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A Course in Time Travel

Excerpts from "A Handbook for Multidimensional Consciousness"
by Curtis Jackson, D.D., D.M.



Here are some steps you can take to learn how to focus it into the lower three dimensions, know as the 3D.
This will help you avoid much of the agitation and fear associated with the approaching change of vibrations, occurring over the next several years.

As concerns you the personality, how can you help your Inner most Being, manifest through you, here in the 3D? After all, we are instructed to achieve serenity in the void of the 6D, while we await our Oversoul. While this is a passive venture once achieved, I assure you that what follows for you is not.

Perhaps, it will encourage you to know that your job is a relatively active one, once you begin awakening, primarily because your Oversoul, working through your Soul, will be doing most of the important tasks, while, at the same time, increasing its presence through you. In this and the excerpts that follow, I will detail exactly how to best work with your Soul, as concerns developing a three dimensional focus.


Most people function, in physical consciousness, in one of three ways. The first way is called the First Dimensional focus. This type of focus is characterized by a very narrow viewpoint and understanding of the world around them. A surprising characteristic of the "1D" viewpoint, is that this type of person often works harmoniously with others. They seem to make good workers because they are focused on making a living, and are not into conflict.

You may know some people like this. They may be very intelligent, but are contented with whatever life has dealt them. You will find 1D types in every walk of life. There are more 1D people on earth, than 2D and 3D peoples combined, numbering in the billions. Most 1D people are manual laborers, content with tending to everyday life and eking out a living for themselves and their families. One usually finds this type of person in third world countries, however, you will also find them in all areas of life. They seem to know their place in society, and are not concerned with politics, mainly because they feel powerless when it comes to larger issues.

This feeling of powerlessness may also explain the absolute devotion of the 1D type, to various religions, which makes them easy targets for the more unscrupulous 2D types. Illiteracy is very wide spread in the 1D group. It may be interesting to note that it is the 1D people who riot under too much oppression from 2D types. The main spiritual lesson for the 1D person, is to become a 2D person.


The second dimensional focus is attracted to conflict of various kinds. Conflicts that, interestingly enough, 2D people never attribute to conflict, but rather, they proudly wear it as a sort of righteous badge that says their side is right and the other side is wrong. Dichotomy, that so characterizes the 2D type of person, is the thread found running through every aspect of their lives. It is the 2D people, because of their ignorance of universal law, that have caused, (and are causing), most of the problems that plague us today.

The Second Dimensional focus is easily spotted. For example, if a religion has, as its foundation, a dichotomy between "good and evil", then it is a 2D philosophy that fits nicely with 2D people. We find this same 2D conflict in everything from government to movie critics. 2D conflict goes unnoticed because it is considered normal by the 2D people who run everything, and say what is normal and what is not.

2D people are always in the right. Many times they title themselves as right wing or the righteous verses the left (or wrong side). 2D people are busy defending themselves from their weaker discarded opposition, by building ever larger prisons. Even the mention of some sort of problem with their actions, and they will vigorously deny it, at the very least, and imprison or kill you in the more zealous countries. 2D people use 1D people. They will also use 2D people if they can get away with it. The main spiritual lesson for the 2D person, is to become a 3D person.


Surprisingly, 3D people resemble 1D people. 3D people are no longer interested in conflict or taking sides on any issues. This is not because of a feeling of powerlessness, as is found in the 1D person. It is because of an intimate knowledge of universal law. The three dimensional focus is so perfectly balanced, that it has no opposition. (This, by the way, is the definition of absolute power. "That which has no opposition.") 3D people can move invisibly among one and two dimensional people without fear.

There are very few 3D people on the planet today. Those who are here weild great power if they choose to use it. The third dimensional focus is primarily one of manifestation. A common prayer among 3D people is, "I pray only for Gods will for me and the power to carry it out." Although many 2D people, when reading this, will either claim that they, indeed, are 3D people, or they will dismiss the whole thing as nonsense. The main spiritual lesson for the 3D person, is to successfully manifest their "Inner Being" by becoming one with it. To both allow and encourage more and more light to shine through, from the inside to the outside.

This Excerpt and those that follow will be devoted to achieving 3D Consciousness, and understanding the immediate importance for doing so as quickly as possible.

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