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A Course in Time Travel

Excerpts from "A Handbook for Multidimensional Consciousness"
by Curtis Jackson, D.D., D.M.



"Cosmic Consciousness", Maurice Bucke wrote an interesting book by this title. He claimed that man was undergoing an evolutionary leap to new levels of awareness as great as any in our history. But exactly what is Cosmic consciousness? If you surf the WWW looking for definitions, you will find that people know about Cosmic consciousness, and that it is something truly wonderful and different, but are unable to tell you exactly what it is and why it is different from other types of consciousness.

In this Excerpt, I will attempt to put together all of the information on this subject that we have studied in previous Excerpts, and add some other ideas and interesting facts about it as well. We saw in the last Excerpt that Christ consciousness, (although literally everything was listed as component parts of it), was more associated with the centralized placement and confinement of consciousness. Cosmic consciousness is associated with decentralization and unconfined space. We also defined Cosmic consciousness as being composed of the exact same number of components as Christ consciousness, and being identically equal, but from a multidimensionally mirrored position. Equal in every way, but exactly opposite!

If you will remember from previous Excerpts, I gave a brief list of definitions for the origins of consciousness. If you will permit me, I will list them here in review:

These definitions are summed up below:

  • The "void" is the birthplace of what the ancients termed Sagittarius which in its most evolved state is called Cosmic consciousness. As a subdivision of God consciousness it is further subdivided into Buddhic and Krishnic consciousness. To achieve Cosmic consciousness, one must resolve Buddhic and Krishnic consciousness into one consciousness. This is done by transcending and blending them to gain access to the "void". (The real secret here is in knowing that Buddhic and Krishnic consciousness's, are embroiled in a constant circular motion. Motion of the central consciousness of "self" becomes caught in this endless circular trap, baited with the promise of white light and ineffable bliss. Even after having attained the "white light state", the student is soon robbed of this treasure due to the flywheel effect, which we discussed in earlier Excerpts. Now, having learned this very hard lesson through umpteen lifetimes, the "self" begins its true journey to freedom from illusion. The trick here is to get off of the wheel of consciousness and incorporate both Krishnic and Buddhic Consciousness's as simply two halves of a single consciousness, which is Cosmic consciousness's. (After all, this is simply the reverse of the way Cosmic consciousness split into its two component parts, early in creation).
  • The white light state is the birthplace of what the ancients called Leo which is the beginning of Christ consciousness. There are four major subdivisions of Christ consciousness, each denoting a distinct manifestation of constituent facets of the archetypal Universal Christ principle. (To date in this new cycle of the 26,000 year long "cycle of the Ages", we have only seen one of the four facets.) However, as in Cosmic consciousness, Christ consciousness, is also subdivided into two major components, namely Buddhic and Krishnic consciousness. Again, as in Cosmic consciousness, these two basic ingredients play a major role. To achieve Christ consciousness, one must resolve Buddhic and Krishnic consciousness into one consciousness. This is done by transcending and blending them to gain access to the "Light",much in the same way Cosmic consciousness is obtained.

Both of these methods require a certain understanding of "balance".

By the above definitions, we see that Cosmic consciousness was associated with Sagittarius. Sagittarius is the "Mother" principle, as compared to Aries as the "Father" principle, and Leo as the Universal child or "Son" principle. In earlier definitions, we said that the major difference between Christ and Cosmic consciousness was one of position. Where Christ consciousness is always internalized, Cosmic consciousness is always externalized! For example, in the chart below, you can see that every Sign of the Zodiac comes under the heading of the Christ! Everything else is considered Cosmic consciousness. But what everything else? It seems that everything is consumed by the Christ as component parts. How can there be something else when we have accounted for all of the parts? By understanding this question, we will solve one of the greatest mysteries in human consciousness, that of dichotomy, or the existence of paradox in the form of diametrically opposed consciousness existing within us at the same time in the same place, made out of the same components, while being relatively unaware of one another!

Consider, for a moment, the idea of Christ consciousness as being internal, as opposed to Cosmic consciousness which is external. What does this mean exactly? How does this relate to our everyday existence?

If we look to our physical bodies for examples, we know that we have a physical body, and it has a centralized consciousness we call our "self". In addition to this, our body has the ability to move and experience "time". From our previous studies you should be able to spot the Christ principle as being connected with the centralized consciousness. This is the part we consider as ourselves. We have a name, likes and dislikes, and memories of our past experiences, and hopes and desires for the future. Furthermore, we reside in a physical body which enables us to move around and have physical contact with the outside world.
If the internal part of us represents the Christ principle, then by definition, everything else would have to be associated with the Cosmic principle. If you look closely at the juxtaposition of Christ and Cosmic principles, you will see several dichotomies which I have listed below:

First: We have the dichotomy or polarization of the Christ and Cosmic principles. These are, by previous definition, two halves of God consciousness.

Second: We have the resolved dichotomy or polarization within the Cosmic principle. This resolved internal dichotomy leading to external unlimited realization is a main characteristic of Cosmic consciousness. We have seen this previously as a polarization of Buddhic and Krishnic consciousness, and again as a polarization of Sagittarius and Aries as principles. Here in the example of our body, the delineation is less clear cut, but is still a good and valid example. If you look carefully, you will see that what is left after we remove the Christ principle from our body, is the physical body itself, and its ability to move. If we can separate the physical body from its abilities, then, suddenly, we see the Cosmic dichotomy!
Universal Christ consciousness, once it is accessed, is full blown, perfect and complete. Nothing can be missing or it would no longer be Christ consciousness! Universal Cosmic consciousness, on the other hand, is made from myriad pieces and parts in an unending process of work and self discovery.

Third: We have the unresolved external dichotomy or polarization with Cosmic consciousness, which is essential to the Christ principle. This unresolved external dichotomy is a main characteristic of Christ consciousness. In other words, Christ consciousness is consummately familiar with the light and not with the void!

If you will look at the chart below for a moment, I believe we can finalize the basic difference between Christ and Cosmic consciousness.
Christ and Cosmic Consciousness

Think of the white globe as the Sun. In our Solar System, the Sun is the Christ principle. The Planets represent individualized consciousness, which are separate from the Sun. The combined planetary consciousness represents the Cosmic Principle, but doesn't represent the entire Solar System. The God Principle would be a combination of the Sun and all of the planets. In other words, God consciousness is the complete Solar System, existing as something far greater than the sum of its parts.

Then what is so different and great about Cosmic consciousness? The reason it is as great but different as compared to Christ consciousness, for example, is that it provides a seamless cohesiveness to an infinite universe that is not found in Christ consciousness. It gives access to the cosmos through an ever growing universal understanding that is both great in its diversity, and in its ability to resolve that diversity into perfect unity, instantly finding order in the place of chaos! To better understand these two underlying components of God consciousness, is to better understand God consciousness!

This concludes this Excerpt.

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