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A Course in Time Travel

Excerpts from "A Handbook for Multidimensional Consciousness"
by Curtis Jackson, D.D., D.M.


This and the next several Excerpts will attempt to clarify what we have so far studied and begin to focus on our immediate group goals and possibilities. The physical dimensions are seemingly so much more concrete and demanding than the extended dimensions. This has a tendency to short circuit our attention and energies much like a tooth ache detracts from the joys of a piece of chocolate. The everyday demands are so overwhelming that we are lucky to make time for ourselves, let alone find time to discover new dimensions. After a busy day we tend to party (if we are younger) or we turn on the T.V., or enjoy our family (unless we are in the middle of a divorce), or we read or sleep, or surf the net.

A few of us look for something beyond the obvious. Some of us find some of what we are looking for in various religions. Some of us delve into exotic philosophies and mystical books. We try meditations, guru's, magic pills and magic spells. We find that somehow we are not satisfied with what is being handed to us as "the truth". We believe with an ever increasing hunger that there must be more!

"A Course In Time Travel" is an attempt at bringing as many options as possible in to as clear a focus as possible. Because this Course was interpreted and written by a human being means that it is fallible, but it is at least a start in breaking the patterns that invisibly enslave us. I look to future students of this work to fine tune the interpretations and to better explain the subtleties involved. There is nothing as successful as success, meaning that as some of you begin to find the hidden beauty behind the words, you can share your successes with others, further refining and validating this endeavor.

I have maintained that I am just like you in that I am no one special. My gift has been one of exceptional clairvoyance and dogged perseverance over a long period of time, and an unwavering need to pierce the veil. I am aware that most of you are not able to devote the amount of time and concentration needed to solve the puzzle that is at the heart of Time Travelers. I have sought to solve the puzzle for myself and share what I have found with you. I am happy within myself that I have come a long way in doing so and am immeasurably the better for it. Whether or not we are successful does not matter in the short run. What is important is that the concepts have been imported into this time period and into the earth's akashic records. The work we do now might not be fully understood and incorporated until a thousand years in our future. This is perfectly acceptable in view of the uncounted eons of entrapment and mass misunderstanding we have already endured! We are passing through perhaps the most exciting time in our existence. A time of overwhelming discovery and possibility. A time when the outer consciousness merged with the inner to produce unimaginable beauty. I am honored to be some small part of this!

The possibilities of catastrophic earth changes as many have predicted in our immediate future suggest that we hasten to secure the seeds that have been planted here. If these catastrophes are to happen within the next few years, then we might be wise to prepare as a group. It would be good to network in such a way that we could find each other in the event that a catastrophe should occur. I am working on steps that would facilitate this. In the event these earth changes are circumvented in our realities, then it would still be prudent to network in order to refine and further our work.

We have reached a point where working in groups would greatly enhance our progress. There comes a time when we must extend beyond the written words and theories into a practical workshop involving as many members as possible. I believe, in a 9D sense, that this has already happened. I have been fortunate in being able to meet and work with some of the membership. I am excited at the possibility of meeting and working with more of you in person, in the future. After all it is the cultivation of the group mind, and subsequently planetary consciousness, that is immediately important. I look forward to your suggestions and encouragement along these lines.

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