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A Course in Time Travel

Excerpts from "A Handbook for Multidimensional Consciousness"
by Curtis Jackson, D.D., D.M.


In the Excerpts prior to this one, we have been working from viewpoints involving the old self working to allow the new self to manifest. From this Excerpt on, we will be working as the new self resolving the karmic problems found in this incarnation and in this time period, in order to facilitate our further involvement.

Accepting responsibility as a Seventh Dimensional Being is very great, and yet very simple. At this point in our sojourn, we are still neither the old or the new. We are still at the null point between two worlds, however, we are shifting the idea of who we are from someone who is trapped inside of time wanting to be free, to someone who is already free and wishes to manifest here from outside of time. We bring with us tremendous knowledge and power, but it will take time and patience for us to fully realize this. We need to understand that we are now much more responsible for our thoughts and actions than ever before, existing in a kind of "instant karma", where everything you do and think manifests very quickly. This is particularly noticeable if your actions are negative!

For example, the slightest infraction of any law, whether natural or man-made, will instantly punish you to its very limits, while there are those all around you, who seem to blatantly violate every conceivable law, with impunity! I had an alarming example of this when I was in my early thirties. I was driving too fast around a corner, and skidded when I unexpectedly ran through some water in the street. As a result, I rammed into the side of a parked car. Since I was driving without insurance, and was currently without funds, I deemed it prudent to escape without detection. This all happened on a quiet sunday morning in a quiet neighborhood miles from where I lived. I judiciously disengaged my car from the unfortunate vehicle, and parked just ahead of it. As I got out of my car I noticed several curious neighbors peering out from open doors. I cleverly took a piece of paper and pretended to write a note to the car owner, when in fact I wrote nothing. This enabled me to make a clean get-away.
Not two days later, in the early hours of the morning, someone bashed into the side of my little sports car, parked so innocently on my street, while I slept guilt free in my bed! (I am sure that the person who hit my car was in no way related to the person whose car I had hit, since that accident had occurred in another part of town and in my other car). The damage was ten times as great as the damage I had caused, knocking it clear up onto the side walk! The person who hit my car got away without even having to leave a fake note! Believe me, the lesson was understood . . . loud and clear!

In the 7d, illusion still persists! There will be a tendency to think you have transcended illusion, but this is a mistake. Although we have entered the Nirvanic realms, which is thought of as the ultimate goal by many, it is only just past the half way point for us, and we must use caution to be able to get through this part. There are several traps that can impede your progress that need to be explained.


The two major traps to be aware of are:
  • Slipping back into the Fifth dimension while thinking you are progressing in the Seventh dimension.
  • Slipping into the Second dimension (white light) in a schizoid break from reality.

The first trap - slipping back into the Fifth dimension, is something that needs to be monitored constantly in the beginning. The reason for this phenomenon is the inadvertent letting go of the 6d. Remember that these dimensions, or view points, are brought together by a process of accumulation. This means we must maintain all of the component parts! To do otherwise is to degenerate into lesser positions in consciousness. In the "Six Dimensional Meditations", we learned that we were forming a "time portal" from which we could await the arrival of our TTO in order to form the 7d merger. The 6d provides a certain aloofness that prevents us from shifting our center back into the past incarnations ego, (which is in the 5d), and this aloofness or "serenity" must be maintained from now on! The accumulation of an additional dimension, or view point, to realize the 7d depends upon the maintenance of those previously accrued six component dimensions. In other words, especially with the advent of the 7d, it is necessary to maintain a state of not caring about it. This dichotomy is a trade mark of God consciousness! The 7d carries with it emotional capabilities and experience far beyond anything we have ever felt! To care or desire simply prevents the 7d from happening at all, or at the very least, degrades our experience into something far less than 7d. Our ability to not care, and to let go, (staying 6d) dictates how fast we will be able to begin to experience the 7d.

Your goal of preserving the past incarnation ego and working through it with its full knowledge and cooperation, is at hand with the advent of the 7d. In order to do this without falling back into the past is a balancing trick that must be mastered, not an easy task in this lead weighted reality where everyone and everything seems to exist for the sole purpose of putting you back to sleep! You can attempt to stay awake and aware that the possibility exists for you to degenerate. If you can work with others who are also "waking up", then you can remind each other to stay 6d.

The second trap - slipping into the white light state of the Primordial Second dimension, which we will designate as the "2D", (not to be confused with the 2d, which interfaces with the personality housed in the "Sexual body"), although it is the ultimate goal for many, produces a separation in consciousness that, although temporary, may be difficult to reverse in this lifetime, given the fact that it appears as though something exceedingly great and wonderful has happened! This is the result of a letting go of the component dimensions comprising the 6d, rather than maintaining the accumulation of them! The realization of white light for us is the accumulation of seven separate dimensions brought into one. Although the Seventh dimension and the Primordial Second dimension are very similar in the respect that they both produce a white light state in the consciousness of the seeker, the similarity stops there. The 2D is nothing but white light without any divisions or shades of difference! (Many call this God or Heaven). Returning to the 2D is, in fact, the ultimate returning to the womb, back to the beginning before creation. This may sound like what you have always been seeking, but it seems (at least to me) to be a complete reversal of the "Universal intent", that of manifestation!

What precautions can be taken to prevent this, and how will we know if it has occurred? In the nature of precautions, paramount is the avoidance of desiring the 7d! We learned in the 6d that cessation of desire while working in the world as thought we cared intently, was necessary to maintain 6d serenity. Wanting to experience the "white light" state can set in motion a 2D white light state. This is the state most, if not all, mystics experience when so intently and systematically seeking the higher levels of Nirvana! Solution, is to routinely maintain 6d patience concerning the 7d. Giving up to your TTO means exactly that! It is up to your TTO when and if you will experience the 7d, and whether it will even happen in this lifetime or not! Desire is a creative tool to be later used by your future self for creative purposes. As a final word, you technically already possess the 7d. All you need to do is a sufficient letting go, for a sufficient amount of time, to realize it. To desire something you already possess invariably has the result of denying it!

Do not expect too much of yourself now, it is common (at least in my experience) at this point to alternate back and forth between the component dimensions of the 7d. Simply be aware of it when you do. By not being overly concerned, this normal, but often disconcerting oscillation will eventually subside. Set aside a little time each day to do the meditation techniques. This will help you stay awake. Remember that you are no longer in control! All that will happen, will happen (has already happened) in "Gods time". We can only be a ready and willing participant.

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