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A Course in Time Travel

Excerpts from "A Handbook for Multidimensional Consciousness"
by Curtis Jackson, D.D., D.M.


The Ninth dimension is the top of the 10D power structure. The 9D functions through the 6D into the 3D as the ability to do or accomplish. It is the creative force that has brought forth all that is created by man.

If you remember from earlier Excerpts, the 3D imbues the first and second dimensions with the ability to have motion and 3D time. The 6D provides a protective barrier against degenerating back into the lesser dimensions. The 9D allows us to safely manifest our creative will directly into the physical dimensions without losing integrity. What this means in terms of power is very subtle and needs to be understood before we can proceed.

We generally think of power as some overwhelming force. One persons dominance over another or a stronger country having power over a weaker neighbor. We think of power in terms of political clout or monetary leverage. These are 3D interpretations and have little to do with true power.

The kind of power that emanates from the Ninth dimension is without opposition and therefore absolute. 3D power depends upon opposition, a polarity of strong verses weak. 9D power stands alone and simply is. A person running 9D power brings into being whatever he/she wishes. The only opposition is in the form of resistance due to 3D time. In other words there is a time lag between the 9D visualization and the 3D manifestation.

A simple comparison of 3D power and 9D power can be seen in the following example. Suppose a person using 3D power suddenly realizes they have barely enough time to make an appointment across town. They rush to the car and rush to the highway only to discover bumper to bumper traffic. They change from lane to lane trying to make traffic lights. A feeling of frustration comes over them as they realize they are going to be late. Nothing they can do will get them there on time. It seems as though everything is working against them.

Now let us look at a person using 9D power, using the same scenario. They enter the same traffic to find a bumper to bumper condition, but rather than getting upset about it they envision arriving at the appointment on time! The congested traffic does not bother them because it is simply not a problem to them. They ignore the obvious problems and KNOW that they will be on time. They are not the least bit concerned. Gradually traffic speeds up. The traffic lights are more green than red, and our 9D person arrives at the appointment exactly on time.

The 3D person was concerned with overcoming opposition while the 9D person was without opposition. The 3D person was frustrated with the mounting barriers to his success while the 9D person was confident of success and unconcerned with barriers.

Of course there is a lot more to mastering 9D power and this will be covered in later excerpts. For now we are only being introduced to the 7th, 8th and 9th dimensions. The next Excerpt will introduce you to the Tenth dimension. It is from the 10D that we can safely learn to use the unlimited potentials found in all of its component dimensions.

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