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A Course in Time Travel

Excerpts from "A Handbook for Multidimensional Consciousness"
by Curtis Jackson, D.D., D.M.


Krishnic consciousness was so named after its chief practitioner Lord Krishna best know to us from the Bhagavad-Gita. This part of consciousness represents the return from white light (in the never ending circle) to the material planes or 3d.

Technically, Krishnic consciousness is said to be representative of "Vishnu the preserver" which represents both birth and death. Originally Vishnu represented the complete wheel of life and death which would include Buddhic consciousness as one half of the wheel. When I refer to Krishnic consciousness, however, I am referring only to the descending masculine side of the wheel. (The Buddhist's refer to this consciousness as "Buddhas of Compassion".)

The major distinguishing characteristic of Krishnic consciousness is that of a continual selfless giving regardless of consequence. (The practitioner finds himself descending from an exalted level of consciousness to lower levels of consciousness to help those less fortunate then himself. Unfortunately, there is an inadvertent reduction of vibration resulting in the practitioner arriving with the same level of consciousness as those he would help. (We humorously call this the "Law of Punishment for the Good Samaritan").

We can identify Krishnic consciousness (by TT definitions, as a coming from the light, and moving towards lower vibrations (physical planes) through a systematic reduction in vibration. This identifies it as belonging to the Aries principle, (the universal male principle.) We know that Aries is the outward expansion of consciousness from the light (or Sun) to the void. This includes all outward motion.

Krishnic consciousness is identified with the number 9, and as a power structure. This is in contradistinction to Buddhic consciousness which is identified with the number 7. To understand why these numbers are significant, we need to see that in Buddhic consciousness we can only reach the 7th dimension, and then only temporarily. It is almost impossible for one to follow the process in consciousness while going from Buddhic consciousness to Krishnic consciousness. I believe this is why there is so much confusion about it in these two religions.

Basically, what happens is when one reaches enlightenment, they automatically inherit the 8th and 9th dimensional structures as well, as part of the 10d. This is not seen by the practitioner because of a certain degree of "snow blindness" due to the sudden and persistent advent of white light. While experiencing all of this, and its attendent levels of ecstasy, there is little thought of investigation. The turn around point then becomes the 9th dimension which is a power structure, and is naturally positioned to radiate downward in vibration into the physical planes.

In God consciousness the 9d is used to radiate power into the 3rd dimension, but without the degeneration of consciousness found in Krishnic consciousness. The power is radiated from a permanent and fixed position. This would be so for Krishnic consciousness as well, but unfortunately, whether we call the practitioner Krishnic or Buddhic (Buddhas of compassion), the result is the same. Because of the flywheel effect of forward motion there is a turning around, for the insouling consciousness, from going into ever higher levels of vibration to going into ever lower levels of vibration, hence the "wheel". This is one of the greatest mysteries of this time period. The reason advanced seers and clairvoyants could not understand the true meaning of this phenomenon is because of overwhelming feelings of compassion, and an irresistible desire to return to help those less fortunate souls. This was understood as "darmha" in Hinduism, the need to do ones duty regardless of personal feelings. The difficulty was in understanding exactly what the duty should be, and understanding exactly how far one had to go before violating the universal laws of balance? The Buddhists describe "Buddhas of compassion" as "Great Souls" who could have gone on to a permanent state of bliss, but forego this in order to help humanity. I tell you that this is absolutely not the case. They cannot continue on. No one ever has, and no one ever will. At least not by the methods used.

This attitude should sound familiar as the "path of the Saints", who were always martyred. We see examples of this, in our everyday life, in the "do gooder", who will help you even if it kills you. Helping one another is a wonderful thing and should be encouraged at every turn, but doing so out of an out of balanced positive position drives the reality negative. Jesus, right up until his time of "doubt and pain" upon the cross, was exhibiting an out of balance condition we call the "Messiah Complex". We know from previous studies of the Excerpts that when one pushes out into the 3d without an equal and opposite relaxation into the 4d, the results are usually negative because of the inadvertant creation of an out of balance positive force.

To better understand the role each type of consciousness plays in our reality, think of all consciousness as being part of the universal 3d. The 3d forms a trinity. In any trinity are three distinct positions;

These positions are summed up below:

  1. There is basic form or outer shells that function as vehicles, which we see as the physical body in the physical trinity.
  2. The indwelling consciousness, which we consider as ourselves, and which we see as the personality in the physical trinity.
  3. And last is the power structure, which we see as the ability to accomplish and have motion in the physical trinity.

In terms of consciousness, we can identify number one above with Buddhic consciousness. We can identify number two above with Christ consciousness, and number three with Krishnic consciousness.

Krishnic consciousness as a polarization in relation to its twin sister, "Buddhic consciousness", is male. If you will recall, there are three major principles in creation regarding vibration and motion. We have labeled these; outward motion or the Aries Principle, (Krishnic consciousness), inward motion or the Sagittarius Principle, (Buddhic consciousness) and stationary centralization or the Leo Principle, (Christ consciousness). Because of the continuous cycle or wheel effect, Buddhic and Krishnic consciousness are forever consigned to exchange with one another.

In summary, we need to make a basic distinction within the Aries Principle. We have seen that there is outward motion of energy into lesser levels of vibration until a vibrationless state is reached, and also that there is an outward motion from the source that maintains its levels of vibration as white light. As regards Krishnic consciousness, we see that it falls into the first category. The second category, as an extension of continuous radiance and power, is part of what I call God consciousness. Excape from the Buddhic Krishnic wheel is achieved by coming into a centered position upon the wheel which incorporates both directions and consciousness. This centering is called Christ consciousness whose fundamental motion is one of expansion rather than movement via vibration.

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