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A Course in Time Travel

Excerpts from "A Handbook for Multidimensional Consciousness"
by Curtis Jackson, D.D., D.M.


The Tenth Dimension is a safe plateau from where we can begin to learn about our new found powers. It is also the first true level (physical) of God consciousness.
(Remember that these more complex accumulation of levels above the 6D are impossible to attain, on a permanent basis, without the express help of the TTO.)

It has been necessary to lightly touch on the 7th, 8th and 9th dimensions because they must be utilized in tandem from the 10D for which they were created. The main reason for bringing these dimensions up slowly and together is to bypass the inherent traps contained in each. Each trap can (and usually does) consume many lifetimes. As Time Travelers we have the luxury of knowing future lessons because we have experienced them all many times before! Our problem then lies in bringing this knowledge into our present physical body which has only existed in our past until now.

Because we read a book on a subject does not make us an expert. Obviously reading a book about mountain climbing is not the same as actually climbing a mountain. We can intellectually grasp the concept of Tenth dimensional Being through study and meditation, but to live and operate as a Tenth dimensional Being takes devoted practice. By observing our feelings, actions and problems in everyday life we can pinpoint where we must concentrate our remedial studies.

Problems concerning human emotions and intellectual misconceptions, are contained below the 6D. If you have problems with emotional issues such as hate, anger, procrastination, fear, etc.. Methods for working through these are contained in the Excerpts and Meditations that lead to the 6D. It is here that you will also find reasons and explanations to the why's and how's involved in attainment of Tenth dimensional Consciousness. The Sixth dimension is the result of neutralizing these feelings. By the time you reach the 6D you must be devoid of such common emotions, looking for neither highs or lows nor emotional cause and effect. Absolute detachment is necessary to proceed to the discovery of the true 7D. In Buddhism, for example, bliss, wisdom and enlightenment of the 7D are the supreme goal. As Time Travelers we are seeking to discover additional dimensional facets beyond the 7D while including all that the 7D has to offer.

We can better understand the 7D by a quick study of the teachings of Gotama Buddha, but not to be lost in the morass of interpretation. We can learn from his advocation of dispassionate discernment leading to emotional detachment, leading to the transcendence of suffering and unsatisfactoriness. With the absence of base emotions (as the cause of these problems) comes wisdom, enlightenment and finally release.

We can likewise better understand the 8D by a quick study of the teachings of Jesus Christ, but also not to be lost in the morass of interpretation. His advocating of the "Golden rule", "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you", and that we should love one another. Simple but astoundingly powerful recommendations!

We can also better understand the 9D by a quick study of the dialog between Krishna and Arjuna in the Bhagavad-gita. In it are contained the keys to universal power through the detachment from illusion.

For hints about the 10D we can look to the Koran and the teachings of Mohammed.

I am sure that there are many persons and teachings that exemplify each dimension. I have selected the above because they are know to me as examples representing a respective dimension in some way.

Our job is to extract the essence from the teachings of each of these great men, and then to blend them into something that is a combination of each of them but is not any one of them. Such is the nature of God Consciousness.

The Tenth dimension gives us access to the Third dimension in a way that has only been dreamt of in this time period. It opens the possibilities of "Heaven on Earth." However, we have so far only touched upon the Tenth dimension intellectually. Lest we forget, the Tenth dimension is comprised of nine complete and uniquely separate dimensions all operating independently to form the gestalted 10D.

As a newly forming tenth dimensional center we are like the new born baby gazing beatifically at all that surrounds it, eyes wide with wonder.

Even from such an exalted dimension as the 10D, it is well to remember that the true self contained in the Eleventh dimension has not yet arrived. Like a dutiful servant, we are still preparing the vessel in which the approaching self will dwell, while It quietly oversees the operation unseen from outside of our knowledge. We have much work to do in the brief moment we are physically alive. It is good to prioritize what is important to us. Whether it is the blatancy of the obvious world around us, temporary and nagging, or the gossamer promises of a permanent world as yet unseen by us.

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