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A Course in Time Travel

Excerpts from "A Handbook for Multidimensional Consciousness"
by Curtis Jackson, D.D., D.M.


You have reached a point where you may be experiencing great joy and enlightenment, but most likely you feel like a specimen pinned on a board. There is a point early in the 7d levels where you are severely tested, the way you might test a new race car. Your emerging self from the future wants to make sure you are emotionally ready to carry the increased spiritual power that comes with the mergence. The tests will come in various forms. When they are over, you will realize that you were being tested. You will also know if you passed or not. Don't worry, if you fail a test you will learn from it and prepare for the next test.

The 3d part of us wants to be something different from what it has always been. It wants to be able to do something spectacular or to have a God like flash of understanding. It wants to feel something DIFFERENT! When it doesn't seem to experience any of these things it gets discouraged and loses interest. It is necessary, in order to continue, to neutralize the last vestiges of self centeredness and the need to be in control, by completely surrendering to a power greater than our self. If we are unable to do this, then it is an indication that we are not ready in this life time to transcend our earth bound lessons.

The 3d you, has a quality that is invisible to it. That quality is the ability NOT to realize it is changing! We are capable of great change, while not realizing it. We are the last one to know. Usually friends or family members will tell us that we have changed before we realize that we have.
We have a quality that will always be with us. It is the ability to realize and accept any changes in us or in our environment as the new norm. We quickly adjust to the new levels and consider them as normal. This is a good quality. It allows us to experience tremendous change without harming our mental and emotional being. Adapting to change has allowed the human race to survive. The only problem with having this ability is if we are looking at temporary changes as a means of permanent satisfaction.

For example, let us say that you buy a new car. You are most likely going to be excited about it and wash it and keep it out of the Sun. But then something happens. It somewhere along the line stops being a new car and simply becomes your car (or your wife or your husband, or your house or your money). The short lived joy we find in the external, fill our TV guide.

Know that you ARE changing! Part of that change is a continuous giving up of your sovereignty to a greater Self to form a new level of sovereignty that in turn needs to be transcended. A constant and ever faster process of acceptance and release. This is the very thing that allows you to grow! For us, this is an attribute that must continue forever. No matter how wonderful or powerful we may become, we will always be merging into something greater than ourselves, constantly realizing our unlimited potential!

With regards to spiritual growth, we are known by our "resistance". What this means is the more resistance we have to the change required by our TTO, the less evolved we seem. The more ego centric we are the less we are able to change. For example, let us say that you have a dog who, as you open the front door, knocks you down and runs away. (I am recounting from personal experience). You would, of course, consider this animal un-evolved as compared to a dog who greeted you with your slippers. To our TTO, we are much like a pet! Consider that your TTO is many thousands of years older than you. (Your physical body is here for the first and last time!) Your entire lifetime is like a single day to it. If you present a problem by refusing to change, it can simply wait until tomorrow when it will try again.

If we are full of self and opinions about everything, if we are steadfastly routed behind a barricade of ego and self centeredness, then we will make little progress until we can realize that we are our own worst enemy! How can the TTO hope to bring about the drastic kinds of change necessary to bring you into a position where you can merge and interact, without causing harm to either you or your environment? There has to be some kind of organized regimen occurring from lifetime to lifetime from which your Soul, under the guidance of its TTO, can learn to influence you enough to get your attention. More importantly, is your willingness to look for and accept such a regimen. The necessity to turn your will over to a power greater than yourself is absolutely fundamental! It is then 7d changes can begin to happen.

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