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A Course in Time Travel

Excerpts from "A Handbook for Multidimensional Consciousness"
by Curtis Jackson, D.D., D.M.


Residing within and above the physical, (in terms of vibration) is the "Mental Body", which deals with planing and abstract thinking. Like the Physical Body, it is also made up of three separate bodies, the first of which is the "Lower Mental Body" or "lower mind". This is the beginning of what is called the "Mental Plane". Here we are concerned with the facts and figures of the world. It is a lightning fast computer. Although this body is associated with the Animal-kingdom, it is highly evolved in Man. Idiot Savants and child geniuses exhibit some of the amazing abilities available in a sufficiently developed Lower Mental Body .

Mental Bodies

The next higher body in vibration, is the "Higher Mental Body". This is the mental body that the majority of Mankind is striving to master. Here we are learning how to apply judgment and powers of discrimination. The better Generals throughout world history, had a highly developed Higher Mental Body. This faculty is usually exceptionally developed in Time Travelers, which gives us the ability to understand the many subterfuges so prevalent in politics and business of the time. This was an Age where the Masters of deceit flourished, and the ability to lie and deceive was greatly rewarded with power and wealth. The general population was not able to discriminate, and therefore were fair game to the more crafty predators among them. Unfortunately, some Time Travelers, because of their highly developed powers of discrimination, will become caught up in this process as predators, which would produce internal conflict within their highly developed spiritual and moral bodies.

The highest vibrational Mental Body is the "Intuitive Body". This faculty gives the user the ability to "know" without knowing. In the present time period, advanced Man was beginning to learn to use this Body.


  1.  The Mental Body resides upon the various Mental planes of existence, and is concerned with the mental abilities and qualities of the mind.
  2. It is composed of three separate bodies.
  3. Each body occupies the same physical space, but each vibrates at very different rate of vibration.
  4. Although the three bodies work in tandem to function as the Mental body, they can be separated, and can operate independently.
  5. The lowest, in vibration, is the Lower Mental Body. It is like a calculator. It resides on the lowest mental plane. (The Mental Plane represents divisions and subdivisions of the Mental Body).
  6. The second part of the Mental Body is the Higher Mental Body. It is the central part, that contains a portion of the indwelling "Self", in the form of the Ego.
  7. The last mental body is the Intuitive Body. It has the highest vibration. It bestows the faculty of intuition (or knowing without knowing). Very few people of today had developed this faculty to any degree. Numbering among those who have, are many Psychics, Mystics and, of course, Time Travelers.

Each of the mental bodies, we have just learned about, is related harmonically, to a specific part of the spectrum as a color, and is also related to either the Sun, or a Planet within our Solar system, and a sign of the Zodiac. Although, on the inner planes, the Mental Body appears to reside in simply a higher vibratory level from the physical, it actually has a multidimensional placement that is in the center of our being. As was stated earlier, the mental body is a composite of three mental bodies. It is associated with the Fire Sign "Leo the Lion." Its polarization is male, and represents the "Male Heart Center". Although it extends, in the human body, from above the throat to below the solar plexus, it is accessed through the lower portion of the solar plexus. It is here we find a kind of animal courage or aggression.


The Composite Mental Body is the color yellow, (bright yellow) and in the context of mentality, is associated with pure intellect. It represents the abstract mind. Leo is also associated, as the central vibratory reflection of the Sun, with the shell of vibrating energy that encompasses the three central planets, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. Leo, a Fire sign, represents the central consciousness of the Sun, and houses that indwelling portion of the self known as the "Super Ego".


The Mental Body is made up of three component bodies, the first of which is the "Lower Mental Body". This body is the color of dark yellow (Male, mental) or pink (Female, emotion). It is this pink color that is responsible for the saying "sees through rose colored glasses". This pink vibration causes its practitioner to live in a fairy land of wonderfulness, a hard reality to maintain in today's world. Marilyn Monroe is an example of a pink Gemini. A certain shade of pink is associated with the feelings of puppy dog love. The dark yellow is sometimes connected with the "little professor" aspect of the personality. This is where you find the "know it all".

The Lower Mental Body is associated with the Air Sign, "Gemini the twins". In terms of birds, this air sign it is most akin to the hawk. (Some Gemini's look like birds of prey, with pronounced hawk like features.)

The vibratory shell, for the Lower mental Body, extends out from the Sun to the vicinity of the planet Mars. Physically, it is accessed through the upper half of the Solar Plexus, and represents the upper echelon of the fourth kingdom, the "Animal kingdom". Domestic animals usually have this center well developed. It is here we get feelings of right and wrong. It is also where we get a "gut" feeling about things. It is in this area of the Solar Plexus that we feel the numbing fear that is the opposite of courageousness, and this is the reason the term "yellow" (dark yellow) is associated with cowardliness.

