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A Course in Time Travel

Excerpts from "A Handbook for Multidimensional Consciousness"
by Curtis Jackson, D.D., D.M.



The sixth dimension has several levels to work through, just as we have seen in previous dimensions. The 6d and 7d have long been sought after in the Eastern metaphysical disciplines. These are known as the Buddhic and Nirvanic planes respectively. Many advanced Yoga techniques are devoted to attaining these goals, and the reasons and techniques were wonderfully covered by Patangali in the Yoga Sutras.

However, the problem with these techniques is they are very time consuming and difficult. They were not designed for the modern Western mind. We like fast and easy! We also like SAFE! That we need to take the trip is not in question, but why take a covered wagon when we can take a jet? Almost all of the work that is to be done by us in achieving the 6th and 7th dimensions entail letting go of attachments and misconceptions on other dimensions, while at the same time maintaining the foundations of those dimensions. It is important to remember that we need to transcend each dimension while at the same time retaining it! This is the formula for the successful accumulation of each dimension rather than simply transcending them through detachment in stair step fashion.

In order to obtain the serenity of the 6d we must change or eliminate some of the preconceived ideas found in the 5d. In addition to this, we must thoroughly let go of the emotional attachments found in the 4d, and last but certainly not least, we must modify the 3d habit of having to DO something every minute. If we look closely, perhaps we can find a common denominator which underlies the reasons why we are saddled with these impediments to begin with. Finding such a common denominator might easily compress our chore of attaining the 6d, into fast and easy (and safe)! That common denominator, as you might have guessed, is FEAR! (For those of you who thought boredom was the common denominator, boredom is usually just the result of being afraid to try something new.) Most of us are afraid of something, and some of us are afraid of everything. We have good reason to be afraid, we live in a very scary time and place! Our mind may tell us that we are not afraid, or our pride might not allow us to believe we are afraid, but down deep we all fear something. Our biggest fear is usually the fear of the unknown. If we encounter something that is unknown, our imaginations can run rampant, often producing unreasonable fear. We are walking down a dark street and we hear an unfamiliar noise, we will most likely become fearful. How can we overcome this fear of the unknown? One obvious way is by simply making it known. Afraid of the dark? Turn on the light and usually the fear goes away. A strange noise on a dark street? We see a dog rummaging in a trash can. No more fear. Likewise, by examining the 6d void and becoming familiar with it, hopefully most of our fear of it will gradually be eliminated.

We have reached a point in our studies where, afraid or not, we must venture into the void. This is very scary for most of us! It fills us with dread, but in order to proceed, we have to master it! Some of us might get the same feeling as if someone has asked us to jump off of a tall building. No manner of reassurance is going to temp you! Even if the person asking you to jump has jumped off of the building many times with impunity, or thousands of people have jumped right before your eyes and landed safely, you are still going to have some questions! What if it works for them but not for me? What if this is just an illusion or a delusion? What if. . .what if. . . what if. . . To continue with the tall building analogy, what if it was explained to you that these people had bungy cords or parachutes? This would put jumping into a different light altogether. You still might not be tempted to jump, but at least you would begin to understand that it is possible to jump and not get hurt. The next level of removing fear might be to convince you that out of thousands and thousands of people who have jumped, there was not one single person hurt! You still might not jump until you found out that jumping was the only way down, and that the building was on fire! Some of us would still not jump, but we might be seriously considering it at this point!

What we are attempting to accomplish is not nearly as dangerous as jumping from a tall building. In fact it is not dangerous at all. There are built in safety factors that prevent us from moving too fast, just as a baby is safe in its playpen, we are exploring the unlimited side of our nature WHEN WE ARE READY! If we are not ready, then we find that we CANNOT DO IT! It is really very simple. Those of us who are ready are gathering together to help each other through our mutual fears so we may enjoy our birthright. We have worked non stop through endless lifetimes to reach this point. Our desire and excitement is far greater than our fear because we have already worked through most of our fear!

What we are doing is much more than mere intellectual speculation or theory. Those of you who are excited and motivated to a point of impatience know what I am talking about. Those of you who are too afraid to take a chance or too lazy to make an effort probably do not belong here! This is a class for spiritual adults who are making final preparations to shed the cocoon and emerge as magnificent God like creatures, so different from what and where they were, as to be practically unrecognizable!

There are those of you who do not know why you are here. You are afraid but you are attracted like the proverbial "moth to the flame"! It is you to whom most of the work here is directed, for I understand your predicament! We are motivated from within our very souls. We have no choice but to proceed regardless of how scary or impossible it may seem. We might be hesitant and clumsy in our first attempts much like we were when we were babies and first tried to walk, but walk we must because it is our DESTINY!
In order for us to begin to live we must first be willing to let go of the fear of dying!

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