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A Course in Time Travel

Excerpts from "A Handbook for Multidimensional Consciousness"
by Curtis Jackson, D.D., D.M.


The Seventh dimension is a marvelous piece of work! As a physical form it is perfect in every way. Your 7d body exists in the same place as your 3d body, and includes it as part of its existence. Without manifesting through your 3d body, it is no longer the 7d. The Seventh dimension means seven separate dimensions merged together. If we subtract the three dimensions represented by the 3d, this leaves us with just four dimensions which is the 4d.

What we are attempting is both very complicated and very simple. It is only complicated when viewed from the 3d. It is very simple when viewed from the potential 7d. The potential 7d is the Seventh dimension without full realization. This is an interim state of being in the early levels of the 7d. Your Future Self is holding the structure of your 7d body in its mind. This is not easy for it because of your doubts and fears trying to pull it apart.

As you begin to exchange more fully with your future self you will become more and more responsible for your actions. Either this effort will become the most important focus for you, or your future self will pass on this life time and try again perhaps next life time if things go right. This is not a threat. A substantial number of lifetimes will be involved before you are through. Somewhere along the line it will happen, and that will be your last life time as you have come to know it. You will fully metamorphose into the next stage of consciousness while maintaining your physical form! This is as important to your future self as being born is to you.

Although very difficult, you can go a long way in this life time just by cleaning up past negative karma and not creating any new. Making a viable connection with your future self will carry through into the next life time. No one can predict the exact moment of your Seventh dimensional rebirth, but it will happen. We are like a baby in the womb. We cannot go back nor can we stay where we are. We may not like what is in store for us, we may think it unkind to be so rudely awakened, but like it or not we will be born!

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