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A Course in Time Travel

Excerpts from "A Handbook for Multidimensional Consciousness"
by Curtis Jackson, D.D., D.M.


Part of the sixth to seventh dimensional transitional work we must do is to balance the future/past into a unified NOW. Many people spend a terrific amount of time either in the future or the past. In conversation they will tell you about their day or their week or how it was in 1942. Other times people will give elaborate and detailed plans about how they are going to look or be or have in the future. Very few people are right here in the now with you. You might be aware of your own tendency to drift into the past or future. There is nothing wrong with this, because we need to learn from the past and plan in the future, however because of our desire to progress beyond "normal" 3D existence, it has become necessary for us to learn to function from the six dimensional "now".

The 6d "now" transcends time, and yet allows us access to the future and the past at the same time as a universal "now". This is part of the awakening process. Our goal is to travel from all time to the present. This is why it is called time travel. To accomplish living in the "now" takes a good deal of effort and practice. You cannot access the enlightenment and bliss of the seventh dimension (and beyond) unless you have mastered how to be in the NOW! Those of you who are already making efforts to stay in the "now" are most likely aware of the deadening effect people who are not in the "now" have upon you! This can be avoided by using the detachment of the 6d. In other words, instead of allowing a person who is chronically in the past/future to pull down on your consciousness like an anchor, there is a technique you can use. When confronted by a 3D future/past person, let them wander in time, but don't allow yourself to wander with them! In other words, observe what they are doing as a study of what not to do. Stay in present time at all costs. This will allow you to see where people are in time. I think it may amaze you! (The power to accomplish is in the present!)


 Start by doing a complete 5d meditation. (If you have been practicing, you should be getting good at this!) Once all of your centers are vibrating, begin the 6d meditation by transcending the 5d and accessing the 6d void. Once you feel a sufficient detachment from your 5d form, center your consciousness in the now. Float in present time. Detach from the chatter of your mind. Detach from the urgency of your emotions. Focus upon objects in your environment. Listen to yourself breath. Look at your hands. Avoid thinking or making judgments. Go outside and look at a tree or a plant, avoid thinking what kind of tree or plant it is. See it as unique and as a living thing that is here in the NOW with you! If you have an animal look at it, not as a cat or a dog or as Fluffy or Duke, but as a living thing that is here in the NOW with you.

Be aware that you are alive and aware. If you encounter another person, see them as a living being that is here in the NOW with you. They may ask you what is wrong? Smile and stay in the meditation. Do this meditation only for a few minutes to start with, but do it at least once a day! Then gradually increase the amount of time.

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