Because of our close connection with the Animal Kingdom, and the wide spread abuse, and killing of animals, all over the world, we are affected through sympathetic vibrations in this body, causing us to have unwarranted feelings of fear in some of the more sensitive of us. This is also the body where the feelings of shame are experienced.


Next is the "Higher Mental Body". This body is composed of all shades of green, the most central point of all of the colors. This is the "Female Heart Center", and is associated with the Air Sign, "Libra the Scales". Libra as an air sign is akin to the owl. Many Male Libra's of this type will actually look like a bit like an owl.

Libra represents the center, or balance point of the spectrum. Its planetary connection is the vibrating shell of energy that extends out from the Sun to the vicinity of the planet Jupiter, the fifth, and most central planet out of the nine, and represents the fifth kingdom, the Human Kingdom. Whereas Virgo housed the personality, and Leo houses the Super Ego, Libra houses the Ego. It is rigidly centered in its green habitat. On the negative side is where all manner of selfishness originates. In addition, it is the home of procrastination, and is responsible for the saying, "can't get off of the dime". It is also responsible for the saying, "green with envy".

The darker the shade of green the more intensely selfish. As we move through the darker shades, we find such old favorites as greed and vanity, not to mention avarice. It is no accident that our paper money is green. The lighter the shade, the more philanthropic, and in the central shades we find tranquility. There is a certain emotional openness in the lighter shades of green, within the Female Heart Center, that prompts the saying "wears her heart on her sleeve". (in the extremely light shades we find superficiality and frivolousness) Since this is the balance point, it gives the Human Being an extra view point over the animal kingdom. The animal has only four view points, which results in emotionally based decisions. "This or that", "black or white". The Human Kingdom, has five view points. It is this extra view point that allows a detached reference point that gives the ability to discriminate, or discern. This results in intellectually based decisions, and is one of the primary differences between animal and human behavior.

One of the problems with this body, for the inept, is the inability to make a decision. Because of the capability of seeing all sides of a decision as being equal, it becomes difficult to make any decisions at all. This type of person does not like to argue because they can understand and sympathize with both sides equally. Certain types of mental illness derives from the negative aspects of this body, in the form of procrastination, in combination with fear found in the upper solar plexus, usually experienced as a gone feeling. Agoraphobia (fear of open spaces) and other kinds of phobias in this category can produce a paralysis of fear. Color therapy and energy manipulation can greatly diminish, if not completely cure, these types of phobias.
In men, the sign of Libra makes for excellent Generals, as an example, General Eisenhower. Women of this sign, would most likely make excellent Generals as well, but perhaps time will tell. lol


The last Mental Body is the "Intuitional Body". This body has as its vibrational color base, all shades of blue, and is accessed through the throat center. It is associated with the Air Sign Aquarius, the Water Bearer. Many people think that it is a water sign because of this, but it is actually the highest vibrational Air Sign. It is here the saying "feeling blue" comes from. The darker the shades of blue, the more serious the mood. This can produce feelings of melancholia. The lighter the shades of blue, feelings of spiritual devotion can be experienced. The highest shades of blue denote the highest feelings of altruism, inspiration, and selflessness. This can be a problem for the practitioner, because they can easily be victimized, and taken advantage of.

The planetary connection, for the Intuitional Body is the vibrating shell of energy that extends out from the Sun to the vicinity of the planet Saturn, and represents the sixth kingdom, the "Super Human Kingdom:. This, being an air sign, is most like the eagle.

Aloofness, or cold loftiness can be a problem for this body. Feelings of sympathy emanating from the Intuitional body, at the throat center, is responsible for the saying that one is "choked up". Also, fear emanating from the upper solar plexus can sometimes cause this center to shut down, which is why we may have difficulty speaking when we are scared. Although intuition is this body's strong point, this by itself can be dangerous. It is the cause for the saying "fools rush in where Angels fear to tread".

The lightest blue type of Aquarian can also vie with the pink Gemini for the title of "air head". The lighter shades produce a feeling, in those around them, of trust worthiness and good-naturedness.

The addition of intuition to the Human Being, gives him six separate view points. This distinction is the difference between the Human Being, and the "Super Human Being" that is coming into being in this time period. A difference as great as that between the human and the domesticated animal.

This concludes Excerpt 15. Next time we will look at the four emotional/spiritual bodies.

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