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A Course in Time Travel

Excerpts from "A Handbook for Multidimensional Consciousness"
by Curtis Jackson, D.D., D.M.




You may be wondering what all of the fuss is about? What does it matter if your focus is one, two, or three dimensional? After all, I am Gods creation in progress, and this is something that cannot be rushed. Like Popeye says, "I yams what I yams, and I canst be no more!"

You certainly have a valid point, and normally I couldn't argue with you, however, there seems to be something wrong with our time-line. I am not the only one sensing this. Mystics from all over agree that they cannot see past the year 2012, (The end of the Mayan calender.)
Regardless of what these next seven years have in store for us, I will only comment on what I believe to be correct for this period of time and beyond.

Great changes occur at the dawning of any new "Age". The reason for this is simple. In linear time, we are changing from one set of vibrations to another. In particular, we are changing from the "redish brown" range of vibrations, to the orange range of vibrations.

We, as humanity, have not experienced a change from one age to another since two thousand years ago.

In terms of where we are, in the six thousand year long period called the "Dark Ages", we are moving out of the central portion of the dark ages, and into the third and final two thousand year portion.

Two thousand years from now, we will have a similar task as we move completely out of the dark Physical Ages, and into the Mental Ages.

According to history books, two thousand years ago, there was a great spiritual upheaval with the advent of the Avatar, (world teacher), who acted out, in his own life, the lessons for the two thousand year period just ending.

The birth of the Avatar was so significant, to the people of that time, that it marked the beginning of time, as pertains to how we number the years, (BC and AD).

Imagine how significant, an event of this magnitude, would be if it happened now. My point being, that the change from one Age to another, is no small matter.

According to TT tenants, the final two thousand year period of any six thousand year period, is Avatarless. This means that there will be no central figure for the next two thousand years. The reason for this being, that the final two thousand year period is a finalization of the previous four thousand years, in terms of (Planetary) lessons to be learned.

As eventful as the beginning of the last two thousand year long Age was, it was nothing compared to the changes occurring now, and especially over the next several years.

The reason for this is not very hard to understand. The change in vibration, two thousand years ago, was moving from "brown" vibrations, to the redish brown part of the spectrum. (Burgundy)

In contrast, the current transition entails moving from the redish brown part of the spectrum, to "Orange!" The result for the unprepared will be devastating!

The Tribulations

The Tribulations, or time of troubles, are a period of suffering, upheaval, sorrow, war and natural disaster.


Dispensationalism refers to the belief in a divine dispensation or ordering of events by God in a predetermined manner unaffected by and independent of human agency."

While these belief systems sound rather biblical, there is an element of truth contained within them. Advanced spiritual understanding can explain that what is transpiring, (Tribulations, and Dispensation), are naturally occurring events that happen about every 26 thousand years, right around this time.

The intent of this Excerpt and those that follow, is to instill within you an understanding of the natural and logical nature of these next few years. Once armed with the "why", one needs only to put into motion, the "how".

The why and how will be easily understood by studying the next several Excerpts, and putting them into practice.

I will be showing you easy to understand steps you can take, in order to, not only come through the "End Times", but to do it relatively unscathed. Secondly, and more importantly, is my belief that if a sufficient number of people learn to practice Three Dimensional behavior, to the extent that the time loop, (thought to be contained here in this time period), can be bypassed! This would insure a continuation of Humanities physical immortality, so that when we reach this present Age next time, we will have a continuous 32 thousand year recorded history! (The approximate 25,000 years for the cycle, and the additional 6,000 years we have to date, adds up to 32,000.)

(I am including a portion of a well written document by Devin Burghart, showing the several main eschatological ideas concerning this period called the End of Times") The main reason I am including the above document, is to establish that there is much confusion about exactly what happens, in the coming seven year period, (2005-2012), and why (Even if you believe you already know what will happen, I think it would help if you read this anyway).

In the next Excerpt, I will share with you, among other things, my belief that the Master World Teacher, Jesus, has already been here in the "Second Coming", and has recently left the physical world, precipitating the final seven year period known as the Tribulations.

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