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A Course in Time Travel

Excerpts from "A Handbook for Multidimensional Consciousness"
by Curtis Jackson, D.D., D.M.


Here in the 6D we have reached a natural barrier to progress. In order to proceed on into the seventh dimension we need to be done with the 5D and all of its individual component parts. We are learning on a three level tier, i.e. knowing-ness, being-ness, and doing-ness. The knowing-ness part is the information you have accumulated through countless life times of hard work, and augmented by the Excerpts to help bring the essential points to your present physical mind in this time period. The doing-ness part is your taking action to make change an active part of your daily life. The being-ness part are the rewards you reap for all of your long labors, as you forever become more wonderful and beautiful and powerful!

From a larger perspective, we are following the path laid down by the original creative consciousness (I choose to call my TTO) as it made its way from the primordial cradle to where you stand now and beyond. There was a time that consciousness transcended time and space, and realized that there was only one consciousness manifesting in all of time and space, through all created form. It realized that all experience belonged to it! That it was the creator and the created. There came a blinding flash of realization that united all consciousness and form wherever it may reside in existence. No matter how removed or corrupted the form and entrapped consciousness had become it was found and guided into perfection. No one is lost, and this most certainly includes you!

The most important element in all of this to that founding consciousness was the quality of free will. Consciousness realized that it was duplicating itself through an infinite variety of individualized experience, and in order for it to manifest in its special uniqueness, it had to be free to choose the time and place it would eventually be set free to merge with the perfected collective.

This time and place would naturally occur when the individual consciousness was willing to transcend its physical form in perfect faith and trust that there was a higher power leading and guiding it through each life time and each experience until it stood at the brink, face to face with the void, willing to fall like a child into the loving arms of a parent, knowing that very close, just beyond the void, was the face of God, and that somehow it was YOU!
We are about to usher in "Heaven on Earth"! It will happen just as fast as you can stand it. Or just as slowly as you want it to be. It doesn't have to happen in this lifetime or in a thousand lifetimes if you don't want it to!

Almost all of the work we are doing is a letting go of preconceived ideas of who we are. If you are too afraid to let go, then perhaps it will not happen in this lifetime for you. You will not know if others have re-entered the Garden of Eden or not because your perception will not allow you to be where they are. If you choose to continue to live in illusion then illusion will be your reality. The universe creates your illusions to form fit your consciousness. Your life and everything in it is exactly what you have created according to your belief system and the quality of being you choose to manifest. Illusion is absolute! Anything you choose to believe to preserve your illusionary world will spring forth as unwavering proof that you are right. Such is the absoluteness of illusion.

Remember that nothing is impossible! If you allow miracles into your world, then miracles will happen!

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