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A Course in Time Travel

Excerpts from "A Handbook for Multidimensional Consciousness"
by Curtis Jackson, D.D., D.M.



What is the difference between God, Christ, Cosmic, Buddhic and Krishnic consciousness?

This consciousness is characterized by a centralization of the self from which all expression emanates. The key element here is the position of the self within the Self! Its chief component is Love.

Lesser levels denote possessive love and self-centered-ness. Often an overriding desire to save the world is evident believing that they are the one and only true Christ returning to the world to reign for a thousand years. (Called the Messianic complex). Lesser levels of this can be found in people whom we call "long suffering", (Or what we humorously call "Polyanna's", "do gooders", "Christers", etc.. They all revolve around an out-of-balance positive position. When pursued to extremes, some of these people are haunted by a paranoia of self created consummate evil sometimes referred to as "demons" or the "AntiChrist". This is not to say that these manifestations are unreal. To those who suffer in this state of reality, these manifestations are terrifyingly real! They are, however, the product of a forced spiritual out-of-balance condition.

Although we know instinctively that there is something terribly wrong and out-of-balance when we see these conditions in others or in loved ones, it is almost impossible to know that there is something wrong when it is happening to us!!! In fact, it is quite the opposite! While in Christ consciousness, we perceive everyone else as being somehow infected with "evil", and they must "repent" in order to be like us . . .

More complete levels of Christ consciousness denote Universal Love, overwhelming feelings of compassion and bliss, and a desperate need to share these feelings. While on the surface it is hard to fault universal love and compassion, especially in this spiritually dark Age we live in, it is none-the-less, an out-of-balanced condition that results in a sort of divine paranoia within the practitioner. Specifically, it violates the "Law of Equality". This means that the Christ is always the central figure while adoring (and usually sickly) crowds of people surround him, basking in his light, further adding to the delusion. To effectively help replicate greater levels of consciousness from higher potentials to lower potentials, (from multidimensional consciousness to three dimensional consciousness), it is necessary to maintain a strict level of equality! Otherwise there will be a strong tendency to inadvertently promote inequality! This is usually followed by the Deification of the Avatar/Teacher, further widening the gap in the potential for multidimensional consciousness, rather than promoting it. We must fervently avoid the tendency of "Man worshiping Man"!

The Christ, as portrayed by Jesus, combined out-of-balance good, and a polarization with what he perceived as "Satan" or the "AntiChrist", which made for a predictable potential for martyrdom as was purportedly witnessed two thousand years ago.


 Let me be quick to add that at a point in spiritual development it is necessary to experience Christ consciousness and eventually transcend it! Those who have not the wherewithal to transcend it shall follow this lesson into the after life, to be repeated in subsequent incarnations, and this is how it should be. Those of us who find that we no longer call ourselves "Christians" need not feel guilty or harbor a shadow of doubt that we are somehow the "AntiChrist". All of the brain washing that has resulted from this two thousand year old cult is designed to place doubt and fear into you for purposes of control. This was a good and necessary moral step for the church to take in that much simpler time when we as the people were also much simpler. Far from invalidating the lesson, you have simply out grown it, and now it is time to go on the next lesson. . . .!
In the next Excerpt we will examine Cosmic consciousness and compare it to Christ, Buddhic and Krishnic consciousness. We will begin to see how all of these component consciousness fit together to eventually form God consciousness.

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