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A Course in Time Travel

Excerpts from "A Handbook for Multidimensional Consciousness"
by Curtis Jackson, D.D., D.M.



As concerns power in our 3D reality, we as Time Travelers are faced with having to walk a very narrow path. If we stray even momentarily we reap instant karma. Since our intent is usually for the greatest good our karma is usually bad coming into cause and effect with pre-existing out of balance conditions. On the other hand, if we make no choices, we still find ourselves in unenviable positions. We see ruthless people wallowing in opulence while many times, we who have worked hard for spiritual enlightenment, being hobbled with moral constraints, can barely eke out an existence. The question is, how can we function here without getting kicked around by our environment? The answer is passive power that is found in the 9D.

With a little practice the following techniques can be mastered and can actually be a lot of fun. Passive power is about having choices. It is about selecting which reality you will experience from existing possibilities.

As an example, when you fill your plate from a buffet you make choices from what is available. Karmically it does not matter which selections you make. It would matter if you selected something that was not available. It might disappoint or embarrass you. You could wind up with no food at all even though you paid for it.

This is how many of us go through life, making disappointing choices that were not available to start with. In other words, our expectations exceed our immediate possibilities, and we are usually not aware that we have sabotaged ourselves before we even got started. We are not aware that our failures are a direct result of not knowing what our choices were!

9D techniques allow you to know exactly what choices are available and how to select the best one for you. This works very much like selecting a station on the radio. You might flip from one station to another until you find one that you like. You might be looking for Classical but find that this choice is not available, so you settle for New Age instead. You picked the best choice for you out of the possibilities that are available. In our 3D world most people believe that the first choice they are given is the ONLY choice available. They want classical but wind up with 24 hour weather reports. They are unaware that they have choices!

Making choices has nothing to do with being selfish or not being selfish. It has nothing to do with whether you deserve your choice or not. It is just a mechanical selection of either this or that. You make a conscious choice of whether to step on the nail or not to step on the nail.

The technique I will share with you in this Excerpt is called "Changing Channels".


Changing channels can be implemented in several ways:

  • The first rule is NOT to accept the first choice given to you unless it is one you want.
  • The second rule is to make a choice that is available.
  • The third rule is not to accept a choice you do not want unless there is no better choice.
  • The fourth rule is, once you have made a choice, claim it as your own.

It is important to become as emotionally unattached to your decision as possible. Be neither for or against. The more emotion enters into your choice the more limited your choices become.

I would suggest starting off with very simple baby experiments just to help you gain confidence.

Below is a simple example that I experienced.

This is something that happened to me some years ago. I was working as a teacher in a computer repair school and was overdue for a raise. I was well past burn out but, because of financial considerations, continued to teach anyway. The owners of the school were looking for an easy way to get rid of me. One way was not to give me a raise when my review came due.

I had just come back from vacation when I was called into the Deans office for my review. I could see by his expression and body language that all was not right. It was then that I heard the words "We thought that going on vacation would help your attitude, but it has come to my attention..." I knew in that instant that I was either going to get laid off or at the very least not get a raise. I had been studying the changing channels technique during my vacation but had not tried it out in the real world. I knew that I had to change channels quickly or be stuck with a choice I didn't want.
I changed channels. My boss stopped in mid sentence and started a new sentence. "Well I know you will be happy to hear that you are getting a raise!" I smiled and thanked him, and was inwardly flabbergasted by how simple it had been. I remember thinking that no human being should have this kind of power! I have since change my mind. Now I believe that everyone should know that they have this kind of power.

Here are the steps I took to change channels:

  1. First, I became aware that I did not want the choice that was about to be presented to me.
  2. Made a decision to change channels.
  3. Became as detached and unemotional as possible about what was being presented to me.
  4. Believed that I had other choices than what was being presented to me.
  5. Firmly believed that the choice the person before me was presenting to me could be changed.
  6. Mentally refused to accept the choice being presented!
  7. Expected a change in what was being presented.
  8. When the change came, to see if it was acceptable.
  9. If it was acceptable to accept it.
  10. To understand that if no change came about that what was being presented to me was probably the only choice available at this time.

All of this can be done mentally, however, a very effective verbal strategy is to say phrases like; "That is unacceptable." "I am sorry but that is still unacceptable." "You will have to do better than that." Say it as emotionally flat as possible.

Changing Channels is very effective in thwarting an argument. By going emotionally neutral the words from the other person fall upon the ground. They will stop immediately! You need, in this case, to say nothing.

You can start changing channels on little things that do not matter. The trick is to do it without the other person realizing that you are doing anything. As you progress you can begin to affect larger areas of your reality.

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