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A Course in Time Travel

Excerpts from "A Handbook for Multidimensional Consciousness"
by Curtis Jackson, D.D., D.M.


The Spiritual Body resides within the same space and above the Mental Plane, (in terms of vibration). It is also a composite body, in that it is made up of three separate bodies. This body represents Male Emotions, and Female Spirituality, which is extremely interesting, in that this body vibrates in resonance with the color indigo. Indigo, when viewed clairvoyantly looks almost black, and for all practical purposes, is a virtual void. What this means is, that fundamentally, men exist in an emotional void, and women exist in a spiritual void.

Before you react to what was just stated, let it be known that this is a good thing, and will be quickly explained, as such. As you progress in this Course, you will begin to understand that true emotions and spirituality are born out of the blackness of the void. Since the blackness of the void is much too severe for us as Human Beings to tolerate, indigo is natures way of imitating the void, without actually having to use it. The result to us is the same. The dark indigo spiritual body by itself, is a terrible experience for us. It is so dark that we can experience nothing, except that we do not want to be there. It is necessary for us to experience nothingness, in order to cause us to let go completely. This is a major, and absolutely necessary, developmental component at the highest level of Human evolution.

The Spiritual body is comprised of three component bodies, the first of which is the Volitional Body. This is a center of will-power and focus. Some of the greatest leaders throughout history had developed this faculty. In the Male polarization, it is the "Eye of the Tiger", sought by the combatant. It is used to pierce the veil of mystery sought after by mystics. However, it is sometimes a veil of tears for women.

Emotional and Spiritual Bodies

At certain levels of vibration, the volitional body, (emotionally) can be a place of deep suicidal depression, for the uninitiated. If you can see colors around people (Auras), this depressed condition appears like a dark purple band around the eyes, giving the bizarre feeling that you are looking at a masked bandit, or a raccoon. This condition can be quickly alleviated by color therapy, and energy manipulation.

Here is something you can try if you feel depressed. Meditate upon or gaze at a bright orange object or light, (not too bright or too long if it is a light source.) This will lighten up your aura and provide a measure of immediate relief.

Remember that men can be susceptible to the emotional effects of the Volitional Body, just as much as women can use it for focus and will power to become top athletes. The Volitional Body is currently, very underdeveloped in most of the world population.

The next higher vibrational vehicle is the Spiritual Cognitive Body. It is the place that spiritual knowledge is known. It conveys to the user great wisdom and clairvoyant powers. It is the central part, or heart of the Spiritual Body, and contains a portion of the indwelling "Self", in the form of the discrete Super Ego. (An extension of the Soul). Our greatest profits and spiritual teachers had access to this faculty. Emotionally, this body expresses spiritual power. Taken to extremes, can produce megalomania, or what is know as a God complex.

The highest vibrational Spiritual Body, and the last in line, is the Guardian or Prudent Body. This body interfaces with the spiritual, or Fourth Dimensional "outside", just the way our physical outer shell interfaces with the Third Dimensional "outside". It filters out unnecessary or unwanted spiritual influences.

It also is a regulatory body, in that it moderates the amount of spiritual energy flowing into the lower vibrational vehicles, which regulates the amount of inspiration a person may have. If you are uninspired, this body may be asleep or perhaps has become damaged through psychic attack or drug abuse.

It can be awakened by direct energy manipulation. Sometimes this body, for some reason, (many times drug related) goes into overwhelm, and begins to produce an inordinate amount of fear. This in turn, shuts down the spiritual flow through the system. In severe cases, this can result in a form of severe paranoia, agoraphobia, or even violent behavior. This is especially true of long term cocaine, or heroin users, and short term crystalline methamphetamine, (crystal meth), users. Sometimes, a single trip on lysergic acid, will cause this body to go into permanent shut down.


