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A Course in Time Travel

Excerpts from "A Handbook for Multidimensional Consciousness"
by Curtis Jackson, D.D., D.M.


This is the last in the series of Fifth Dimensional Meditations. The Excerpt after this one will take us into the pure sixth dimension.


I feel that another review is in order to make sure we are ready for these last few steps in this section. We are multi-dimensional beings in the transitional phase. This means we are not yet what we will be. We have been experiencing a level of reality that is far less than we are capable of experiencing. There is nothing wrong with this level. It is very much like a play pen or safe area for children . Children are not yet what they will be. They experience a level of reality that is far less demanding than that which they will experience in adulthood. We put them in play pens for their own safety, however, there comes a time when the child outgrows the play pen and is ready for greater levels of experience and responsibility.

The difference between the reality we consider "normal", and a multi-dimensional reality, is capsulated as follows: In a normal reality, we experience time as forward motion in the form of instantaneous time slices. We are usually denied access to previous or future existence. In multi-dimensional reality, we experience time as a universal now, where everything that ever happened, or ever will happen, is happening all at once. This is not confusing to us in a multi-dimensional reality, because these myriad separate events are homogenized in a very wonderful way that promotes a perfection of being.

In our normal 3D existence we experience life in a segmented fashion, like individual frames on a roll of film. When we die, we experience our 12 bodies, each in turn, as it each lives out its life and dies. We ascend in ever higher octaves of vibration, until we finally shed the highest vibrational body, only to find ourselves back in physical reality as a new born baby, bereft of our previous memory.

In multi-dimensional reality, we understand, (because we exist in full consciousness), that all experience (including birth and death) goes on un-noticed within and beneath the surface of the unified self, very much like the renewing cell structure in our physical bodies goes on un-noticed by us. We are literally a composite of eons of 3D lifetimes. Each lifetime is a miniature experience, necessary as a tiny part of multi-dimensional reality. We can think of each lifetime as a piece of a large puzzle. Each piece is relatively insignificant as compared to the completed puzzle, but very noticeable and conspicuous if missing.

We are structured in such a marvelous way that out of virtually unlimited possibility, we experience only exactly what we are ready for. Our belief structures dictate precisely what our realities will be at any given moment.

Wherever we find ourselves in the unbounded possibilities of creation, we have at our command equal access to multi-dimensional existence. It is always right there ready for discovery. The steps necessary to achieve it are exactly the same for everyone. It is my hope that by outlining and practicing these steps we may clarify a viable and easily accessible path to multi-dimensional freedom, which others may follow if they choose to pursue it.



We start by first warming up the heart center, as described in earlier meditations. Next, we extend our meditation by falling or relaxing back to include the throat and the upper solar plexus, as described in excerpt 24. Next, (Excerpt 25) we stimulate the mouth center by toning the note of MI. As we sound the note Mi (ME) feel the resonate vibration in the lower solar plexus. This is a natural result, and should produce anything from good feelings to bliss in the lower solar plexus.

Next feel the heart center opening from the mouth to the lower solar plexus, visualize it as a powerful and bright shining and radiant white light with a slight golden tint. Next, tap the spot between your eyes to wake it up. Do this with your eyes closed. Visualize a point of white light directly in front of you. When you have done this, gently massage the orange center (located in the front of the body, between the lower solar plexus and the pubic center) until you feel both centers blend into and extend the heart center from the third eye to just above the pubic center.

Next, with eyes closed, place both palms of your hands on the sides of your head just above the temples. Feel and see the energy from your hands stimulate this center. After a moment, slowly move your hands away from your head to a distance of between 6 to 12 inches depending on what feel best for you. As you move your hands slowly away from your head, feel and see the energy within the crown center begin to glow and vibrate. Feel the power hidden there begin to come awake. Once you have done this to the best of your ability, feel the counterbalancing force of the sexual center begin to vibrate. Rather than feeling sexual, it should blend in with the other centers in the form of radiant power and good feelings. If you are not feeling anything, make sure that you are spending enough time opening each center, (see previous meditations) especially that your heart center is as warm as you can make it. (A circular or light scratching motion at the small indentation at the center of your chest will help warm this chakra up.)


Find a spot at the very top and center of your head. By massaging this spot you will activate this center. This is the Prudent body responsible for controlling the energy flow through all 12 bodies. The prudent body, if malfunctioning, can produce inordinate fear and mental disorders such as paranoia. It also, in conjunction with the upper solar plexus, can set off anxiety attacks and bouts of reflux. (acid from the stomach backing up into the throat)

This body, when working properly with the other 10, (the reason we each have only 11 chakras instead of 12, is that the sexual center comprises two separate centers. Red - Aries for a man, and Burgundy - Virgo for a woman), becomes what is called a conscience. It is counterbalanced (as its polar opposite), with the physical (meat) body whose center is called the Coccyx or Anal center, located as where the name might indicate. The physical body by itself, is bereft of even a personality. Without the benefit of the higher bodies, the physical body is concerned only with bodily functions. You probably know people who are overly preoccupied with their physical bodies. They usually have nick names like "Meat" and "Vanity".

We have seen each pair of polarized bodies as we have progressed through the meditation, but this polarity, of the Prudent and Physical bodies, is particularly unique in that both bodies interface with the void. The physical body interfaces with the outside 3D world. It is a physical boundary that keeps you from spilling out into space. The prudent body also interfaces with space, but it is with "inside" space that is found to reside inside of your 12 bodies as "inner space", a place separate from, but occupying the same space as physical form. In other words, it is a place in the same space as you occupy now, but as space where you do not (cannot) exist. When we observe the three dimensions of outer space plus the three dimensions of inner space, we have the Sixth Dimension, which we will examine in detail in the next Excerpt.

As was mentioned before, by massaging the "top of the head center", it can be activated. There is a high pitched whistle associated with this center. You may or may not "hear" this whistle. You may also feel a localized pressure or energy at the spot at the top of your head.

Once you feel that you have sufficiently stimulated this center, become aware of the anal center. This will sensitize your physical body. The net result we are looking for is to expand the heart center to completely engulf the 12 bodies, extending from the most inner and highest vibrational to the most outer and lowest vibrational body. This is the completed Fifth dimension. Please do not look for anything spectacular to happen at this point. You may or may not feel any different. This doesn't matter. There is nothing we want to use here at this time. The Fifth dimension is the heart of the physical structure and is meant to be transcended in tact. We have not reached the point of "no return" yet, and even at this greatly expanded state there is a danger of falling back in the form of the "Savior Complex". In fact this is the most dangerous point, in this regard. Remember that the Fifth Dimensional Meditation is designed to access fifth dimensional Christ consciousness without being trapped within it. The result is truly the difference between the covered wagon and the jet plane. The importance of putting off Christ consciousness until at least the Seventh dimension is fundamental to TT principles.

This concludes this Excerpt. Next time we will step out into the pure Sixth Dimension.

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