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A Course in Time Travel

Excerpts from "A Handbook for Multidimensional Consciousness"
by Curtis Jackson, D.D., D.M.



"I believe that everyone, at some point in their lives, wonders about the "After Life". Whether there is one or not, and if there is, what is it like? The following "Excerpts" will make you an expert in this esoteric field.

The chart below, is composed of information very carefully garnered, in this lifetime. It is not simply a repeat of the same old system left over from many centuries ago. As such, be aware that it is an entirely different system, based upon entirely different criteria. I mention this to prepare you for the possible shock that this information might bring, not corresponding to what you have previously learned, and, perhaps, even teach. If you recall, Jesus had trouble teaching the New Message for the "New Age", just two thousand years ago. And although modern metaphysical teachers are not physically crucified, there is a great tendency to write them off as "nutters", which, sadly, turns a difficult task into an improbable one.


The old "Seven Chakra System", while still valid, was released into the general population, expressly for the 2000 year period just finishing. By the same token, now, the "Twelve Chakra System" is being released into the general population, expressly for the next 2000 year period, known as the "Orange Age".

The Time Travelers philosophy, in no way looks upon the earlier works with disdain, and in fact, incorporates the earlier work as a fundamental basis from which to build. Although this method of incorporating new methodology and substance over the old, is a natural re-occurrence, progressing from Age to Age. Each Age brings with it new and appropriate information, and people to disseminate it. However, many may feel put upon, having to learn something new. While I sympathize with these people, metaphysical progress must evolve to be current for the tasks at hand, which will be demanded from us as the higher vibrations and configurations, impinge upon our delicate nervous systems. To avoid the subsequent pain that accompanies major changes, such as, moving from one Age to another, it is more than incumbent upon the metaphysical leaders and teachers to be the first to learn the "New Metaphysics", so that, obviously, they may integrate it with their knowledge of the "Old Metaphysics". Thank you. (Kronos)

In addition to helping you come into a measure of Cosmic Consciousness, a thorough study of the individual component bodies that make up the composite human being will greatly increase and promote understanding of how the human complex works, and thus bring the healing arts one step closer to replacing the pharmaceutical gridlock in which medical practice now exists. It is to this end that I share the following observations.

At a certain level of Cosmic Consciousness, the Human body is "seen", as consisting of twelve separate bodies, which work together to form the thirteenth. These bodies are divided into three groups of four. The densest group of four is the Physical group.

Below is a diagram representing the various chakras as found in a man. Note the ascending scale of color going from lower vibratory colors at the lower body, and progressing up to the highest colors at the head. I have included the names of each body as well as its associative planet.

Wheels of Consciousness


The physical body is composed of three separate bodies, each superimposed and existing within the same relative space, separated only by degrees of vibration. There is, of course, the outer physical shell or "Meat" body, that you are most familiar with. This is your densest body. This "vehicle" interfaces with the Third Dimension, and allows us to move and have experience in the outer world. It is a hard shell that protects us from the outside, and has a relationship to your Soul, the way your car has a relationship with you.

In the diagram below, we see the various Chakras (energy centers that interface with each corresponding body) involved with each of the physical bodies.

Physical Bodies

note -in the diagram above, the "Pubic" center, sometimes called the "Sexual" center, is the color "red", denoting a "male". This center in a "female" is the color "burgundy". This is why, interestingly enough, that although called the 12 chakra system, we only count 11 chakras in either a man or a woman.

The Physical, body by itself, has no personality or motivation other than to eat and sleep. If you have ever visited a "rest home", you may have seen cases of extremely elderly people who fit this description. These are cases of the astral bodies dying before the physical body. In some cases, the elderly unwittingly become psychic vampires, sucking the energy from all those around them in order to stay alive. You will know when you have encountered one, because you will feel drained from the experience. When in the presence of this type of being, unless you do not mind giving them some of your energy, you can protect yourself by holding your hands together, and if you are seated, cross your legs and fold your arms. You may find yourself doing this instinctively. If you are feeling generous, hold their hands in yours, or give them a hug.