  1.  The "Spiritual Body" is made up of three separate bodies.
  2. Each body occupies the same physical space, but each vibrates at very different rate of vibration.
  3. Although the three bodies work in tandem to function as the "Spiritual Body", they can be separated, and can operate independently.
  4. The first and lowest vibrational vehicle is the Volitional body. It functions as a lens for focus and will power, but can have a negative emotional influence.
  5. The next less dense body is the Spiritual cognitive body, that contains a portion of the indwelling "Self", in the form of the (Discrete Super Ego which is an expression of the Soul). It gives access to universal knowledge.
  6. The last of the three bodies is the least dense, and the highest in vibration. It is the Prudent Body. It spiritually protects the lower bodies, and also controls the flow of spiritual energy.

Each of the spiritual bodies, we have just learned about, is related to a specific part of the spectrum as a color, and is also related to either the Sun, or a planet within our Solar system, and a sign of the Zodiac. As was stated earlier, the spiritual body is a composite of three spiritual bodies. It is associated with the Fire Sign Sagittarius, the Archer. Its polarization is Female.

At this point, a distinction needs to be made as to the actual male, female relationship between the three Fire Signs, Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. All, three fire signs, are male in relation to their component signs, however, among the Fire Signs, Aries has a polarization that is male in relation to Sagittarius, which is female. They are in every way, equal and opposite. However, Sagittarius is still male in relation to its component signs, Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. Leo is a composite of, and the center of, the combination of Aries and Sagittarius. In other words, Aries, which is positive, represents the Father as a polarized male. Sagittarius, which is negative, represents the Mother as a polarized female. (Polarized, in these cases, means they are each one half of a composite whole). Leo, on the other hand, is a Universal Positive, in that although it is male, it is formed from the balance of both male and female, born out of Aries and Sagittarius, which becomes the center as the Universal Child, or Son... (Sun), or Daughter... (Planetary system). Aries represents the third dimension in its every aspect. Sagittarius represents the fourth dimension, and Leo represents the Fifth dimension.

Sagittarius is the Male Spiritual Center, and the Female Emotional Center. Although it extends, in the human body from the top of the throat to the top of the head, it is identified with the mouth center. Its color is indigo, a very dark purple. It represents abstract emotionality for men, and objective emotionality for women. Sagittarius, a Fire sign, represents the Sun at night, or the returning energy of Aries. It is the force that holds all of the planets in their orbits.

Sagittarian's have tremendous magnetic powers, that are many times not noticed by those around them. They are catalysts, that cause people and things to come together. Sagittarius's planetary connection is the vibrating shell of energy that encompasses Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. Sagittarius reflects the dual function of the mouth, in that it produces great orators, and singers, as well as great gourmets. For those of you that can see Auras, look for indigo around the mouth, especially those with Sagittarius rising. People who run indigo energy through their hands, have what looks like dirty hands to the clairvoyant. This is not a negative, but strange when you first notice it. They, along with people who run orange energy, can be very hard on machinery, especially cars.

The Spiritual / Emotional Body is made up of three component bodies, the first of which is the Volitional body, a center of creative, will, and emotional power, and is located at the Between the Eyes Center, and is also called the Third Eye. This center is associated with the Pineal Gland. The pineal gland is a small organ attached by a stalk to the posterior wall of the third ventricle of the brain. This is towards the back and above the cerebellum. It is called the pineal gland because it is shaped like a small pine cone.

The Volitional body has the spectral vibration of the color purple. It is associated with the Water Sign, Cancer the Crab. Its planetary connection is the vibrating shell of energy in the vicinity of Uranus.

The next Spiritual Center is the Spiritual Cognitive Body. It is located at the Crown Center, (or the Thousand Petaled Lotus). It is associated with the Water Sign Scorpio. Its planetary connection is the vibrating shell of energy that extends out from the Sun to the vicinity of Neptune. Its color is violet. It is also associated with the billions of cells that comprise physical brain, which in this connection, is a facsimile of our Galaxy, the Milky Way, with its billions of stars. Scorpio is associated with the eyes. You may have heard the expression, "Scorpio eyes." It is very distinctive and once you have identified it, will be able to spot them easily.

