Whatever or whomever you wish to study or experience, requires the ability to focus and concentrate. This is very important. If you have an undisciplined mind, the inability to still your mind, then I would recommend practicing the O.E.M.. (Open Eye Meditation) I developed this meditation especially for the purpose of stilling the mind while attempting to Time Travel. O.E.M. works simply because, when done correctly, it occupies both lobes of your brain, allowing you to be free of the constant interruption from that part of the mind. In addition to O.E.M., I have used, with great success, overloading my hearing by playing loud music through earphones. I found that "Trance" music occupied that portion of my mind, while O.E.M. occupied another portion of my mind.

These methods may seem overly simplistic, but they work. However, I must warn you that for some, it will take many hours of practice on a daily basis before you gain confidence. If you are one of those people who wants everything immediately, you most likely won't have the patience required to master time traveling or remote viewing.

Although many of you will recognize some of these methods as the same methods used to Astral Project, I would recommend not projecting, for this is far too distracting to achieve a time travel state, at least at this tender stage in your development.


Most of the Time Travelers text and diagrams come from the ability to Time Travel. I have studied each of the two thousand year "Ages" in the 26,000 year cycle of the earth, for an example, finding out amazing things, far beyond our present abilities. This sort of omniscience was due entirely to the ability to time travel. See Secret Knowledge"

When I was writing the bulk of the Time Travelers text, I was seated in front of my computer, using a word processor program. I had on ear phones through which I played very loud techno and trance music. This seemed to occupy the noisy part of my brain. Using this method, I was able to write directly into the word processor what I was seeing and hearing. I, to the consternation of family and friends, would spend, sometimes, 18 hours a day, 6 or 7 days a week, for months. I never seemed to get hungry, or even thirsty. My family was afraid I was going to die before I was finished, and would make sure that I ate something, and drank, at least, water. I loved that stage of development, although I wouldn't want to have to do it again!


When I was first approach by my TTO, (Time Traveling Oversoul), I was only 22 years old. That was 46 years ago. The introduction was in the form of a well modulated mans voice. After work each day, I would rush home, to hear more of what this man had to say. The first request given to me to accomplish was to stare at a spot of white light in my mind, with my eyes closed. The purpose of this exercise was to eventually be able to decode "white light", (which I have done) in order to decipher the "Solar Akasha". In the beginning, back when I was 22, I was very frustrated, when after six months of staring at a spot of white within my minds eye, had resulted in very little return. At least this is what I thought at the time. Now, I can look back and see how perfect it was to challenge me in this way. It wasn't until years later, when I discovered that the well modulated mans voice was me from my own future!


Since we each are as different as snow flakes, I know that each of us will be approached by our TTO in the best way for each person. How you progress, and what you develop into, may be entirely different from my development. Please remember that there is NOTHING more important then teaming up with your Oversoul! We all will take this step sooner or later. I preferred sooner.
Email me, Curtis Jackson, and tell me how you are doing.

Perhaps, when you are ready, your "Inner Being" will take you on a guided tour. Be patient, because, like anything in life worth mastering, Time Travel and Remote Viewing, takes time, discipline and effort. You must want this more than anything in life. At least, this is how it has affected me. And have FUN with it! I am just as excited today about time travel as I was when I was 22.

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