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A Course in Time Travel

Excerpts from "A Handbook for Multidimensional Consciousness"
by Curtis Jackson, D.D., D.M.


In the last Excerpt we examined some techniques for opening and clearing the "Heart Center". In this Excerpt, we are going to learn how to open the "Throat Center" and "Upper Solar Plexus Center".

Our primary goal (as our TTO) is to come here to the third dimension from outside of time, and to be able to manifest here in full consciousness in accordance with the intent of the "Universal Mind". Along the way we will discover simple remedial techniques, not previously available, that can be use by everyone right away. Some of these techniques might easily overcome seemly unapproachable human conditions. From time to time I will point out some of these remedies as, and where, they occur in each Excerpt.

The "Throat Center" and "Top of the Solar Plexus Center" are polar opposites. In a normally operating person, the Throat Center is dominant. This produces a nice blissful feeling of well being in the solar plexus area. In people who are fearful, angry, or anxious, the Solar Plexus Centers have become dominant, which produces fear, anger, and anxiety. This is why people who suffer from this problem, have difficulty speaking when they are afraid. They become choked up with emotion. Reflux (stomach acid backing up to the throat) is a physical symptom of this condition. When they are angry, they find themselves saying things that they would never normally say, often causing irreparable damage to relationships with friends, co-workers and loved ones. If this anger is channeled down to the lower centers, then physical violence might occur. (The pharmaceutical companies are getting rich producing chemicals to mask this out of balance condition.) The obvious remedy, then, is to re-establish the proper relationship between these two centers.


  • Start the meditation by placing your dominant hand over your Heart Center at the center of your chest. (Your Heart chakra is not found at the actual heart area. It is instead located at the indentation at the center of your chest at the sternum, and extends out to about the size of a ping-pong ball in the average person.) Rest it there firmly until you feel warmth being generated. (Visualize a green flower opening).
  • Next, place your other hand over the top of your solar plexus until you can feel some warmth there.
  • Next, with your dominant hand gently tap your throat center (just below the Adams apple) this is to wake it up.
  • Next, make an opening gesture with your finger tips at the throat center. As you slowly widen your fingers, feel the increase of energy there. (Visualize your throat center as a blue flower opening up.)
  • Next, switch hands and, while holding your throat center open, make an opening gesture with your finger tips at your upper solar plexus, (just above the navel), visualize your upper solar plexus as a gold (men) or pink (women) flower opening up. Also look for nice tingling feelings in both your throat center and the top of you solar plexus.
  • Continue this until any feelings of fear, anger, or anxiety have subsided. If you have a lot of fear or anger or anxiety, you might want to repeat the meditation whenever you can through out the day until the feelings subside and are replaced by feelings of well being.

This may sound silly, but it helps to talk to your solar plexus. This is where your "inner child" lives. If you have chronic anxiety, then this would be a good technique to cultivate. While rubbing your upper solar plexus, say something like this: "I am here now and everything is alright. You don't have to worry, I am in charge now and I will take care of everything." Feel that part of you relaxing in trust. Another variation of this is to pat your solar plexus and say over and over, "You are a good boy (girl), I am here now, everything is alright." This should greatly reduce the level of anxiety or fear.
This concludes this Excerpt. Next time we will examine in detail the techniques and results of opening up the Mouth and Bottom of the Solar Plexus centers.

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