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A Course in Time Travel

Excerpts from "A Handbook for Multidimensional Consciousness"
by Curtis Jackson, D.D., D.M.


The Tenth dimension is a complex consisting of ten separate dimensions all working together. Since we have learned not to differentiate or discriminate between the lower five dimensions, having resolved them into a single working entity, as viewed and operated from the void of the Sixth dimension, we are left with the extended dimensions which resolve into the Thirteenth dimension.

I wish to take a moment here to clarify what we are looking at. With so many additional dimensions looming on the horizon, it may seem a bit overwhelming, but let me assure you that once understood, it will all resolve into an easily understandable singularity.

It is important to know that the sixth dimension is the center of two mirror universes. There are six internal dimensions, existing in much higher rates of vibration, and the six external dimensions we have been studying. Understand that these mirror universes are polar opposites which resolve back into six extended dimensions which we will call the seventh through the twelfth. It is in this resolved configuration that the seventh dimension becomes the new 3D physical body.

The seventh dimensional body, (the stellar body), representing the physical body of your inner being, is able to interface with the third dimension with clarity, power and enlightenment, depending upon the quality of the work you have done to this point. Realize that the light of the 7D has always shown brightly from within you. Whether it is able to penetrate the dross of your lower dimensional bodies depends entirely upon the work you are doing now!

It has been stated that the 10D is the first level (physical) of a complex consisting of the 10D, 11D and the 12D, which resolve into the 13D. This complex (the accumulated 13D) will take you beyond the bounds of self into what is called the "Collective Consciousness". It is here that you will be able to realize combined multiple realities and dimensions in such a way that you exist in a completely new and different three dimensional reality from the one in which you are now trapped. All future and past events coincide which transcends time as we know it three dimensionally. From the 13D it is impossible to experience reality other than in absolute perfection in its myriad forms. It is here that the omniscience, omnipotence and omnipresent of God consciousness, and the quality of undiluted Christ consciousness, are essential basics for each participating individual. Each individual enjoys complete sovereignty and yet is an integral working part of the infinite whole.


So completely different is existence here that it cannot be recognized as having once been the 3D. The 3D you now reside in still remains in tact just as you see it now. Changes here are done through the 7th, 8th and 9th dimensions, they are temporary and affect only your immediate surroundings. Because in the 13D we experience all possible time and realities at the same time, we are no longer involved with individual realities or individual time tracks and events. This means that the reality you enjoy today will still continue with you in it, but it will become a single minute part of your complete reality unnoticed by the new perspective you have as the 13D self. This relationship exists as a universal now outside of the time and space we normally refer to as the "here and now". The difference is one of changing view points to include and merge with the 13D from our perspective, and to extend the influence of the 13D as far as possible into the physical dimensions.

Each isolated consciousness in each individual reality, anywhere in time, is capable of eventually transcending itself by merging into the "Greater Reality". The intent of the Greater Reality is to push into all of its sub-realities, no matter how insignificant or remote they may be, in order to gradually bring them into the "Collective". From the viewpoint of the "Collective", all of these many dimensions that may seem so strange to us, have been mastered by it. It is only these lower dimensions that we are familiar with that need to be mastered by it to complete its agenda. This puts us in a very good position to rapidly expand our consciousness beyond anything we might have imagined! Exactly how fast this will occur will be different for each of us, because the law of "free will" is still the lowest common denominator.

The 13D is a perfect combination of all other dimensions and possibilities, existing on top of and because of them. It contains the best of Heaven and Hell.

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