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A Course in Time Travel

Excerpts from "A Handbook for Multidimensional Consciousness"
by Curtis Jackson, D.D., D.M.


We saw in the last two Excerpts that vibration acting upon what is called the "Ether" or Einstein's "fabric of space", causes a polarization, which is a condition of opposites. One pole is pure energy without vibration or motion. The other pole is pure energy (the same energy) in a state of maximum vibration or motion. Because the negative pole (void) appears to be first in order, it is called the First dimension. According to "TT" text, this is called the "Prime Reality" or "First Reality". The other pole because of its relationship to the First pole becomes a second place or dimension which is contained by the first. Because of this duality we call it the Second dimension, or "Second Reality".

Please note that the Second dimension is CONTAINED by the First dimension. This means that the Primordial 2nd dimension as a polar opposite is contained in the center or inside of (be it infinite or finite) the Primordial 1st dimension.

If you will examine this place with me you will see that the primordial 2d is a place of endless white light without any distinguishing features. Although we have identified it as the primordial Christ, it is static and without the expected feelings of love that one associates with Christ consciousness. This is because it is completely self contained, and exists in a pure state of "Self" without any concept of something outside of itself. The lack of reflected replicated selves removes the characteristic magnetic attraction and interaction that would normally identify this as a place or property of what is loosely termed the Christ.

The 2d, upon closer examination, is everything we identify as Nirvana (Seventh Heaven) and the apex of Buddhic consciousness. While this may seem strange and paradoxical at first, it is completely understandable given the fact that ALL facets of consciousness and created form are derived from the same primordial substance. The myriad differences that arrive from this cosmic womb are all simply unique combinations of the original. Knowing this takes much of the mystery out of the equation, but after all this is what we are attempting to accomplish isn't it? (Remember that the Primordial white light state "exists" in our "now" and in our "space", and is accessible within our being at any time via the correct combination of viewpoints.)

The above brings up an interesting point. If the Primordial 2d as a place or state of being, is the primordial Christ, then how could it also be Nirvana or Buddhic consciousness? Does this mean that they are the same?

They are in a sense the same, but in a larger and fundamentally more important sense, they are completely different. It is this difference that we need to examine. Stated as simply as possible, Christ consciousness exhibits a condition of permanence when achieved as a result of the ACCUMULATION and CENTRALIZATION of consciousness within an evolving human being, while at the same time, achieving an inherent state of detachment from the separate constituent parts and levels of this consciousness. In other words, Christ consciousness is a completeness beyond the accumulated parts, but is always experienced from an enclosed position as the internal self. Given the above definition, even the personality could be considered a (albeit greatly removed) part of Christ consciousness.

When we contrast the above with Buddhic consciousness, we find we are dealing with the same place and the same nature of consciousness, but from the OUTSIDE. Furthermore and most importantly, Buddhic consciousness is achieved through detachment but not accumulation of the separate constituent parts and levels of consciousness. This means that while Christ consciousness is total and complete as regards the various levels and kinds of consciousness that comprise it, Buddhic consciousness can be defined as a sort of stair-step climbing on top of each component part or level through a process of acquisition and subsequent rejection, and then only in an upward or higher direction in vibration. It is this upward motion that distinguishes it from all other forms of consciousness. This has prompted the argument that the goal of Buddhism seems to be annihilation rather than enlightenment. This is understandable considering the traditional Buddhists goal of total rejection of the 3d through successively lesser incarnations (finally to the level of an insect. Because of a natural repugnance to this idea by western metaphysical students, it is not widely accepted in the west), until the need to reincarnate is completely transcended.
In the mechanics of Buddhic consciousness, a point is reach where there is a sudden realization of white light or "enlightenment". According to TT text, this is called "inadvertent" white light. (See diagram)

Wheel of Consciousness

Inadvertent because of the upward motion through the structure of consciousness (a result of consecutive detachment) within a human being and as a consequence of being subjected to a state of simulated nonexistence so devastating that it forces a simultaneous and inadvertently cohesive realization of the separate constituent parts and levels of consciousness, which results in a temporary experiencing of a state of white light, and greatly expanded state of consciousness called "enlightenment". What this means is by detaching from each successively higher vibration, a place is reach where we run out of vibrational environment. It is here we hit the "void", called the "waveless state". Because total detachment always results in a sudden realization of white light, there is a resultant white light state that comes into realization at this time. This achievement is TEMPORARY because of the upward motion that has been brought into being by the very methods used to achieve it. It is this temporariness and non-centralized consciousness (bliss rather than love) that is characteristic of the "enlightenment" stage of Buddhic consciousness. It is here, in enlightenment, that we begin our descent into denser and lower vibratory levels of consciousness, who are called "Buddhas of Compassion", because they forego this exulted state of being in order to help those of us who are "less fortunate". Although a nice sentiment, according to "TT" doctrines this is simply the other side of the "wheel", and the beginning of what is called "Krishnic consciousness". In other words, the practitioner has no choice at this point but to descend. Built into the illusion is the belief of wanting to descend in order to help those less fortunate.

This concludes this Excerpt. In the next Excerpt we will examine Krishnic consciousness.

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