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A Course in Time Travel

Excerpts from "A Handbook for Multidimensional Consciousness"
by Curtis Jackson, D.D., D.M.


In the last Excerpt we saw that by relaxing back, we could move into higher levels of vibration. Each center we relax back into has a counter-balancing center. An expansion takes place that eventually encompasses the entire body as we back out of the center at the top of the head. At that point we realize the sixth dimensional void. Although we have been realizing the expansion of the fifth dimension, when we pull back into the void of the sixth dimension we are surrounding what is now the seventh dimension. This may seem strange at first, but it is easily explained. The differences in dimensions is how we perceive them. Remember that we are looking at something that is complete, from an incomplete view point. As our viewpoint improves, we are able to experience more dimensions. The 5d is only the 5d as long as we are INSIDE of it. We can transcend it by going to the next more complete dimensional view point, in this case, the 6d. Since the 6d is the universal void that surrounds everything, we have a view of the completed outer shell of our God body (the 7d) which was not available to us before.

As we progress in our meditation, we need to heal up some of the third and fourth dimensional damage that has accumulated at the various centers (chakras). We always begin our meditation at the heart center because it centers us and allows a balanced expansion. The heart center in most people, is full of pain and disappointments. It is the center of relationships. It is through this center we share our love with others. When we experience pain through broken relationships or death of loved ones, this center has a tendency to shut down rather than go through the natural grieving process that keeps this center healthy. When this center shuts down it locks the pain away as though in a feeling proof vault, by freezing time. The end result is that this person no longer is able to love or participate fully in any relationship. The reason people allow this center to shut down is for the obvious reason of not wanting to feel the pain. There is an inordinate fear of opening this center and having to unfreeze those moments that have been waiting all of this time to be felt. The pain felt there was never as bad as it was thought to be, and usually dissipated in a matter of seconds. Sometimes there was grieving but it only lasted a short time, soon to be replaced by the joy of being able to feel love again.

After gaining verbal permission to open the heart center, I first open my heart center by energizing my right hand and pointing my fingers into the area of the sternum at the center of my chest. I make an opening motion by slowly widening my fingers. As this center opens I can feel warmth begin to radiate out from it. I switch hands, holding open my heart center with my left hand, and with my right hand I repeat the procedure with the person I am working on. It is not necessary to physically touch them. I make a note of how my heart center feels, and compare it to the way it feels when I open the other persons heart center. Usually I feel varying degrees of pain, from a mild sting, to pain that has put me on the floor. Typically I feel something wedged into the center of their heart center (this is not the physical heart) It is like frozen energy that varies in size from a tooth pick to an ice sickle. It is usually either clear in color or black.

I know that what ever I am feeling they are feeling at the same time. I will verbally confirm this by describing what I feel and see. Next I will ask permission to remove the frozen energy. I have never had anyone say no, although some were reluctant. Next I will, with my right hand, take a hold of the tip of the frozen energy with my finger tips and slowly pull it out of the heart center. Other clairvoyants while watching the procedure have described what the object looked like as I pulled it out, which usually matched my earlier description. I would also concentrate on feeling and seeing the object and the pain moving out of both my heart center and theirs at the same time. (remember that I duplicated their pain in my heart center)

Once the object was externalized I would feel the absence of pain in my heart center, and know that the same thing happened for them. I would dispose of the frozen energy by flinging it down towards the ground, and seeing it vaporize in a white flash in mid air. Next I would generate feelings of love in my heart center and transfer it to their heart center. I would intensify this by radiating loving energy from the palm of my right hand in close proximity to their heart center. I would confirm and explain each thing as it transpired, and make sure that they understood and confirmed it back to me. I would stay in touch with them for a couple of days by phone and Empathically (I would stay in touch with how their heart felt by how mine felt). I would tell them that there might be some grieving, but this was a good thing and not to worry.

In order to go to the next level of meditation, we need to clear our heart centers. We can do this by using the procedures above, only upon ourselves. I would suggest stimulating your heart center everyday. I have literaly worn holes in a couple of my t-shirts doing this.
This concludes this Excerpt. Next time we will examine in detail the techniques and results of opening up the throat and top of the Solar Plexus centers.

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