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A Course in Time Travel

Excerpts from "A Handbook for Multidimensional Consciousness"
by Curtis Jackson, D.D., D.M.


In this Excerpt we are about to leave the Fifth dimension altogether. In order to do this we must be willing to leave behind much of what we consider as being human. This step will separate the ones of you who are ready to go on and those who need more life times to complete your karmic debts.

We have experienced the fifth dimension as a viewpoint that expands both internally and externally in balanced vibrational polar opposites. Before we started the 5d series of meditations, we experienced our bodies as a golf ball sized center of energy. This limited our experience to a single center at a time. At the conclusion of these meditations we have expanded to encompass the entire body. The composite fifth dimension exists in time and space as our heart center. It is not meant to be lived in as such. We are only half way in our journey. We need to proceed on into the blackness of the sixth dimensional void, for out of the blackness comes the light.


We can access the 6d by performing the fifth dimensional meditations. In the last Excerpt we reached a place where we were expanded from the top of the head center (which resonates with the inner most and highest vibratory body), to the anal center (which resonates with the outer most and lowest vibratory body) Once you have reached this expanded state, the next step is to back out into the space within your being, while moving out into the physical space around you. It means completely letting go of your physical form internally while at the same time expanding out beyond your physical body. This allows you to experience existence from outside of your form.

As you expand beyond the confines of your composite fifth dimensional body, you realize that you are looking at yourself from the out side. However, this outside includes the extreme inside where form no longer can exist. In other words, you realize that there is a void in the very space you occupy. There are three dimensions of outside space and three dimensions of inside space existing as polar opposites. Suspended in-between this composite space is what you call your physical form. As you look at it you see it has changed and is no longer the fifth dimension, but has metamorphosed into the seventh dimension. It was the 5d as long as we were expanding within it. This is the nature of the 5d viewpoint. The 6d is one more dimension added on the the 5d. Its nature and view point is from the composite outside. As we begin to interact with the former 5d, we realize that we cannot re-enter the form, but must operate it from the 6d. This gives us a permanent buffer that will keep us from falling back into the 5d. In other words, by controlling the 5d from the 6d, the 5d becomes an additional dimension or the seventh dimension. This is your "Stellar Body", the physical vehicle for your soon to arrive Future Self.


The first thing we notice about the 7d is that it comes from within the center of our being. It is a brilliant white that is expanding or shining out through us into the void. It has a crisp and clean crystalline feeling and appearance, and is the source of consummate bliss. There is a fine line that must be observed between being drawn into the bliss only to wind up back in the 5d, and maintaining the non-caringness (another kind of bliss) of the 6d, while learning how to operate in this fashion. The change is subtle and natural. As the bliss increases day by day, we will need to put it in motion out to others in the form of love. This is the golden eight dimension.
This concludes this Excerpt. In the next Excerpt we will delve more deeply into the interaction between the sixth and seventh dimensions.

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