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A Course in Time Travel

Excerpts from "A Handbook for Multidimensional Consciousness"
by Curtis Jackson, D.D., D.M.


All of the "Physical Bodies," we have looked at, (as well as the "Mental" and "Emotional" bodies we will be studying in subsequent Excerpts), are related to a specific part of the spectrum as a "color", and are also related to either the Sun, or a Planet within our Solar System, and a particular "Sign of the Zodiac." I believe this knowledge was perfectly understood by the "Atlanteans," and represents the "parent" system for all subsequent astrological systems, but has been very watered down and refined over the Ages into the form you see today, losing most of its original importance as relates to a method for unlocking the secrets our true nature. I believe the work done by these ancient metaphysical giants to be extremely valuable, and it is with this in mind that I have revived the original knowledge and share it with you as I believe it was originally meant to be understood.

Before you became involved in "time" and the "physical universe," you shared your Soul with your other half. Upon entering the plane of duality, the two of you were separated. There is an intense desire in both of you to reunite. Although you and your mate, as male and female, have the same number of centers (chakras) within your physical bodies, the emphasis, due to polarities, are different. In this lesson we will look at some of these differences.

The diagram below is not meant to be an exact representation of the human aura. It is, instead, meant to emphasize the basic differences, in the purest sense, between a man and a woman. Remember that what is shown below is the preference for the pure man and the pure woman, and not meant to represent an ideal. In actuality, there are any number of combinations including the exact reversal of the preferences shown. (The vertical order remains the same, only the horizontal order can be exchanged).

Human Aura Differences between Man and WomanIn the chart below we can see how the differences between a man and a woman originates. The white globe at the top represents pure potential in the primordial 2nd dimension, (Christ principle), before its decent into the planes of duality. Notice that it sub-divides into a trinity consisting of red, yellow and indigo globes. This combination represents the male principle. Below this are further sub-divisions representing the female principle. In our current discussion we are focusing on the physical portion of the male trinity (the red globe, Aries), and its component sub-divisions, (brown, burgundy and orange globes as Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn respectively.)

Origins of differences between man and woman

Another way to look at the chart above is to consider the "white globe" as our Sun. The trinity, consisting of the three "Fire Signs," represent the three component principles of the Sun, namely; "outward expansion" represented by "Aries," "inward collapsing" represented by "Sagittarius," and the "static state" represented by "Leo." This leaves the nine remaining "Signs" which represent the nine planets, starting with "Taurus" whose planet is "Mercury," and ending with "Pisces" whose planet is "Pluto." I realize that this is somewhat different than what is currently thought, but please understand that these designations only serve to place each of these "Signs," as vibratory principles, into their proper position in relation to the Sun, and are not dependent upon there being any planets at all. The astrological systems currently in vogue are based upon "magnetic" influences and positions of heavenly bodies upon the earth, and subsequently upon you. The system we are studying is based upon the "vibrational" sub-structure of the Solar System as a macrocosmic pattern found also in human beings as a microcosmic sub-structure, and has nothing to do with magnetic influence or position of the planets.

We learned in the last Excerpt that the physical body can be separated into three components. This can be thought of as actually four separate bodies. The three separate component bodies, and the forth, which is the non-separated, composite body, that functions as a totality. It is this composite body functioning as a totality, that we will look at first.

The composite physical body, as with all of the bodies we will study, can be identified with a color in the spectrum. This color for the composite physical body is usually thought of as being bright red, although it actually extends from infrared, up through the visible range of red.

The Sign of the zodiac with which the composite physical body is identified, is the Sign of "Aries" the Ram. Aries, a "Fire Sign," represents the outward expansion of energy from the Sun, and is the abstract representation of the lower vibratory range of physical form. It also manifests as male sexual energy.

According to "TT" tenets, Aries, as a Fire Sign, is associated with the Sun, and not the Planet Mars, as is held in modern Astrology. Aries is also associated with the shell of vibrating energy that extends out from the Sun, and encompasses the three inner planets, Mercury, Venus, and Earth. As was mentioned before, the system we are presently learning has nothing to do with Astrology, or Astrological influences, so please do not let the differences confuse you. They are two completely different systems, founded upon an entirely different basis. Only the names of the "Signs," and their general characteristics are the same.

