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A Course in Time Travel

Excerpts from "A Handbook for Multidimensional Consciousness"
by Curtis Jackson, D.D., D.M.


The center at the mouth is a window to Sagittarius, (Indigo), which represents abstract power (hidden or behind the scenes) and spirituality. Its counterpart, located at the lower solar plexus, is a window to Leo (Bright yellow) as raw courage and abstract intellect (general rather than specific). Courage, without a sense of spirituality, can degenerate into foolhardy or destructive behavior and even rage, and therefore spirituality must lead. Spirituality without the courage to take action, leads to physical inaction.

To balance these two centers is to expand the fifth dimensional heart center from the mouth to the lower solar plexus.

In the meditation that follows, and all of the 5d meds thereafter, we need to do something called "observing the paradoxes". What this means is we need to learn to do two things at the same time during meditation. Namely, "exertion" and "relaxation".

First a little background for why this is necessary, and why the meditation is designed in this way. Our primary concern is how to achieve the first levels of Cosmic consciousness found in the Sixth dimension and at the same time maintain a basic level of Christ consciousness found in the Fifth dimension. As was mentioned in an earlier Excerpt, the difficulty of progressing through the 5d on our way to the 6d, is getting trapped inside of Christ consciousness. There is a "law of order" in realizing God consciousness. That law states that Cosmic consciousness must be in place before Christ consciousness. The traditional method is to attain levels of Christ consciousness in the 5d, and work through them for a period of time, which can consume many lifetimes. (For most this is an impossible task.) Eventually 5d Christ consciousness is transcended in favor of Cosmic consciousness. This allows the re-emergence of Christ consciousness through the 7d, which is the first level of God consciousness.

The question then becomes, how do we get through the 5d without getting trapped inside those levels of Christ consciousness? One answer is to transcend the 5d through the accumulation of balanced pairs of chakras. This raises additional questions of where to start, and which centers balance each other?

In TT methodology, there are two necessary operations that need to be observed, they are first, the necessity of starting at the very center of our being, and secondly, the necessity of activating paired polar opposite chakras in a certain definite order. The reason we need to activate paired chakras that each pair of polarized chakras neutralize one another, resulting in an accumulation of chakras resulting in the expansion of the indwelling self. (The indwelling self is usually about the size of a ping-pong ball in most people.) In other words, by using this method, we can effectively move completely through the fifth dimension by expansion of the indwelling self, to exceed in size the physical body, and exit the 5d into the 6d, without having to experiencing 5d Christ consciousness, and at the same time, accumulating it as part of the 6d structure. (Remember that the 6d is comprised of 6 separate dimensions. Once they are blended, they become the 6d). This is the result of neutralizing the effects of the 5d through observing the paradoxes of balanced chakras.

we start at the Heart center because it is the vibrational middle of the color spectrum (green). It is then a simple matter of moving one level at a time away from the center (both up and down the color scale), which results in matching, for example, the first set of polar opposite pairs, the Throat chakra (blue) and Upper Solar Plexus chakra (dark yellow or pink). Next we pair the Mouth (indigo) and Lower Solar Plexus chakras (bright yellow). Next we pair the Third Eye (purple) and Splenic (orange) chakras. Next we pair the Crown (violet) and Pubic (dark red) chakras, and finally we pair the Top of the Head (ultra violet) and Coccyx (infrared) chakras.

Obviously this could not work with the old seven chakra system now in vogue.


  • We start by first warming up the heart center, as described in earlier meditations.
  • Next, we extend our meditation by falling or relaxing back one level (floating up or inward) to include the throat center, while, at the same time, moving outward in effort (pushing outward or down) to include the upper solar plexus, as described in the last excerpt. This dual motion of inward (relaxation or opposite of trying) and outward (effort or trying) is something that needs to be mastered for the 5d meds to be of any significance.
  • Next, we stimulate the mouth center by toning the note of MI. As we sound the note Mi (ME) feel the resonate vibration reflect into the upper and lower solar plexus. This is a natural result, and should produce anything from good feelings to bliss in the solar plexus region. This is also good for calming anger. (Singing or whistling has long been used for calming fear.)

You can experiment with toning if you care to. DO vibrates the heart center. Descending scale, DO, TI, LA, where TI vibrates the upper solar plexus and can be used in conjunction with that meditation, for calming anxiety and fear. (Below is a chart showing the various tones and the related centers.)


(5) SO - CROWN
(3) MI - MOUTH
(1) DO - HEART


(1) DO - HEART
(5) FA - PUBIC
(You can actually feel these individual centers vibrate as you tone.)

Once you feel that the fifth dimensional heart center is open from the mouth to the lower solar plexus, visualize it as a powerful and bright shining and radiant white light that others can sense. Feel its radiance and increasing warmth easily melt your problems and illness away. Feel and see its healing effects upon you and all of those around you.
This concludes this Excerpt. Next time we will examine in detail the techniques and results of opening up the Between the eyes and the splenic centers.

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