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A Course in Time Travel

Excerpts from "A Handbook for Multidimensional Consciousness"
by Curtis Jackson, D.D., D.M.


What is the difference between God, Christ, Cosmic, Buddhic and Krishnic consciousness?

I have taken the liberty of repeating Excerpts 17-20 as a review of the nature and structure of consciousness. I have added comments where I thought appropriate. The reason I have included this review in these last few Excerpts is two fold. First, I believe this material to be so fundamental to understanding and transcending current limitations in consciousness, that it needs to be amplified. Secondly, the material contained in this review might be more easily understood and retained after having studied the interim Excerpts, 21-46. Author

The definitions contained in this Excerpt and those that follow in this series supersede all other definitions contained in this course. By this I mean if a contradiction occurs in the definitions found in earlier Excerpts and those now being presented, defer to the later excerpts. This is because a more exacting examination of consciousness produces a more exact definition and understanding of the underlying mystery.

Consider our earlier examination of primordial consciousness when we saw that the void contained a substance (ether) with the potential for life, which was capable of producing all that we experience today. We further saw that this substance was subject to continuous inherent vibration which produced polar opposites.

At one pole (negative pole) was the void which was devoid of all motion. At the other pole was maximum vibration which produced white light.

The nature of vibration dictates that there is a stair step process of going from the void to white light and back again to the void. Each of these four states, (the void, white light, going from the void to white light and going from white light to the void) is the beginning of a different kind of consciousness.

The void is the birthplace of what the ancients termed Sagittarius which in its most extended state is called Cosmic consciousness. This is also the beginning of what we call the Fourth dimension, and all that we call spiritual.

The white light state is the birthplace of what the ancients called Leo which is the beginning of Christ consciousness, and what we call the Fifth dimension.

Ascending vibration upon the ether (from the void to the white light state) is called Buddhic consciousness, while descending vibration upon the ether (coming from the white light state to the void) is called Krishnic consciousness. The action of going from the void towards white light is part of the nature of Sagittarius.

The action of going from white light towards the void is part of the nature of what the ancients called Aries. Aries is the birthplace of what we call the Third dimension.

First let us examine in detail the white light state called the Christ.
White Lite State of God Consciousness

The white light state shown is static in that it is without motion through magnetic attraction. We have seen this state before as the goal of Buddhic consciousness. In that context it is called Nirvana. It is called Heaven in the western world. What is found here is called bliss or ecstasy when compared to any other state of being. It is interesting to note that the Christ in this primal state has not the ability to exhibit love. This ability which is so characteristic of Christ consciousness does not appear until we experience it in its subdivided descent into duality. There is instead universal compassion which is characteristic of Buddhic consciousness. Also note the Christ at this level is composed of all other potential consciousness except for God consciousness which is a polar opposite of Christ consciousness and at the same time contains it.

We can see from the chart that all other consciousness are derived from the Christ. It is for this reason that many think that the Christ is in fact God. We can understand why many would also believe in this state of being as the ultimate goal for humanity.

It is important to remind ourselves that those who seek God consciousness have chosen a much more difficult course of action than those who seek to simply return to the Christ. This is not to deride the latter for the choice is up to the individual. However please note the direction of creative intent from the Christ. This would suggest that those who simply seek refuge in the Christ will at some time feel the urge to re-descend into matter. . . .
In the next Excerpt we will continue to examine these four types of consciousness.

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