The Crown Center may seem like an unlikely place for Scorpio, which is usually associated with the sexual center. However, Scorpio has gotten a bad rap. It is the only triple sign in the Zodiac. Traditionally the Eagle, the Snake, and the Scorpion. In the system we are learning, Scorpio also has three centers. First is its own center, the Crown Center, this is the well spring of great emotional and spiritual power. which is the Male spiritual center. Next is the Female Heart Center, under Libra, a place of great intellectual capacity, and thirdly, is the Female Sexual Center, under Virgo, sometimes called the "Little King", in men. It becomes apparent that Scorpio is very involved with Christ Consciousness, in that these centers represent three out of four of the manifestations of Christ. Only Leo is missing.

It is unfortunate that many Scorpio's are fascinated with the least virtuous part of their nature.

The last center is the Prudent Body. It is associated with the Water Sign Pisces. Its color is ultra violet or grey. Ultra violet is the highest spiritual vibratory color within a human being. Grey is the spiritual color of fear. This aspect of fear is very interesting in Pisces. This is not the usual animal fear we are most familiar with, that emerges from the solar plexus, it is, instead, the kind of fear we call dread, or mortal fear, or the sometimes paralyzing fear of the unknown. Fear is the regulatory device that the Prudent Body uses to control all of the rest of the bodies. In this sense, the Prudent Body is a combination of all of the rest of the bodies. Although this is a place from which great wisdom and diplomacy is born. It can be said that this body is the "Jack of all trades", but master of none.

The center for Prudent Body is at the very top and center of the head, and is, (oddly enough), called the Top of the Head Center. Its' planetary connection is the vibrating shell of energy in the vicinity of the planet Pluto. This center is usually associated with the pituitary gland.



A good way to start this review, is to look at what we have covered, from the other way around. First have the solar system, which when viewed from a distance could be considered a ball of expanding white light. This stage in consciousness is the present goal of Humanity.

If we separate white light into its three primary components, we find a combination of infrared, yellow, and indigo. Infrared, (red) under the sun sign Aries, is further broken down into the three earth signs, Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. Their colors, respectively, are brown, burgundy, and orange. Primrose yellow, under the sun sign Leo, can be separated into the three air signs, Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius. Their colors, respectively, are dark yellow (sometimes pink), all shades of green, and all shades of blue. Indigo, under the sun sign Sagittarius, can be divided into the three water signs, Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. Their colors, in turn, are purple, violet, and ultra violet (grey).

Notice that this is a linear system. What is meant by this is, the signs line up according to the spectrum, in a linear fashion starting with the lowest vibrational earth sign, and winding up with the highest vibrational water sign. We begin with the lowest vibrational fire sign, Aries (red), which rules the lower male torso, and corresponds to the energy (Kundalini) found at the male sexual center.

The next step is the break down of Aries into its three components, the first of which is Taurus, (brown) found at the anal center. Next is Virgo, (burgundy) found at the female sexual center. The third and last component of Aries is Capricorn, (orange) found at the splenic center, a point between the sexual center and the navel. Next is Leo, (bright yellow) located at the solar plexus. (abstractly, Leo is also considered the male heart, and rules the middle section of the male torso. Specifically Leo is found through the lower portion of the solar plexus.) Leo when separated into its three components, produces Gemini, (dark yellow or pink. These are known as the twins.) which occupies the upper portion of the solar plexus.

Next is libra (all shades of green) at the heart center. (Libra is also considered the female heart) And thirdly, is Aquarius, (all shades of blue) located at the throat center. After Aquarius, we find Sagittarius (indigo, a very dark blue purple) at the mouth center. Broken down into its three components, we first find the Water Sign Cancer, (purple) located at the spot between the eyebrows. Next we find Scorpio (violet) located at the crown center. Last in line, is Pisces, an ultra violet, which looks like a light lilac or grey. Clairvoyantly, grey is usually identified as the color of fear. Pisces is located at the top of the head, and is the only sign to have direct access to this center.

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