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A Course in Time Travel

Excerpts from "A Handbook for Multidimensional Consciousness"
by Curtis Jackson, D.D., D.M.


The Eighth dimension is the seat of consciousness for the Tenth dimension. In and by itself the 8D is technically Christ consciousness, although the 10D is the first level of God consciousness. (the physical level) The 8D is the center of awareness for the 10D in the same way that the 11D is the center of awareness for the 13D. The basic difference between the Eighth and Eleventh dimensions is monumental. The 11D is a potentially infinite multiplication of the 8D. Where the 8D is the apex of perfect expanding individual realization, the 11D is the transcendence of the self as an individual, and begins the incorporation of the Collective Consciousness as the self.

In this Excerpt we are discussing the 8D in relation to the part it plays as an integral part of the 10D. The Tenth dimension serves a dual function. First it is a complete vehicle, with its physical vehicle based in the 7D (Stellar Body). Its centralized consciousness, (Self), housed in the 8D, and its power structure accessible from the 9D.

Secondly, the Tenth dimension serves as the physical vehicle, for the Thirteenth dimension. Although it is not realized at this point in your development, the 10D is composed of a potentially infinite number of 7D bodies. In other words, where the 7D represents a single star (our Sun), the 10D represents an entire galaxy! (the Milky Way).

If you recall from earlier Excerpts, the 7D relates to the Between the Eyes Center. It is a place of white light and single pointedness. The 8D relates to the Crown Center which has access to the billion or so cells of the brain which represents the Milky way. It is easy to see the differences between the two. Where the 7D establishes the consciousness of a single star, the 10D establishes the consciousness of a galaxy. By the same token, the 13D establishes the consciousness of all Galaxies! There are expanded consciousness far beyond even this, but it would not serve us to discuss them at this time.

The Eight dimensional consciousness places us in the precarious position of having unlimited powers of understanding and feeling, but without the active power to create our realities. This will come with the mastery of the greater dimensions to come. Meanwhile, we must still take our directions from our Eleventh dimensional self. It has the knowledge of where you fit into the scheme of planetary consciousness. You have reached a point that you can do more harm than good by forcing 12D realities without 11D understanding. We have examples of this in the politics of this time period. They are like puppies on a karmic freeway!

Basically, we are still building our 10D structure. We are accessing our perfection as an individual. Our influence is very local. At this point, because of potential problems, it is better to keep a low profile. As discussed in the last Excerpt, we have limited passive power to choose from existing possibilities in our realities. It is important NOT to initiate new realities because of unnecessary karma that may slow down your progress. We must take our guidance from that part of ourselves that knows what to create and when to create it. This ability comes from beyond intellectual capabilities. It is an integral part of the functioning of your future self. In other words, you are still forming. The real you is still on the way. Although tempting, it is better to wait for yourself to arrive before using your new powers. Using the 9D is perfectly fine. However, because of its integral connection with the power structure of the 12D, some of us might figure out how to use the unlimited power of the 12D to our detriment. If you are patient at this juncture, you will progress much faster. You are in a delicate phase of unfoldment. If you take charge prematurely, you can derail yourself, and possibly even forestall the merger with your TTO.

I would suggest reviewing the Excerpts. Each time you read them, new meaning and understanding will be given to you, especially as each new Excerpt is revealed.

In the next Excerpt I will include a 10D meditation. I am glad you are with me! Until next time. . .

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