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A Course in Time Travel

Excerpts from "A Handbook for Multidimensional Consciousness"
by Curtis Jackson, D.D., D.M.


Notice that from the Sixth dimension we observe the Seventh dimension as a place of white light that exists within us. The juxtaposition of black and white is familiar to us from our earlier studies of the primordial universe where black and white polarization also existed. The difference is that the primordial universe was one dimensional because our viewpoints were not able to grasp the multi-verse within them.

We have come full circle back to where we started, but like the prodigal son, we are much wiser for the journey. Another difference is that in the primordial universe the white and black universes were a result of polarization and as such could never be in the same place at the same time from our viewpoint. Now we have an expanded viewpoint that allows the white universe to exist within the black universe simultaneously! We have called these places dimensions because as we added each facet it has allowed an additional dimensional window that increased our consciousness and abilities.

We have learned and observed that because time is an illusion, we can experience separate instances in time coincidentally. We have also seen that the dimensions exist simultaneously as well. The Tenth dimension exists as a composite dimension comprised of its nine component parts that gestalt into the tenth. We have looked at seven of these parts. The remaining two parts are the Eight and Ninth dimensions. That these two dimensions exist within our grasp, but just outside of our normal consciousness, is a necessary realization for us. Without this realization we would never think to look for them.

You may be wondering how all of these dimensions could exist without anyone knowing about them? The answer is that they have been known about for many thousands of years! Highly advanced knowledge such as contained in these Excerpts, was considered sacred and was handed down by various priesthoods, from generation to generation. It was felt that the general world consciousness was not ready to learn about these things, and the knowledge was preserved for a time when it would be ready. Occasionally the line was broken and the knowledge would be lost for a time until it could be revived again by independent clairvoyant researchers. In our present time, the knowledge had been lost or deformed for a considerable time.

It might be easier for you to think of dimensions as accumulated viewpoints rather than dimensions. As an example, think of how the world would look if you observed it with only one eye. It would no longer look 3d because we would need two eyes to allow a 3d perspective. Now imagine how it might look with three eyes? Or four or ten? Rather than external eyes or viewpoints, we have, in addition to our two eyes, many more viewpoints available to us internally! We will examine a total of twelve of these viewpoints or dimensions as we progress in our studies, and a hint of the thirteenth.

The nature of the Eight dimension is the same as the nature of the Second and the Fifth dimensions, and is in fact just a more complete and inclusive extension of these. The 8d allows us access to a much more complete and open ended Self then has been previously available for us in the 3d. The 8d brings with it all of the potential of what is thought of as being Christ Conscious. When you fully experience the 8d you will know exactly who you are and why you are here! You bring with you an ever expanding knowledge of your perfect self. The 8d also brings with it an overwhelming capacity for love.

The 7d may have seemed disappointingly flat and 6d like. This is for a necessary reason. As has been stated in earlier Excerpts, the bliss levels of the 7d is the quality of love. It is not until we radiate out this bliss to others in the 8d that we can call it love. As we begin to experience love the 8d will begin to activate. This experience is the one you have been looking for. It brings forth from you a golden glow.

We have reach very subtle levels of realization. These levels have always existed within us, but we were not able to access them because we didn't know how. We must remember that even desiring these more subtle levels will keep them out of our reach. Also we cannot attempt to hang on to them either for that will also push them away. They will only come to us as a natural result of the mergence with our Self from the future.

In the beginning you may only have small momentary glimpses of the 8d. This is a wonderful sign! Be patient and know that it is close. If this is meant to happen for you then it will happen. Nothing can stop it!

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