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A Course in Time Travel

Excerpts from "A Handbook for Multidimensional Consciousness"
by Curtis Jackson, D.D., D.M.


Our physical perceptions are confined to our five senses. Some of us have developed a sixth sense which we call intuition. Our sense of sight allows us to see into the third dimension. Our sense of hearing, smell, feeling and taste, all allow us to better perceive different vibratory levels of the third dimension. Notice that none of these senses give us access to any place other than the 3d. As we develop our sense of intuition, we begin to sense there may be other possible dimensions, other than just the third dimension, in which we seem to live.

Because all of our senses are outward facing we are greatly aware of the outside, which is the 3d panorama so evident all about us. Gradually as we mature spiritually, we become aware of an inner consciousness that is somehow observing life through us. We become curious about this "inner consciousness", hence the questions: who am I? Where do I come from? Where am I going? Why is all of this happening? How is it possible for all of this to happen? Did I exist before? What happens when I die? Where was I before? Who or what was I? Is there a creator? Am I that? How can I know more? Do more?? Be more???

These are a few of the questions that have plagued mankind from the beginning of our existence. We have studied and explored and prayed and meditated until there is nothing left to study, explore, pray and meditate about. We have enumerated, postulated and theorized until there is nothing left to enumerate, postulate and theorize about, and yet nothing ever really changes for us spiritually. We have seeming change as we progress through each Age, but this is like praying for warmer temperatures when it is cold in the winter, and thinking that our prayers were answered when spring and summer comes.

We have seen that the 3d, from our viewpoint, is outward facing, and that the 4d is a mirror image universe of the 3d that, as a viewpoint, is inward facing. We also find we cannot, as a unified viewpoint, easily observe both universes at the same time. The meditations that follow are designed to solve this monumental problem. It has been stated in this "Course" that the fifth dimension is composed of the third and fourth dimensions combined. We will now learn how to, through meditation techniques, develop a viewpoint that is truly 5d. We have already looked at a few of these techniques in earlier Excerpts, as a prelude to this section.

There are several steps involved. We will go slowly through them, and spend as much time as is necessary to master each of them.

 I believe we can assume that you are still stuck in the 3d. You may think you are not. This is part of the power of 3d illusion. Before we can take the first step, on the road to 5d mastery, we need to be willing to let go, on some level, of all that we are and all that we know. Because this is not a simple task to contemplate intellectually, we will do it in a form of meditation. Assume with me for the moment that you are stuck in the 3d. Even though you have material wealth, and you are the great so and so of the world, and you know all and can fly around the room at will and many fall down on their knees in your presence, let me say that you have to let go of all of this in order to go on. I appeal to that part of you that knows you are in a cul-de-sac of ego. Your ego will fight very hard to convince you that what is being said here is all nonsense and a waste of time. You cannot really blame it for not wanting to be dethroned. Our ego can be like a wanton child. It cares not about adult concerns, and wants only what it thinks it wants at the moment. It is, however, necessary in the continuum of existence of each individual, to evolve to a point where the ego is willing to forego some of its immediate pleasures in favor of a continuing spiritual development.

First - It is important to realize there is the possibility of experiencing MUCH more than what you are experiencing now.
Next - is the understanding and utilization of the tools that are being provided to you in order to realize these possibilities.
Next - is the desire to give these suggestions a valid try.
Last - is actually doing what is suggested, on a consistent daily basis, with as little resistance as possible, in the belief that necessary and positive changes are truly taking place in your internal world, and consequently, are inevitably changing your external world as well.

Once you are able to observe these suggestions you are ready for the first step. There is an overwhelming tendency for us to fall back to sleep, dreaming that we are accomplishing all that we wish to accomplish, in terms of expanding our consciousness. Without a terrific desire to awaken, it will be next to impossible for you to do so. Others of us are simply too busy answering the demands of daily 3d life to incorporate these techniques on a daily basis. It is always easier to fall back into old patterns that work for us, rather than take the time and concentration it takes to incorporate new patterns, even though the new patterns might point to eventual enlightenment and liberation.

What we will accomplish in the first step is as follows; A shift from the third dimensional view point to the fifth dimensional view point. This means going from the familiar forward progression of time and events, to a combination of INWARD AND OUTWARD at the same time.


A very important point to be aware of is, acquiring the Fifth Dimension also means EXPANDING IN SIZE in terms of our internal viewpoint and consciousness. We are about the size of a ping-pong ball or smaller. This means we can only experience a single chakra at a time as we travel within our being, due to the limitations of our size. Without a degree of mastery, which the normal person usually does not have, it is difficult if not impossible to travel at will, from one center to the next. In the completed fifth dimensional viewpoint, we are expanded to a size larger than our physical body. This allows us to experience all of the previously separate centers, simultaneously...

There is a physical center within your physical body that is the point where the third and fourth dimensions meet and pass through each other. It is the point in the center of the chest where you find an indentation. Its color is green. Within the color green we are looking for the most central shade. In our meditation it helps to have a physical location and a color to visualize. It is also associated with middle C, for a sound reference.

There is a natural point of existence within you where you are balanced at your very center. This means you are viewing the outside from the very center of yourself. This place is the physical place mentioned above at the center of the chest. (heart center)

We cannot see all of the higher vibrational globes contained in the 4d environment because they (figuratively speaking) reside behind, or within us in vibration. We could, by facing inward, see the 4d globes, but this would not help accomplish our goal of achieving a 5d viewpoint. This meditation technique is to help us identify where the starting point is. If we can identify with our heart center at the sternum, and the color green, this should help us find the correct placement.

This portion of the excerpt will be devoted to the beginning level of Meditation techniques. We will start by concentrating on "opening" and warming up the "Heart center" located in the middle of the chest at the sternum, and not the actual area where the physical heart is located. (Feel for the indentation located between the breasts).
We need to learn and practice these beginning techniques on a daily basis to prepare us for the more advanced Fifth Dimensional Meditations later on, which are absolutely necessary to progress in this course. (It shouldn't take more than five minutes a day to soon become proficient).

A centering process has to take place to bring you into the heart center. This can be accomplished through stimulation of the heart center by rubbing it in a circular motion with the finger tips of one of your hands. (I use a counterclockwise motion, but you might find clockwise better for you?) Do this until you can feel some heat begin to generate there. It might also help to visualize a middle, to light green flower that is opening. (With practice this center can feel quite warm if not hot. If you do not feel warmth right away, this is OK. It will come with time.)

Our goal is to maintain an open heart center on a permanent basis whether we are in meditation or not. Something to look for is the warm feeling in your heart center that will be with you from now on. Use this warm feeling when you relate to others. It is called love.

This concludes this excerpt.

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