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A Course in Time Travel

Excerpts from "A Handbook for Multidimensional Consciousness"
by Curtis Jackson, D.D., D.M.


What is the difference between God, Christ, Cosmic, Buddhic and Krishnic consciousness?

Cosmic Consciousness, what is it and how is it different from other consciousness? It has been stated that Christ consciousness is all inclusive. Everything we know about our universe could be said to be contained within the Christ Principle. So where does Cosmic consciousness reside? It resides OUTSIDE of Christ consciousness as a polar opposite.
This may sound strange or even impossible when you first read it, but never the less, it is true. Perhaps if we take a moment to compare Cosmic and Christ consciousness in relation to God consciousness, we can clear up any confusion.

Essentially, we are studying something called God consciousness and its constituent parts. If we subdivide God consciousness into its most basic parts, we find two components called Christ consciousness, and Cosmic consciousness. These two components are diametrically opposed. By this I mean they are EXACTLY EQUAL AND OPPOSITE. Christ consciousness, as a principle, occupies everything that is INDERNAL to God consciousness, and its method of motion is one of OUTWARD EXPANSION, while Cosmic consciousness, as a principle, occupies everything that is external to Christ consciousness, and its method of motion is one of INWARD EXPANSION, (OR CONTRACTION). We will get into more detail as we progress. For now, understand that there is a trinity composed of God consciousness and its two principle components. We can recognize from the Christian idea of the trinity, the "Father" principle of the trinity as God consciousness. We can also recognize the "Son" principle of the trinity as Christ consciousness. This leaves Cosmic consciousness as the "Holy Ghost" principle.

On a more personal level, we can see the Christ principle existing as what one considers as oneself or personality, or the insouling something that differentiates each of us from all others.
Conversely, we can see the principle of Cosmic consciousness existing as all that is not considered the self. It is the cohesive something that exists beyond the individual, as a principle of collectivity that holds everything together.
We learned in the last Excerpt that the primordial positive pole is also the primordial Christ. We also learned that this same place is called Nirvana by some and Highest Heaven by others. That these seemingly different places are, in fact, the SAME place is an astoundingly important piece of information and one (that I am prone to believe) most metaphysical researchers have missed.

I personally believe that Christ consciousness is but an interim step to God consciousness, and to attempt to make it otherwise, as an end in itself, no matter how tempting or expedient this may seem, is to deform the children of God. It is with this in mind that the TT tenets will endeavor to sort out the more confusing aspects of consciousness, in the hope that future researchers may build upon it.

Remember that there are two major paths. One is the Angelic path with Heaven and existence within the Christ as the goal. The other is the God path with a continuing participation in creation, and never ending unfoldment of God consciousness as the goal. Of the two, Heaven is obviously a much easier closed ended goal, through the regimented Angelic hierarchy, and is relatively easily attained. God consciousness, on the other hand, is open ended. A never ending accumulation of knowledge, power and space, and in addition to this, ALL that the Christ principle confers, as well! God consciousness being all inclusive includes all that the Christ is without being confined by it. As we recall, the Christ principle is all that is internal in God consciousness, and can be thought of as the personality, or (quality) of God, or, if you will, the "heart" of God. Cosmic consciousness, in contradistinction, is all that is external, (quantity). God consciousness contains, (but is not limited to) these two components, all that is internal and all that is external as well.

It is good to remember that the basic difference between God consciousness and Christ consciousness is one of placement and perspective. While God consciousness contains, in perfect balance, both Christ and Cosmic consciousness, in God consciousness the Christ is the internalized sum and quality of the Self, whereas in Christ consciousness God exists as an externalized parent.

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