Existing inside of your densest "Physical Body", there are two more physical bodies. They walk around with you when you walk around. You may think you do not know about them, but you do. The next densest body to your "Physical Body", is your "Sexual" Body. In Germany it is called the "Doppelganger" or Double. Here it is called the "Etheric Double" or the "Lower Etheric Body". It is the vibratory center of the "Physical Body", and it contains your personality, and is primarily concerned with procreation. In sexually active people, this center has a great deal to do with their activities. Singles Bars, or singles chat rooms on the Internet, attract this body. It is usually very interested in the physical attributes of the opposite sex. Hollywood has capitalized on the sexual charisma of great personalities.

As we mature, we become more in tune with our higher vibratory bodies. The hormone levels, that control our sexual activity, lessen and allow us to discover the more discreet portions of our minds and spirit. People who feel they have died sexually, have developed a form of apathy in this body. Also people who have a flat and uninteresting personality, may suffer from an underdeveloped or damaged sexual body.


Next is the last of the three, the "Higher Etheric Body" or "Electrical Body." It processes the life force that enables you to be alive and healthy. It charges up at night when you are asleep, by raising about six inches above your physical body. If you have ever gotten overly tired, and started to doze off, you might have experienced the unpleasant sensation of suddenly jumping awake, as though there was a loud noise or explosion? This was your Higher Etheric Body prematurely exiting, (to replenish the life force) before you were completely asleep. This startles your denser bodies, (that would normally be asleep) which in turn, causes your Higher Etheric Body to "crash" back into you, jarring you awake. You may have also experienced a state of paralysis, where no matter how hard you tried, you could not move. This also might have been accompanied by the sound of rushing wind. (Or in the most severe cases, a series of explosions that might resemble a seizure.) This is the beginning of what is called an Etheric Projection. The next time this happens, calm yourself, and let the experience happen.

There are many good books available on this type of phenomenon. It is a good experience to have, in that it very quickly turns skeptics into believers. (If you have never had these experiences, it does not matter, for although very interesting, it is not necessary for your present progress, and in fact, can become an addictive distraction.)


Upon the death of the physical body, what has been referred to as an "Earth bound Soul", is usually just the wanderings of discarded Etheric Bodies, but in many cases, it is an earth bound Soul! As the Soul withdraws from the physical plane, the Lower Etheric, because it is no longer connected to the Higher Etheric, will usually die within days after the death of the physical body. This is the body that people usually "see", immediately after a loved one dies.

If the Soul is relatively un-evolved, or unusually interested in the sexual activities of others, then its interest through the lower Etheric body can become a problem for it. In this time period this was quite common. It is the combination of the Lower and Higher Etheric bodies that produce what we call Ghosts. (This combination of Etheric bodies can last for many years, even though they long been discarded by the Soul.)


The health of the Higher Etheric body is extremely important to the general health and vitality of your entire being. It was mistakenly thought to be the sexual body, in women, by eastern mystics, because when it shut down, it also shut down the sex drive, and when it was activated by a Healer, it occasionally resulted in spontaneous orgasm. It is located between the navel and the sexual center, and is associated with the spleen. For this reason it is sometimes called the "Splenic Center".

Unfortunately, most women who work in the business place with men, shut this center down. This forms a sort of psychic chastity belt, and can cause premature sexual shutdown, (by promoting less hormonal activity), and general health problems. Indications of this problem, other than the obvious, are the appearance of many vertical lines on the upper lip of females. The Higher Etheric body, as with the Sexual body, can with safe and simple meditative techniques, and non invasive energy manipulation, be brought back to health.


  1. The "Physical Body" is made up of three separate bodies.
  2. Each body occupies the same physical space, but each vibrates at very different rate of vibration.
  3. Although the three bodies work in tandem to function as the "Physical Body", they can be separated, and can operate independently. (Upon the death of the outer physical shell, which usually, dies first, it is the combination of the Lower and Higher Etheric bodies that make ghosts).
  4. The densest body forms the outer "meat" shell. It is our work horse. It interfaces with the external three dimensional universe.
  5. The next less dense body is the "Sexual", (or "Lower Etheric body") that contains a portion of the indwelling "Self", in the form of the Personality, (which is the outer expression of the Ego).
  6. The last of the three physical bodies is the least dense, and the highest in vibration. It is the "Electric", or "Higher Etheric body". It is this body, that is responsible for processing the life force (orange energy) that animates the "Physical Body".

This concludes Excerpt 13. Next time we will look at some important additional information.

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