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A Course in Time Travel

Excerpts from "A Handbook for Multidimensional Consciousness"
by Curtis Jackson, D.D., D.M.


As has been stated previously in the "A Course in Time Travel", our goal is the never ending pursuit of God consciousness. It is never ending because there is no end to the possibilities and levels of "Being" that can be experienced. Mystics who have experienced some little of what is available have all been at a loss to even begin to express what happened to them. These "little touches" are so far beyond our everyday mundane experience that it is impossible to communicate in words, and indeed in anything less than the experience itself. We are reduced to terms like ineffable and consummate when trying to verbalize what we have experienced, or what we believe these mystics to have experienced. It would be like trying to tell a blind person what the starry night looked like, or trying to communicate to a child the delights of adulthood. As we have said, God consciousness is a perfectly balanced array of all other consciousness and viewpoints. This basic combined viewpoint once achieved can be enhanced as to quality (intensity of Christ consciousness), ability and understanding. This means that one can attain "God consciousness" and appear very flat and uninteresting in the beginning levels.


In our final examination of consciousness in this series on the various kinds of consciousness, we will take a look at why God consciousness is superior to any other kind of consciousness, and summarize its distinguishing features.

As we have seen in the last few Excerpts, there are four major components of God consciousness, namely; Christ, Cosmic, Krishnic and Buddhic. We have seen how each is an integral part of God consciousness, and how each differed from the other. Although we have seen many indications of what God consciousness is, in this Excerpt we will gather together those qualities and definitions into one place for purposes of reference and further understanding.

In God consciousness, we see an interplay of all of these consciousness as being inseparable. This interplay and fusion of consciousness into a single entity that gestalts far beyond its individual components, is probably the most distinguishing feature of God consciousness. We have previously defined God consciousness as having the universal qualities of:

Omniscience, defined as:
Having total knowledge; knowing everything. --om·nis·cient n.
One having total knowledge.

Omnipresence, defined as:
Present everywhere simultaneously.

Omnipotence, defined as:
Having unlimited or universal power, authority, or force; all-powerful. --om·nip·o·tent n.
One having unlimited power or authority. .

However, for the individual, the above qualities exist as potential that can never fully be reached. The reason for this is in the definition of the unlimited potential for us as individual beings in our pursuit of God consciousness.

In simpler terms, one of the most wonderful things about coming into God consciousness is the fact that we are finite beings expanding into unlimited potential. It seems then, that we, as finite beings, need a more specific set of definitions then has previously been given.


 (As pertains to Human Beings) 

  1. Un-attainable
  2. As having unlimited levels of realization.
  3. At the same time expanding and contracting, rather than simply expanding as in Christ consciousness, or contracting as in Cosmic consciousness.
  4. As being an on going process rather than something one attains all at once.

 This means that no two persons who attain God consciousness will probably be at the exact same level of understanding and mastery at the same time.. (Encouraged differences and variety in consciousness continues to be a central theme, even in God consciousness). It also means that probably no two persons will process God consciousness at the same rates of realization. (There is an upper limit as to the absolute rate of realization, which is termed "instantaneous". In an unlimited and infinite medium, expansion/contraction from a single point, such as occurs with in the consciousness of an individual, "instantaneous" becomes finite and measurable. If my understanding is correct, this state of instantaneousness is a natural part of the 13d. (As a convenient measure, I have referred to this as expanding (out/in) at the "speed of light", however, this in no way is meant to limit the definition of unlimited.)

How can a person come into the process of being "God conscious" and still function in the "real world"? As we approach the Thirteenth dimension, which I have glimpsed and believe to be a most perfect state of existence, anything less than God consciousness would prohibit one from existing in this long sought after "Heaven on Earth". They seem to go hand in hand. I have stressed in "observing the paradoxes" to maximize your 3d experience by being all that you can be from moment to moment, while at the same time staying detached from the results. Considering this, coming into a state of God consciousness should greatly enhance your 3d experience, rather than cascading it into an untenable situation. In fact, if you believe yourself to have attained levels of God consciousness, and are experiencing dark realities and reactions to your efforts, then obviously you have deluded yourself into believing something that is not true by definition.

Remember that your TTO has its own agenda. High on its list of priorities is manifesting through you in a state of God consciousness, and that of achieving the 13d.

This concludes our series on the various types of Consciousness. It was in no way meant to be exhaustive, but rather as a reference and guideline for the lay person interested in pursuing multidimensional consciousness. In the next Excerpt we will begin a series of meditation techniques called the "Fifth Dimensional Meditations", or simply the "5d meds.", which signal the half way point in our studies. To this point we have examined some ideas and theories about consciousness and discussed the reasons why I believe they are true. Now we will begin a series of practical techniques developed for achieving what we have studied and discussed thus far.

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