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A Course in Time Travel

Excerpts from "A Handbook for Multidimensional Consciousness"
by Curtis Jackson, D.D., D.M.


The centers we will open in this Excerpt are the "Between the Eyes Center", also called the "Third Eye", (located, oddly enough, between the eyes), and the "Splenic Center", (called this because of its supposed association with the spleen), located between the lower Solar Plexus and the Pubic Center. The color of the Between the Eyes Center is purple. It is the center of will-power and concentration. People who use this center are noted for their tenacity and focus.

The color of the Splenic Center is orange. It is the center that produces our physical life force. It has been mistakenly called the Sexual Center because of spontaneous orgasms experienced by women when it is opened by practitioners after a long period of being closed. This center is responsible for physical vitality, and when shut down, forces the individual to substitute sexual energy. This in turn causes marital problems such as "Business mans impotency", and hyper activity in women. The vital orange energy give a person a zest for life and a desire to actively participate. The problems that occur when this center is not balanced by its counter part (Third Eye) are manic in nature. By this I mean, a person will exhibit various levels of having to constantly do something. When left unchecked, it can result in nervous disorders, such as A.D.D, and manic behavior.

Orange energy, when used by a balanced person, provides a nice endless energy that is almost invisible. In other words, it is not hard on the nervous system, while being wonderfully effective. Many women purposely shut this center down in the work place for reasons of professionalism. This forms a sort of sexual chastity belt which consequently adversely affects the sex life of a large number of women.

The counter part to the orange center is the purple center at the Third Eye. The over use of purple energy can give rise to anything from extreme seriousness and intensity, to mood swings and melancholia.

In this meditation, we will learn to properly combine these two centers to form an ideal combination.



We start by first warming up the heart center, as described in earlier meditations. Next, we extend our meditation by falling or relaxing back to include the throat and the upper solar plexus, as described in excerpt 24. Next, (Excerpt 25) we stimulate the mouth center by toning the note of MI. As we sound the note Mi (ME) feel the resonate vibration in the lower solar plexus. This is a natural result, and should produce anything from good feelings to bliss in the lower solar plexus.

Next feel that the fifth dimensional heart center is open from the mouth to the lower solar plexus, visualize it as a powerful and bright shining and radiant white light with a slight golden tint.


Next, tap the spot between your eyes to wake it up. Do this with your eyes closed. Visualize a point of white light directly in front of you. When you have done this, gently massage the orange center until you feel both centers blend into and extend the heart center from the third eye to just above the pubic center.

The results of this meditation are very subtle and increase over time. It will safely give you access to focus and tenacity, while also infusing you with boundless but easy (almost invisible) energy. You will gradually feel an intensification of bliss and love. (Love is shared bliss)

The more you do the meditations, the more dramatic will be the results. This soon becomes very noticeable in the residual effects as you move through your daily routine. It will take the form of intensified interaction with others, and noticeably increased energy. (Some people might experience excess energy (and possibly some problems sleeping) in the beginning, but this will normalize in a week or two)
This concludes this Excerpt. Next time we will examine in detail the techniques and results of opening up the Crown and Pelvic centers.

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