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A Course in Time Travel

Excerpts from "A Handbook for Multidimensional Consciousness"
by Curtis Jackson, D.D., D.M.


In this Excerpt we will examine a technique for achieving the addition of the paired Crown and Pubic centers to our growing list.

We are rapidly approaching the end of the Fifth Dimensional Meditations. In order to progress beyond these into the next level, we need to master the meditations as presented. There comes a time for us when we must decide whether we are serious about what we are attempting to do here. If we are not serious in our intent, then there will be a tendency not to take the meditations seriously as well. You can tell if this is happening to you if you find even the most frivolous demands of the 3D world more important than making time for the meditations. I mention this because it is a subtle form of drawing you back into the karma of the third dimension, and back to sleep. If you really want to awaken and break out of the hard 3D egg shell in which you are imprisoned, then you must fight for it with all of your strength to crack that shell and emerge into the universal light. A lackadaisical effort will yield a lackadaisical result. Remember that if this was an easy task, we would all have done it eons ago.

The "Crown" chakra is known as the thousand petaled lotus. It encircles the head like a band crossing the forehead area. Access to this center opens tremendous levels of clairvoyant knowledge, power and abilities, not the least which is the transmutation of sexual energy into a creative force.

The sexual chakra ("Pubic" center) is renowned for its potential problems, if left to its own devices. These two centers when merged and brought to full capacity, have produced many dark wizards of old (and new.) When merged with all of the other centers, they become a power structure for transmuting sexual energy into the spiritual gold of the true healer.



We start by first warming up the heart center, as described in earlier meditations. Next, we extend our meditation by falling or relaxing back to include the throat and the upper solar plexus, as described in excerpt 24. Next, (Excerpt 25) we stimulate the mouth center by toning the note of MI. As we sound the note Mi (ME) feel the resonate vibration in the lower solar plexus. This is a natural result, and should produce anything from good feelings to bliss in the lower solar plexus.

Next feel that the fifth dimensional heart center is open from the mouth to the lower solar plexus, visualize it as a powerful and bright shining and radiant white light with a slight golden tint. Next, tap the spot between your eyes to wake it up. Do this with your eyes closed. Visualize a point of white light directly in front of you. When you have done this, gently massage the orange center (located in the front of the body, between the lower solar plexus and the pubic center) until you feel both centers blend into and extend the heart center from the third eye to just above the pubic center.


Next, with eyes closed, place both palms of your hands on the sides of your head just above the temples. Feel and see the energy from your hands stimulate this center. After a moment, slowly move your hands away from your head to a distance of between 6 to 12 inches depending on what feel best for you. As you move your hands slowly away from your head, feel and see the energy within the crown center begin to glow and vibrate. Feel the power hidden there begin to come awake. Once you have done this to the best of your ability, feel the counterbalancing force of the sexual center begin to vibrate. Rather than feeling sexual, it should blend in with the other centers in the form of radiant power and good feelings. If you are not feeling anything, make sure that you are spending enough time opening each center, (see previous meditations) especially that your heart center is as warm as you can make it. (A circular or light scratching motion at the small indentation at the center of your chest will help warm this chakra up)

This concludes this Excerpt. Next time we will examine in detail the techniques and results of opening up the top of the head center and anal center.

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