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A Course in Time Travel

Excerpts from "A Handbook for Multidimensional Consciousness"
by Curtis Jackson, D.D., D.M.


The Seventh dimension, as has been said, is the first plateau of God consciousness for us. The 7d gives you access to the first of three God like qualities, being-ness in the form of bliss and enlightenment. The second quality is found in the Eight dimension, universal love and knowing-ness. The third quality is wisdom and power, not found until the Ninth dimension, and is not fully mastered until the Tenth. As amazingly wonderful as these dimensions are as they each are added unto you, you are still ALONE in your universe and subject to delusions in the form of divine paranoia. It is important to remember that whether it looks like it or not, we are all equal! EVERYONE is your peer outside of time as you are currently experiencing it. Even the seemingly most unlikely person is your equal. This is not simply a nice sentiment, it is a prime rule that must be understood and practiced. Without this kind of balance in your universe, you will have little chance of maintaining your new found level of experience!

We are still subject to the laws of illusion and must make every effort to blend in and act to the outside world as though we were exactly the same as we were before we started the 7d merger! This is very important and tricky. It will not only keep you out of the funny farm, it will bring much less resistance to you in the form of a kind of instant karma from spouses, friends and loved ones. We are in a time period that is still (by TT standards) in the middle of the "Dark Ages". Fraught with witch hunts and superstition, anything people do not understand is labeled as Satanic or Cultist. The less that is said about what is happening to you, the better!

What will shine through is a new glow that people will comment on. Yourself from the future is here with you now. What you are experiencing, it is experiencing. What concerns it at this time is how to turn the light switch on without blinding everyone. Remember that enlightenment is a team effort. What effects one effects all! The difficulty with approaching this physical dimension is if the approach is too fast or sudden, it makes a negative result.
There is a critical point, (where you should be right now if you have been diligent in practicing these techniques), where your consciousness literally begins to turn inside out and radiate white light out into the 3D! With it comes a powerful surge of emotional energy. For some, there may be a sudden rush of wonderful feelings, while for others there will be a gradual increase of light and good feelings coming from within the center of their being. The problem is if you are not properly prepared for it, you may scare the hell out of everyone around you! Yourself from the future has not gone to this much trouble to merge with you, only to have you become too unstable to manage it. The challenge here is, no matter how wonderful you may feel, try to act normally! See if you can experience all that is happening to you without talking about it to anyone! Like the controlled chain reaction in a nuclear power plant, you must learn how to control it or it will quickly overwhelm you! By sitting on it you act as a damper that will make it work for you. It is only natural to want to share your new found feelings with those around you. This is love . . . but do it quietly! If you suddenly start blessing everyone and hollering, "Ureka! I have found it!", obviously this could cause more problems than you might care to have.

"Yourself" from the future has certain valid concerns about manifesting here through you, and thus into the lower six dimensions. After all, acknowledging these concerns, and displaying trust, openness and willingness, is really all that can be expected of you . . . and that you might welcome it with all of your heart!

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