Although both males and females have a "composite physical body," there are some differences. The "composite" physical body is considered more as the "male" polarization, in relation to the three "component" bodies, which are considered as the "female" polarization. "Aries" as a center (chakra) is the "Male Sexual Center." The male view point tends to identify more with the composite body than with the separate component bodies comprising it. Emotionally "red" is identified with rage, on one end of the red spectrum, and courage on the other, and is responsible for the saying "seeing red". Red is also the color seen in the aura near the area of an injury. In the art of energy manipulation, red is a principle healing color. (Most domestic animals I have looked at appear to have a permanent red aura).

The three component bodies would have to have been considered by the "Ancients" as the female polarization, as opposed to the composite body, which, as we said above, is considered male. It is important to note that the component body, known as the Sexual Body, (although both males and females have one), is known as the Female Sexual Center, (burgundy). This is because the male sexual center resides in the composite body, (red), rather than in the central component body where the female sexual center resides. As was mentioned in the last Excerpt, this polarization within the sexual centers is the reason we count only "11" chakras instead of "12".
To restate this, a man's sexual center radiates "red energy" directly as "Aries, The Ram, while a woman radiates "burgundy energy" from her sexual center as "Virgo", The Virgin.

The first of the three component bodies comprising the composite physical, is the Physical "Meat" Body. Here we can actually see the physical differences in polarization between male and female. This body, whether it is male or female, is identified with the Earth Sign, "Taurus The Bull," and is related to the "Coccyx Center" at the base of the spine. Its color is associated with the vibratory part of the visible spectrum that is dark red or brown.

Taurus represents the first kingdom, the "Mineral Kingdom," and is related to the vibrating shell of energy encircling the Sun, that extends out to just beyond the vicinity of the planet Mercury, the planet with which it is associated.

The next component body we learn about is the Sexual Body, (or Lower Etheric). Although both males and females have one, it is considered as the Female Sexual Center. It is identified with a spectral color that is burgundy, or a sort of dark grayish or blackish red to dark purplish red or reddish brown. This color in the human aura, indicates feelings of lasciviousness.

The diagram below is a representation of the various colors associated with the human aura. The major difference between a man and a woman is that the "Sexual Center" is "red" in the man, and "burgundy" in the woman.

Color Associations with the Human Aura

The Sign of the zodiac associated with this center is the Earth Sign, "Virgo." It is vibrationally connected with the shell of energy encircling the Sun, that extends out to just beyond the vicinity of the planet Venus, the planet with which this body is aptly associated, and represents the second kingdom, the "Plant or Vegetable Kingdom." It is this body that is used in what is called bilocation, the ability to be in two places at the same time. The practitioner can instantaneously transport his sexual body to any distance. Once there, he can by an effort of will, lower the vibrations of this body so that it may be seen, and even interacted with. This was brought to an art, by a few Yogi Adepts from the far East.

The last physical body we will look at is the "Electric Body," (or "Higher Etheric," sometimes called the "Astral Body".) This too is considered a female polarity, and is associated with the Earth Sign, "Capricorn" The Goat. Its spectral color is orange. An orange color when observed in the human aura denotes different kinds of pride, depending upon the shade. The darker shades indicate hurt pride. The lighter orange indicates pride of ownership or accomplishment. A proud father will exhibit a very bright orange. This is the color of the life force, or vital energy, and, because it is connected to the "Insect Kingdom," has a great deal to do with the nature to organize and socialize. The higher etheric is associated with the vibrating shell of energy encircling the Sun, that extends out to just beyond the vicinity of the planet Earth, the planet with which this body is associated, and represents the third kingdom, the Insect Kingdom. (As a note of interest, because of orange energy and its role as the life-force necessary to produce sentience, this would indicate a presence of physical life-forms exclusively on the third planet from the Sun. This could very well be a part of our Suns "signature" that it sends out to other Solar Systems, encoded in its radiant energy we call light.)

Empathic ability relies upon being able to detach this body, and overlay, or merge it with another's, while the practioner remains awake, for the purpose of healing. The most advanced "empaths" use both the lower etheric body, which remains in the physical body, and the higher etheric which overlays upon another persons lower etheric body. This ability can be learned, and is indispensable for those of us who are involved in the Healing Arts. You can tell if you are empathetically inclined by whether you can feel another's illness.

For example, if you are around someone who has trouble breathing, do you suddenly feel as though you are having trouble breathing. You may have been told that you have a big imagination, or that you are a hypochondriac. The truth is that you are probably a budding empath. This faculty was little known in this time period, and so, tragically, was either discouraged or ignored in children.

This concludes Excerpt 14. Next time we will continue with our study of the Twelve Bodies by looking at the four Mental Bodies.

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