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A Course in Time Travel

Excerpts from "A Handbook for Multidimensional Consciousness"
by Curtis Jackson, D.D., D.M.


What is the difference between God, Christ, Cosmic, Buddhic and Krishnic consciousness?

We learned in the last Excerpt that the primordial positive pole is also the primordial Christ. We also learned that this same place is called Nirvana by some and Highest Heaven by others. This is an astoundingly important piece of information and one (that I am prone to believe) most metaphysical researchers have missed. This is the place that Adam and Eve (primordial man and woman) "fell" from. Or were they pushed by an inherent creative urge to manifest into the planes of duality and the third dimension? I was asked by a TT member if upon the return to the Christ would it be permanent? Would one then exist in this exalted state in ever lasting life? I don't know. It certainly has all of the elements for permanence although we can all attest that it is possible to "fall" from this august place! It probably depends upon the individual as to whether the return is permanent or not. I personally believe that Christ consciousness is an interim step to God consciousness.

Remember that there are two major paths. One is the Angelic path with Heaven and existence within the Christ as the goal. The other is the God path with a continuing participation in creation, and never ending unfoldment of God consciousness as the goal. Of the two, Heaven is obviously a much easier closed ended goal through the regimented Angelic hierarchy, and is relatively easily attained. God consciousness on the other hand is open ended. A never ending accumulation of knowledge and power plus all that the Christ principle has to offer. God consciousness being all inclusive includes all that the Christ is without being confined by it. As we recall, the Christ principle is all that is internal in God consciousness, and can be thought of as the personality, or (quality) of God. God consciousness, in contradistinction, is all that is external, (quantity), AND all that is internal, as well.

It is good to remember that the basic difference between God consciousness and Christ consciousness is one of placement and perspective. In God consciousness the Christ is the internalized quality of the self, whereas in Christ consciousness, God exists as an externalized parent.

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