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A Course in Time Travel

Excerpts from "A Handbook for Multidimensional Consciousness"
by Curtis Jackson, D.D., D.M.



What is the difference between God, Christ, Cosmic, Buddhic and Krishnic consciousness?

In the last several Excerpts we have looked at the primordial structure of each kind of consciousness. Now we will look at “Krishnic consciousness” and then proceed on to “God consciousness”.

Krishnic consciousness was so named after its chief practitioner Lord Krishna best know to us from the Bhagavad-Gita. This part of consciousness represents the return from white light (in the never ending circle) to the material planes or 3D.

Note: Technically, Krishnic consciousness is said to be representative of Vishnu the preserver which represents both birth and death. Originally Vishnu represented the complete wheel of life and death which would include Buddhic consciousness as one half of the wheel. When I refer to Krishnic consciousness, however, I am referring only to the descending masculine side of the wheel. (The Buddhist's refer to this consciousness as "Buddha's of Compassion").

The major distinguishing characteristic of Krishnic consciousness is that of a continual selfless giving regardless of consequence. (The practitioner finds himself descending from an exalted level of consciousness to lower levels of consciousness to help those less fortunate then himself. Unfortunately, there is an inadvertent reduction of vibration resulting in the practitioner arriving with the same level of consciousness as those he would help. (We humorously call this the "Law of Punishment for the Good Samaritan").

We can identify it by the Time Traveler definitions, as a coming from the light, going towards lower vibrations (physical planes). This identifies it as belonging to the Aries principle. We know that Aries is the outward expansion of consciousness from the light (or Sun) to the void. This includes all outward motion.

Its polarization in relation to its twin sister, "Buddhic consciousness", is male. If you will recall, there are three major principles in creation regarding vibration and motion. We have labeled these; outward motion or Aries, inward motion or Sagittarius and stationary centralization or Leo.

We could say that all motion and conscious viewpoints under Aries are outward bound (doing ness/physicalness). This is also our definition of the Third dimension. We could also say that all motion and conscious viewpoints under Sagittarius are inward bound (being ness/spirituality). This is also our definition of the Fourth dimension.

We could say that all in dwelling or centralized and static consciousness and viewpoints (knowing ness/self realization) belong to Leo (this is also the "Christ principle"). This is also (loosely) our definition of the Fifth dimension.

And lastly, we could say that all of the above principles belong to something we call "God consciousness" which is a gestalt beyond all that we have studied.


As has been stated previously in the "A Course in Time Travel", our goal is the never ending pursuit of God consciousness. It is never ending because there is no end to the possibilities and levels of being that can be experienced. Here I quote from an earlier Excerpt, "Mystics that have experienced some little of what is available have all been at a loss to even begin to express what they experienced! These "little touches" are so far beyond our everyday existence that it is impossible to communicate in words, and indeed in anything less than the experience itself, what it is like! We are reduced to terms like ineffable and consummate when trying to describe in words what these mystics have reported. It would be like trying to say to a blind person what the starry night looked like, or trying to verbalize to a child the delights of adulthood." As we have said, God consciousness is a perfectly balanced array of all other consciousness and viewpoints. This basic combined viewpoint once achieved can be enhanced as to quality (intensity of Christ consciousness), ability and understanding. This means that one can attain "God consciousness" and appear very flat and uninteresting in the beginning levels.


 How can a person tell the difference between one consciousness and another, whether it be in another person or within themselves? Listed below are some guidelines that may help you understand Christ consciousness.

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